Dual Speccing

I heard in one of the many channels that there’s a large number of people who want dual-spec in TBC.

If this is the case, I wanted to flag how this will effect the PvE game.

With 25 players having 2 specs guilds/raids will be more able/likely to optimised their raid setup for each boss encounter. i.e. We need a lot of healing, all palandins, shaman, druids and priest switch to that/or we need very little healing, do the opposite.

The content will probably go down quite quickly and I think this would exasperate a problem.

Handle with care.

Edit: I can already hear the response, but they have it X expansion and it’s ok. Well yes you’re right. But the game at the time probably was designed with that consideration.

Edit adding this as it sums up my point


I believe you could only change spec in a Inn/city, doing that for each boss will be more hassle than it’s worth :joy:


I would like dual spec in TBC, as that would give people more flexibility to give lots of things a go. And save time.

Certainly would be much more welcome than batching and leeway were. Which is why patch 1.13.7 is being tested on the PTR, and apparently the 400ms nonsense is being reduced to just 10ms.

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Most people want dual-spec in TBC and demand it because we want to do PvP, raid, heroic dungeon and open world content on the main character without having to constantly respec. It is a much needed QoL improvement, not a game-breaking tool like LFD, LFR or phasing.


i think i am gonna be fine without it :smiley:


You don’t believe the hardcore loons would HS somewhere, switch then summon?

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Hypothetically, if they did dual spac, how often do you think an average person would pay for respec? Once per expansion? Twice? I don’t really care either way, since I don’t pvp, and will respec exactly once, when I get my 2pT5, from pve fire to arcane, but I just wonder, do you understand that you are basically asking to remove one of the very few gold sinks in TBC? (others being epic flying and shattered sun title)


No #10 chars


Dual Spec is something I won’t be against but I won’t be asking for either (in TBC).

I’m against it just because I don’t thing it is something that is needed. I would focus on fixing some real problems.


I don’t think we’ll ever see dual spec in TBC. Never going to happen, it’s far too big a change, and if they implemented it there would be a massive outcry and backlash.

Personally I’m gonna worry about things that are probably and likely, rather than worry over things that are theoretically possible, but unlikely.

And to all the people who want it because it’s convenient, QOL, and saves time - we all know where that path leads…


My limit bar is set to features that were available in Classic exp packs (Vanilla, TBC and WotLK) but yeah I generally agree. I wouldn’t want Group Finder even in WotLK for example, just meeting stones.

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I believe the hardcore loons would just bring the right people in the right specs :joy:

I think it does, it will allow everyone to have the optimized spec for raids/pvp, or even 2 specs for the same raid just to optimize boss kills. I mean some people will pay the 50 gold to respec each time anyway, but it will add to the total numbers who will always be ‘optimal’.

Perhaps a few conditions, like a 1-2 hour cooldown to stop raid optimization between bosses? And of course the 1k learn fee as it was in wotlk.


You can also do most of those in the same spec. It’s not an issue. I have spent somewhere between 5k and 10k gold on respecs in classic. Respeccing is quick, cheap and easy enough as it is. There is no reason to remove one of the few gold sinks in the game.

50g for a respec in TBC is nothing.

That’s your opinion. Some people say the same about LFD and phasing. Can’t remember seeing anyone asking for LRF in classic.

We usually teleported to respec and got summoned back for a few bosses back in TBC. It’s bad enough switching specs depending on encounters where mobs are immune to your main school of magic. The annoyance of having people go back to resepec every fight would be close to unbearable.

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No sir I don’t like it


You seem to want lots of changes for the sake of convenience without ever a regard to the damage you cause in the process. Why are you here and not on retail, really?


I don’t think “most” people ask for this. It is true that’s a qol improvement, to respec isn’t expensive anymore but doing so only to play 2-3 BGs isn’t ideal either for example.
Even LFD and LFR isn’t that bad if you think about it.

The thing is that Classic is not a game best known for quality of life. I’m not saying this is good or bad just that dual spec isn’t something that quite fits in here.

With that said I wouldn’t mind if we will have it or not in TBC.

You’re welcome to tell me what the damage would be, other than a bunch of no-changes crowd having their feelings hurt.

Out of curiosity, why would it not fit in here and where is here?

I personally wouldnt mind dual spec, specially if you’re rolling a healer or tank.
Tho I think it would break the Classic Immersion, but it wouldnt hurt too much either.
I hear the argument " goldsink" is used when talking about respec, but also you hear

So I’m wondering:
Respeccing is a gold sink or is it not?
For some players 50G might be a burden, for others it’s just a drop in the ocean.
Maybe that’s why we got dual spec in Wotlk?

Apart from not being in the original TBC, would it hurt the game so much if it got implemented?

The question have probably been brought up several times in this thread, and Im not exactly directing the question to you only.

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