AV Premades = Cheating

People should catch bans for it. Don’t have to go overboard, a couple hours is enough if it’s the first offense.





Absolutely they should. Either you ban them or you remove the restriction of not being able to queue up as a group. Either is fine.


You can’t queue as a group so it is not possible for them to be accused of cheating

You seem intelligent enough to understand this

Why make a pointless thread


Queueing at the same time with a friend or a group of guildies is not and will never be a bannable offence.


Bypassing game mechanisms is and always have been a bannable offense.
But Blizzard doesn’t do anything about it, so it seems they’re picking when to enforce the rule or not so it’s entirely arbitrary anyway… It’s more like it gives them the excuse to do something about it when they want to do something about it, rather than actual rules you absolutely must follow.

There are ways to bypass premade limitations, the same way it has been done for years in retail, when you’re the smallest matchmaking pool. When the matchmaking pool is small enough, you and 39 of your friends, can queue up for AV all at the same time and very likely end up in that same AV, even though you’re not in a raid group together.

This used to be done by addons like AVEnabler and oQueue, but when Blizzard disabled their functionality in the API it became something the smallest matchmaking pools started doing (not always, but sometimes - some regions much more than others) completely manually via voice com synchronization (‘3-2-1-QUEUE!’ for example).

It’s something Blizzard have turned a blind eye to in retail, so don’t expect it to get any attention in Classic either.

I wouldn’t really say that about you though. Sorry.


What’s with the paraphrasing and personal insults?

They are queuing as individuals - it is not a pre-made - they are breaking no rules - you can’t even call it an exploit because Blizz choose how the queue works

If they opened several BGs at a time and interlaced they queue across them this would not happen - but they don’t

I always try to be nice to folk and point out the obvious politely

That clearly didn’t work with you

They are breaking no rules - you have no argument - Blizz will do nothing

If you don’t understand that - tough banana


Seems like you’re drawing the line at a very obvious sophism.
It’s still a premade even if they aren’t technically queuing as a raid group, as long as they know each other and queue up intentionally to end up in the same one by matching that queue timing.

There are ways to filter these occurrences out, and ways to prevent it by not having a continuous creation of BG instances and instead do it in waves, but to discover them you’d have to create a search in the server logs of people ending up in the same BG instances too often and too close to each other in too large numbers for it to be random.
That can lead to a search of communication logs of such players as well, there are many ways of sniffing them out.


Again - you are ignoring reality and attempting to construct an argument based upon your opinion

It is not possible to queue as a group in AV

It makes no difference at all if folk choose to queue at the same time - they are not breaching Blizzards rules in any way shape or form

You don’t like it - I get that - because you like to preach and be right

But you are incorrect here - so far off course your trying to sail a boat in a dessert

I know it’s hard for you to accept

But all you are doing is making yourself look more foolish


Words don’t appear to work on the shill mentality. You’re a living example of that.

The difference between a pug and a premade is only a social difference.

The “chance to win” estimation (you can see examples of this used in rating systems like the Glicko RD or the Xbox rating system, or the Elo system if you prefer that, and why it matters) is also affected by this.


I’m a living example of somebody who understands the way things work - I am a realist

I don’t glue myself to trains - I don’t protest against nuclear armaments - I don’t cause civil unrest - I live in the really real world

There is no such thing as an AV pre-made because you can’t queue as a group

That’s the way Blizz designed it - that’s the way it’s always been

Blizz will never take action against individuals queuing at the same time because they have breached no rules

You are incorrect - carry on arguing if you like;

But you are still making yourself appear more and more foolish




Since the number of horde queueing is always greater than the number of alliance queueing, they should create say… 15 new AV instances each time 40 players queue up within 5 seconds, what I’m saying is they need to batch people into AV’s more randomly.

This would increase Alliance queue times, not making them instantaneous anymore.

These are simple fixes but Blizzardians are scared of any and all changes, theyre changeophobic, maybe cause classic is their new golden goose and changing one thing will upset the hardcore premade crowd that likes things the way they are

You don’t queue as a group, in vanilla there was an addon that did that and bliz broke it. They are queueing individualy so they don’t try to circumvent any rules. If bliz doesn’t want those guys to get in the same bg they should change the algorithm. Bliz even chooses to put all cyrilic users in a seperate queue so theres even more chance you get a group full of people from 1-2 servers. That proves for me that it’s ok to queue together and hope you come out in the same av

Now here’s a reasoned post

Blizz open AV instances as the queue demands - it’s a linear stack

If they wanted to you are quite correct - they could simply have between 20 and 40 events filling up at the same time and weave the queue between them - it would be impossible to co-ordinate queuing as players

But they choose not to

They allow individuals to queue at the same time

So it isn’t cheating and it is the way Blizz intended

In fairness the way they operate AV produces the lowest possible queue time - and that is what folk shouted fir


If one side can raid queue and the other side can’t even queue as 2 friends it’s unfair. It’s basically cheating. Disable group queue for Alliance in WSG, see how they like it.

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Nobody can queue as a group for AV

Everybody queues as an individual - no rules are being broken - you just have to accept that Blizzard designed it this way

WSG is very different - you are allowed to queue as a group - if you choose to queue alone you are choosing to have a disadvantage

AV “premades” = smart

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No one cares about the technicality, it’s the outcome of the result. You sound like a really bad lawyer trying to sound smart when you post.

Either enable raid queue for both sides, or disable the addon.

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Neither side have raid queue and there is no addon needed to play with your friends :slight_smile: