Big FPS drops (Bastion, SoA, HoTF, AW) (system info and MSinfo32/Dxdiag included)

Since patch 9.05 i have extreme frame drops in Bastion, Spires of Ascension, the covenant home Heart of the Forest and different places in Ardenweald.
Places like Revendreth still seem normal (have not investigated it much though).

In short it makes my game almost unplayable cause whichever graphic setting i use (spend hours finding a solution) i can’t seem to get rid of the frame drops.
The sudden spiking of frames makes me nauseous and the idea i have to avoid half of the Shadowlands areas just to not get nauseous/irritated is just crazy.

Things i tried to solve this:

  • Checked if W10 where up to date.
  • Updated GPU driver
  • Tried to scan and repair WoW (did not work and got a error “something went wrong try again”).
  • Since scanning and repairing did not work i just deleted and downloaded the game again.
  • Deleted the cache folders
  • Deleted the addons (see fresh install)

I Searched the forums for a solution, found a PC topic which have been made to a MAC topic by a moderator:

In this topic the moderator tells to make a new post with the needed information and system files (MSinfo32 and DxDiag). The two post where we get pointed to for pc users both have no blue response and it seems something went wrong here cause we get pointed to a pixelated thread.

**So to followup the request to make a new post with the requested information: **
W10, up to date
I7 8086K
32G Ram

**MSinfo32 and DxDiag files: **
htt ps : // uCQMF3

(kinda ridiculous i can’t share links to supply files requested…so remove the spaces from above link).

If more information is needed to solve this problem please let me know.

It clearly has something to do with anima conductor stream animations because on my alts in area’s where i did not activated the anima conductor i have no fps issues.
For the instance SoA (and i read SD has the same problem) there is probably a similar animation in the instance.



I already mentioned this post. Blue’s pointed us to two posts and one is a wrong one and this one seems forgotten. Also in the original post there is a request to "make a new post and add the system information and requested files (Msinfo32 and DxDiag).

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It’s true that Revendreth seems to be the least affected area.

I want someone from Blizzard to at least acknowledge the issue and say they’re working on it, but not even this is happening,…


Sadly they did not change a thing yet…
Anima conductors in Aerdenweald, Bastion and Maldraxus still cause severe FPS drops when activated and SoA is still as crap as before…
This need some attention real quick because permanent activated anima conductors ruin the game experience… And i can’t even enter SoA and run it without getting nauseous…
Strangely blue does not respond anymore on any of the topics…

Really strange things going on here it seems.
Ran Spires yesterday +15 for the weekly vault and had zero problems.
The only times my FPS drop in regions i find irritating (40 and below) is when we are aoeing lots of mobs in the raid and all the addons and weakauras take their toll.

PS: 3900X, 2070S, driver is not up to date… several versions behind, can’t check now since im not at home.
Had some FPS probs because of addons at the patch launch but seems ironed out now and i also deleted or disabled those i don’t really need.
I’m running particles at high but there are places where it costs me like 20-30 FPS when turning the camera towards the particle sources.
Also MSAA 2x and “target FPS” disabled.

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In my case the FPS is higher than 75Hz refresh rate of my display but still lower than what I had benchmarking on an older version. Most affected are those that were running WoW without that FPS surpluss.

I find it real strange how the pc fps issues get ignored and even a thread gets changed into a MAC thread by a blue.
I posted a DirectX file, MSinfo file, all steps I took and my system info but NOTHING…
Paying for a game which gives me 40fps in the areas where I have a anima conductor activated and at least one instance (SoA)…(can I pause my already payed subscription? This experience is horrible atm).
Since I am Kyrian I get extreme fps drops in my own covenant area…
Warlock gets fps drops in Ardenweald and Shaman in Maldraxus, My warrior in Revendreth does not have any problems with activated conductors.


Luckily they’re is a post in the US Forums now also. Maybe we can get one reply for the whole world that you at least are looking into it…

Update 17-03-2020:
Why ask us to make a new post (see my initial post is this thread) and ask us to post the MSinfo and DxDiag file (and make it impossible to link it normally) And then ignore the whole issue…

This is just frustrating and a show of bad manners to your customers. Got to busy for a multi million product? Hire more personnel or don’t ask for pc files at all and just say “we fix it when we want to just like we broke it”…

Sorry but having a whole week now that I get nauseous in my own covenant areas…