AV: The fix that wont fix!

So it seems (from US wow forum / streaming) that the AV numbers is still visibile just by using an addon like AVQ.

wow us forum: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/so-apparently-alliance-can-still-40man-premade/
ouro clip from NA: https://www.twitch.tv/just_ouro/clip/HardPiercingPotSuperVinlin

What to say… GOOD JOB BLIZZARD :smiley:

haha cry more, go queue for 2 hrs and lose in 8 mins scumbag horde


I mean, if he’s posting from a level 60 dwarf, he’s surely a horde player :slight_smile:


Last time an addon exceeded what they intended with the game’s design, they limited the usage of hidden chat channels for addons.
They also reduced the range of the combat log to 50 yards, down from 200 yards.

The time before that, shortly before the Classic launch, they limited the functionality of the LFG addon for Classic that was intended to work like the Group Finder UI in retail.

Gonna be interesting to see what they’ll do about this new addon.

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