Core Void Elf Customization Thread


As the Lack of Void Elf Customization Thread closed, I’m opening this one.

I know there are so many of us excited to see more customization for Void Elves and are eagerly awaiting this, so I want to keep this thread simple and to the point, without overwhelming it with requests. I am aware the art team must be very busy, or possibly they have different plans for us for the future, which is why we only got copy pastes so far since our Legion launch.

But we want more than just copy pastes and until now this is all we’ve got :slight_smile:. We want new hairstyles, tattoos, jewellery etc just like our fellow Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei and Highmountain Tauren got in 9.1.5. We came out at the same time as our fellow Legion races, yet we have seen nothing new and unique since our launch in the manner that they did.

So I am listing 6 core features that I’d like us to see come out for Void Elves in Dragonflight:

  • Hairstyles
  • Voidy Hair Effects for our Void theme
  • Skin Tones for our Void theme
  • Tattoos
  • Old God Eyes for our Void theme
  • Jewellery

Bonus (Optional) - Scars

  • Hairstyles: Fan Artists have spent considerable time making mock ups of the type of new hairstyles they’d like to see. Some examples: from Faebelina from Faebelina from Luoren from Ramavatarama unknown

I am aware it’s difficult to make new features such as hairstyles so I’d suggest only about 4-6 new hairstyles for each gender and the rest be copied from another race. Personally no I don’t want us to copy Blood elf hairstyles, I feel enough has been copied from our fellow Blood elf race already. I’d rather we borrow from Humans, Kul’tirans and Drakthyr.

  • Hairstyles to reuse (examples): The Void elf mock up is from Silverleaf and I particularly like that one! Especially the ‘‘ship shape’’ and ‘‘admiralty’’ hairstyles from KTs fit REALLY well! The male Belf hairstyles in this are from an old image I had so I just didn’t bother removing them, you may consider them or not it’s up to you. and some Drakthyr hairstyles from both genders that I think would fit Velfs immensely :smiley:

We’d also like to see a tentacle option for the hairstyles that do not have any tentacles, like so: (by Lyraseth)

  • Voidy Hair Effects - 2 colourations: Dark blue and Dark purple/magenta

All these are from Ramavatarama!

  • Tattoos from Ramavatarama from Ramavatarama from Aceline!

  • Skin Tones by Silverleaf (particularly the Onyx tone :heart_eyes:) by Ramavatarama (Entropic Embrace Skin Tones!) by Ramavatarama (void-corrupted limbs)

  • Old God Eyes: from Silverleaf!

  • Jewellery:
    The bland Velf jewellery we currently have:
    Some I found online that’d really fit:


I found Marceline from Adventure time to be similar to Void elves in some ways

That’s who I based my Warlock on :wink: would love to see some of her hairstyles as it’s a mix of elegant, goth, and punk.


I just want a normal beard

I know its not all that exciting but still, realistically the only part of my character id change

(Thats a random pic from google. If the guy is a known person, theyre not one i know)


Aight some proper thick beards would do the trick! I really really really want variety in hairstyles and voidy flowing hair effects


i love this! My favorite fanart of void elf hairstyles. Would totally use the ponytail

also if anyone has TL3 help Visna.


This thing would be AWESOME!!

I Agree, we need more VOID ELVES customisation, since we already have enought for the “high elf” part.

I Feel like blizzard has made happy the ones that wanted high elves in the alliance, but still didn’t make happy the ones who love the void elves, making them have less stuff.


I want tattoos and runes for both Void Elves and Blood Elves.

Void Elves should also get some hairstyles from Blood Elves, for when you want to look like a High Elf.

But I also agree new Voidy options are needed.

It would be very cool if they went with a sort of Cyberpunk vibe for Void Elves, instead of Emo like they did at launch. For example that hairstyle with one side of the head shaved, and the other side with longer hair and bangs.


The more emo the better!

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I just want some proper long hairstyles for the males that aren’t balding. Is it too much to ask?

You don’t want to make enemies of a bunch of angry balding elves wielding shadow magic, trust me.


Id like to see more options for the Zandalari too:)


Me too, they will also add Kul tiran Humans too which is going to be awesome

did you hear the news? Zandalari hair colors might come. someone posted about it a week ago i think on the forums

Zandalari New hair colors! - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (


Oh,i wasnt aware of that. Atleast its something,hoping for more ear,tatto and tusk options too!


I 1000% agree with you! Some of the current male hairstyles for Void elves have a strong V line ranging from the middle of their head to their forehead and it really makes them look much older, like they’re losing hair. Some Nightborne hairstyles have that too. I really think we need some hairstyles making us look younger instead! Without that awkward V line on them! :joy:

Robokiller thank you so much for posting the pics! I’m a big fan of the hairstyles and voidy hair effects. I’m all about them hair you know what I’m saayin? :joy:


no problem, is a pleasure to help!

yeah, these hair pics you showed are really danging cool, the long hair that ends with a void effect is just so good.

i hope they do add something for void elves in the future.


And don’t forget about the beards here! I especially love the third and sixth ones.

That one looks amazing as well. Just would have to hope that the artist doesn’t want it to be unique to their own character, that’s all.

Lovely choices! I would honestly only add the falcon hairstyle and the new one with the two braids for the males (one is my favorite, and the other is just too adorable not to want!)

For the males, I would urge to consider the knot hairstyle as well. Probably my favorite in the whole game.

All of these are really cool! I think that facepaint rather than tattoos could work amazingly too!

Okay, I love collars. I would kill for them to be open for males too… My character is actually supposed to have one.

Otherwise when it comes to jewelry, I would love if all races could get earrings and piercings - on both genders. One of my elf boys for instance would look very cool with his septum pierced.


Marceline cosplay in wow. PLEASE that’d be amazing


Gief. We :clap: need :clap: these :clap: highlights!

For all elves as it fits (so for a belf I’d not really use it, but something like redhead x blonde for instance).

I’d post a pic, but Google isn’t being supportive of the idea :disappointed: there’s just nothing out there!


Red/orange N’zoth eyes would really complete my Marceline void elf look.


Could be a Void-side effect tho’ :thinking:
I mean creatures of the Void are not hairy
And the ones that are void touched started to lose hair/fur