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Hi I’m going to ask once more for a valid way to lodge complaints against Blizzard and their buggy game.

Now let me also state that I know how company’s work. You have no right at all to refuse a complaint.

Pointing me at the forums is not a valid response and if you do close this thread without providing the requested information, I will call on the phone and also ask to open a formal complaint against any employee silly enough to think they can do the usual copy and paste / lock thread.

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I believe that this is your previous thread with a reply? Give people a proper complaints procedure

I sincerely doubt you can phone Blizzard since they only have a callback feature for issues they can help with.



There are a few ways to raise an issue or complaint, the way to do that depends on what the complaint would be about. As Saneko mentioned, you were given this response previously already as well, but let me address this once more for you.

If you are not happy with something in the game, for example the way something is designed or if something is not working well, you can report this in two ways.

  1. Bug Report or Submit Suggestion in-game.
    This sends up a report to the QA team, to investigate the issue and handle it from there. You do not receive a response from this, but this is the quickest and best way to report an issue to the QA teams for investigation directly.
  2. Discuss with others on the forum.
    You can raise a new forum thread (or reply to an active one that covers the same issue) to discuss your issue with others. This can be done to maybe find a way to improve an issue or just a way to discuss your findings with others.

If you have an issue with the game that is preventing you to play, start by using the Support page to look for your issue. It might be something you can clear yourself (for example, move a stuck character or undelete a lost item), or guide you to the forums to see it other users can find a solution. If it is something that needs to be dealt with through Support, you can contact the Support staff directly through the available contact channels (Live Chat, Submit Ticket, Request Callback). The channels that are available depends on the nature of your issue.

If you have contacted Support directly and are not pleased with the outcome, you can use the Survey option afterwards to let this know. This sends a report which is looked into, and helps to improve Support as a whole.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

Claiming a reimbursement of game time?

I am finding the latest version of the game to be aggravating.

We have shards causing groups to appear in different phases from each other.
We have bugged out ability’s due to this as well, that often don’t fix with a relog.
World quests that sit at 100% done but don’t complete.

Loot trading restrictions that essentially screw over any sort of freedom of choice when the drop really isn’t a upgrade for you (but hey token = yay gold sink).

Mythic+ restrictions on swapping gear / talents. Though if you run out the front of the dungeon you amazingly remember how to do these things.

Gameplay that heavily favours melee in pvp as well as dps in pve.

I would rather be having fun with my friends in game.


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This thread has a completely different topic. I can see you have opened your own thread already, that is why I am closing here now.

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