Ban premades

we cant queue solo.its unplayable and every time i que im getting farmed at gy.being alliance is even harder since every good pvper went horde for racials

either ban premades entirely or allow small groups of 5 to enter together,since many ppl want to play with friends


You can queue as a group of up to 5.

i see constantly full 10 man groups from the same server


We knew this would happen. It was stated time and again on the forum before the changes.

Horde now has extra incentive to GY farm because of the new HK decay. Are we surprised that monkeys eat bananas?

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KeK, why is everyone pigeon holing racials as the reason for faction imbalance. Really? It can’t be because of any other reason? Stop trying to find an easy scapegoat, they went Horde because they knew the average Alliance sucks at PvP.


The solution is easy : find a premade.


that makes absolutely 0 sense and could very well be the reasoning of a 5 year old


What about the affinity, with the culture, the lore, the history and architecture of the Horde that make it look like a nice faction to play for? What about the zeppelins, or the superior leveling experience, the free teleport to gnomeregan while Alliance has to walk 4 zones to get to SM?

i could but im from a medium populated server and that could mean hours of waiting in trade also low geared and no premade would accept me even if i could find 1


Why is ally more populated in pve servers? I am guessing horde lore sucks in there.
I understand you are too stupid to follow basic reasoning but the reason ally “sucks” in pvp is because pvp centric players (except very organized ones) play horde BECAUSE THEIR RACIALS ARE BETTER FOR PVP. God some people are fcking retarded.


The problem is you have a chicken-egg story in which you have correlation but you can’t proof causation.

There is no chicken egg story, pvp players choose better pvp racials, end of story.
And its cute you use statistical terms like that but you clearly don’t know what they mean. If you want “proof” that pvp players follow better pvp racials check what happened after humans got their every man for himself. I am guessing suddenly ally flightpaths got better because every top arena team was ally kek.


Ah, so that’s why all AV PvP Premades are Alliance, thank you.

all pvp premades are alliance because only alliance can form premades. oh wait except its not, russian horde can also premade because of their small player pool just like ally pvp player pool BECAUSE PVP PLAYERS WENT FOR BETTER PVP RACIALS LEAVING ALLY PVP POOL SMALL. Thank you for proving

I understand you are too stupid to follow basic reasoning

Cba with your stupidity anymore sorry.


I just find it fascinating you instantly are willing to accept an explanation for one but not for the other.

Actually the Russian realms are overwhelmingly Alliance servers. The split is much more severe than anywhere else.

Judging by OP’s second post, I imagine he is talking about WSG, not AV.

WTF are you talking about?
Russian servers looking way more healthy.

Ah yeah, you’re right. Guess they readjusted over time. Mea culpa. (Most of the Russian realms started out with a 90% alliance split at the start.)

Why link to a specific server though? You get a clearer picture by checking the overview.

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Why are you crying? You are bad at the game. Get a team together and play. That’s what premading is. A group of people playing together. Some teams are better than others. This is how it works in all aspects of life, the same is true for video games.

You are the definition of a guy i would say “go back to retail”, since you want to just WIN without doing anything for it against people who actually do something to win. You are garbage and should be ashamed.