Fanmade Void Elf / Blood Elf / Shadowlands “Lore”

Welcome, dear forumers!

I’d like to promote my fanfiction a bit… so here we go.

First things first:

  • It’s not that kind of fanfiction. I’m not someone who’s interested in picking some well established lore character(s) and throwing them at another one, in the best case making them act completely out of character. No, I’m not interested in describing the exchange of body fluids in the most creative ways.
  • I’m actually interested in the lore of our beloved game; even with all its p(l)otholes and bumps. And not just in the main story, but also (or maybe even more so) in its details.
  • That doesn’t mean my characters don’t do adult things or talk about adult things; they are all grown-ups and explore their various interests, some of those more adult than others, but they also experience things out in the word, our World of Warcraft.
  • I’ve used the tags and ratings to indicate such things and do so a lot more freely than other works on that forum do it; trying to also make them fit with WoW’s current view on those topics.

What kind of fanfiction is it then?

  • Look at it like a common fantasy novel, but set in Azeroth (and the Shadowlands). It’s a continuous story with many different (original) viewpoint characters who all have their own personality and therefore challenges to overcome. You can pick out single chapters or characters, but you will miss out on the overarching events and developments this way, so it may be worth your time to give a character a chance even if you don’t like them at first.
  • I try to keep to the established canon / lore (I’m not fluent, though), but in some regards orientate myself a little close to game play mechanics; not so far that it’s totally normal that people get rezzed or everybody has a hearthstone, though; portals exist, but only those between the capitals.

What is the fanfiction about?

  • Elves! Yes, yes, as so many others are… but, well, there’s a reason they are the most played race, right?
  • To be more precise: I mainly write about Void Elves, because their affiliation with the Void and the whispers fascinate me utterly and offer many interesting psychological interpretations. In addition, I feel like the ren’dorei lack proper lore, so I tried to come up with some stuff to fill that void. :wink:
  • But there are also others: Blood Elves, to offer not only the viewpoint of the Alliance but also of the Horde, and there are also some Night Elves and a Draenei… and actually characters of every other playable race, just not as main characters.

Why should I read it?
Because…(pick one or several):

  • … you love WoW as much as I do (and I’m not mainly talking about the game, but about the world itself).
  • … you like elves.
  • … you are eager to set out on an adventure, even if your name isn’t Lili Stormstout.
  • … you like to meet new individual people, even if they only exist in a “book”.
  • … you like death knights, demon hunters, priests, rogues, monks, hunters, shamans or virtually every other class.
  • … you like to see romantic relationships develop (be it F/M, M/M, F/F), but also some action!
  • … you don’t like the whole cosmic lore all that much and would like to read some more down to earth… err, Azeroth stuff.
  • … you are a little bored and want more WoW but the next patch isn’t here yet.

Where do I find the fanfiction?
Follow / copy the links below. There are several series (or seasons, as I’d rather call them).

The first season is playing during Battle for Azeroth with a short (very short) summary of the previous lore. Its written more like some profiles of my characters, although there are scenes with dialogues etc., but its a little harder to get into (although you should have a look at them, especially if you like Acharin & Levaindil, my Horde characters).

If you want to read the whole story like a fantasy book, I’d recommend you to start with the second series, which takes place at the end of Battle for Azeroth (8.3 onward) and leads over into Shadowlands.

  1. BfA series: (older, different narrative style)

  2. BfA/SL series: (prelude to the SL series)

  3. SL series (Part I): (taking place directly before the current series, start of the SL adventures)

  4. SL series (Part II): (current, ongoing series)

Last but not least:
Don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m not forcing you to read, I’m only offering. :slight_smile:

I’d be very happy if some of you would check out my stories on the Archive of Our Own just to give them a chance and of course even happier if some of you’d actually enjoy reading them! :grin:

Thank you for reading (first of all this thread, but also the stories)!

PS: If someone could link this post to the US forums, you’d have my eternal gratitude! :pray:

TLDR: Want to read some non-smutty WoW fanfiction featuring mainly elves? Click the links. Thank you!

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Are you sure you didn’t missclick, from the RP sub-forum? Only asking since the creation/appreciation of independent stories, within the Warcraft setting is more of their thing and so it would stand to reason that you would have a better chance to attract the people you’re looking for there.

From my experience this subforum is largely focussed on the main line story and questions, speculations and all that around it.

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Thank you, fixed it. :slight_smile: I usually only use the General Discussion, since I think all these sub-sections just split the readers unnecessarily.

Next chapter’s out, if anybody cares:

Summary: “Orthorin Dawncaller and his new company of the Alliance Army have just undergone an inspection by the Marshal who clearly dislikes the captain and his lieutenant. Following the evaluation they are offered a new deployment: to the Shadowlands. Now, the monk needs to answer the question if he and his company are ready for the challenge or if it would be wiser to decline. But not even the whispers of the Void that chip in on his decision seem agreed.”


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Next chapter’s out, for once not featuring my elves, but a little draenei lore:

Summary: “Remah has finally reached Oribos after her stay in Stormwind, but her talk with Baine Bloodhoof about his imprisonment in the Maw doesn’t yield the information she hoped for. Reflecting about her plans and their future, she is reminded of her lost lover and the paladin’s trust in people, of which she’d also tried to remind Remah while dying. Deciding to give people another chance, she eventually sets out to Revendreth to also atone for her sins as former member of the Cult of the Damned.”

Next week’s chapter will return to my void elves. :wink:

Next chapter with my void elves in Maldraxxus:

Summary: “Naethir and Saewron Dawncaller have spent their latest days questing in Maldraxxus, trying to avoid the House War between the different factions of the realm. The necromancer Caleesy brings their attention to a new destination in the north: the Sepulcher of Knowledge. On the road, the two brothers have a talk about Saewron’s worries regarding his inability to properly deal with the whispers of the Void and connected troubles. In the mountains they meet broker Ta’eran, who knows a way to enter the Sepulcher. But are his intentions as noble as claimed?”

Have fun!

Next chapter’s out, this time following the travels of my blood elf huntress:

Summary: “Levaindil and Acharin are guests at another Ember Court party, but the huntress isn’t very happy about it. Neither the realm nor its denizens are quite what she’d hoped for and she feels impeded by the complicated noble customs. As suggested by her Illidari companion, she follows a Calling to Maldraxxus to gain new impressions. While on a hunt for valuable books to steal from the House of Rituals, Levaindil discovers another demon hunter who has been captured by the necromancers. Will her attempted rescue of the kaldorei succeed?”

The next chapter will still take place in Maldraxxus, but this time with my void elf monk as viewpoint character.

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Next chapter’s out:

Summary: “Orthorin still has to deal with some of his more troublesome soldiers, a task that also confronts him with some internal struggles awaking the whispers of the Void. In addition, the ongoing House War in Maldraxxus and the defense of the besieged Seat of the Primus poses quite a challenge to the company, and not every soldiers deals with those equally well. After one of the platoons was especially hard-pressed during their daily assignment, Elarynn Moonsong finally loses her temper and attacks the monk. Will Orthorin be able to appropriately deal with the night elf mage?”

The next three chapters of this part of my work will follow next weekend, mid next week and the weekend after. Since my sub runs out soon I wont be able to post new updates to the posts here for a while at least; just keep track of my works on AO3 if you’re interested.

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