Can you nerf these classes please?

Warrior is still broken, hunters are still broken, rets are still broken (even after the nerfs) – the rest are fine. Absolutely sick of playing UH DK or my Spriest and getting absolutely blasted up the a-hole for no reason at all.


I dont feel broken as arms warrior but I’m not saying it’s weak either,
however, you missed Dh and Feral and let’s add that Uh dk and Spriest are not weak either.


i dont wanna complain too much about my specc. it doesnt matter i will play it regardless of its state.
but saying uhdk is not on the weaker side of speccs currently is simply wrong.


Demo is the real king


Imagine not sayinG DEMONOLOGY NPC LOCK. Literally onpar with ret.


Feral ? Lollll
Since retri rework we don’t even have a comp to play anymore in arena :joy:


People don’t play regular arena’s anymore. Its all about solo shuffle.

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It is on the same lvl i would even say above ret cause it has more cc

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Good ferals do more than a ret.

I watched Dibzi on 3.5 mmr shuffle and feral is always #1 in dmg so yea 60k dps perma is op

Yes keep looking at details.
Details handy people like you where the reason why feral was nerfed and lost all his single target.
People look at details when there is a demo lock or a bm hunter and they are like OMG NERF FERAL SO OP -.-


Depends on how you look it, Rets Arms Demonology locks and hunters are on the top tier but rogues frostmages and ferals are in a good spot as well.
I would love to see some more DK frosts and ofc the only class that has every right to yell is ench shaman…
One thing is that some classes are pretty straight forward and easy to play where some others in order to perform at its best are way harder like ferals

need to nerf Demo warlock ontop of that and destro a bit, and buff some of the really week classes like dev evoker, combat and fury

is fury really that bad or is it overshadowed by the opness of arms, ret etc the damage is really good but survivability not so much when i play mine

need nerfs ret arms and bm hunt fast

and demo, possibly destro

Ret, bm, demo.

I’m just not that bothered by arms, fury warriors are garbage. The three above are truly broken.


nerf those and arms willl be the outlier again best to give arms some small nerfs too

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Yeah, arms could do with a damage reduction for sure.

Fury needs more sustain and defensives.

fury allready fine just warr mains used to playing broken arms spec atm

No dude, fury is a 1.5 min burst spec. You have to either kill them in the first burst, survive to the second and if it doesn’t happen then you’ve lost.

It’s biggest issue are sustain/survivability and being cc-prone.

Since they nerfed health return on fury abilities it’s can’t keep up with damage everyone else can do which was it’s main defense/sustain.

It doesn’t have parry or anything to avoid stuns so will just eat damage if focussed.

The slaughterhouse nerf means it doesn’t have a reliable mortal strike effect.

It’s literally a 2 button spec, possibly the most boring class in the game. There’s a reason every tier list has fury in D tier, just above tanks.

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