Fix Stitches Queue!

I think I speak for everyone when I say please for the love of god find a solution to server queues. I really just don’t care about excuses any more… The community was clear about the number of players that would like be playing hardcore. How can your planning as a company be so poor time and time again. Is the plan to just wait it out then offer paid transfers to Nek’Rosh or something? Imagine if online gaming had any amount of external regulation… The number of times you have hustled your customers is pretty gross.

Also, can someone from the Horde community please explain to me why the hell you’re on Stitches? It seemed pretty clear when they announced the servers that Alliance would be on Stitches and Horde on Nek’Rosh. I realise I sound exceptionally whiney… but seriously, pvp isn’t a thing. Could you not just have gone on the other realm?..


Only for yourself.

They did in this post:

Which resulted in two Full realms, a pretty good estimate as the other realm Nek’Rosh has no queues and is a healthy good population realm.

Who is “they”?

Well you made topics about queues mostly about firemaw 1, 2 and 3 when Blizzard has not taken any action regards queues. It’s just a healthy realm that declined slightly in popularity over time but has still a lot of players.


And the community all tried to pile into Stitches instead of into Nek’rosh. Nek’rosh has no queues.

I’m sorry, nobody told me that Hardcore was monofaction only.

Maybe Hordies didn’t want to join a realm named after an Alliance quest mob that none of us have ever heard of before?

You could also.

If there was ever an award for most entitled pile of crap whine post I’ve ever read, you’d win it.


Similarly frustrated. Another hour queue for Stiches tonight. I would be happy to transfer my characters to Nek’Rosh as they offer a ‘Character Migration’ option while waiting in the queue. Problem is, Nek’Rosh isn’t one of the realm options, just normal Classic realms. Why would I want to move from a HC realm to a non-HC realm. At least let me die first. Now paying for a game I can’t play when I want unless I start a new character from scratch on Nek’Rosh. Sort this out please!


What an odd response this is… Firstly, you quoted one of your own forum posts, in which you’re responding to someone complaining about server queues. So clearly I’m not just speaking for myself, am I? Additionally, see the comment of another forum user below.

Surely if both realms are full that doesn’t classify as “a pretty good estimate”?

‘They’ are obviously Blizzard.

Not sure what you’re saying about my previous posts. “Just a healthy realm” is a wild oversimplification of what they did to classic realms (including Firemaw) between about March 2020 and May 2023.

Which links further to a blue post having done maintenance reducing queues if you read further. We already have one such discussion thread about queues.

Blizzard has never limited either realms as monofactions.

Edit: To stress the point; both factions are welcome on both realms. Please join the Hardcore train and the niche section of this game whenever you please. Mind that only Nek’Rosh at this moment has no queues at prime time when making your choice.

At 1900 CEST the queue was about 35 minutes~


Who’s we?.

Lucky you, my 55 minute queue (I rounded it earlier to an hour) is still counting down but I’m getting closer to being able to log on and play!

Sadge D: hope it proceeds faster then expected!

I think you absolutely whiney too in first post. I want not be dictatet where to be “allowed” to be Hordie to make room for you :wink: I never signed agreement to not roll Horde on Stitches and Ally on Nek’rosh. Actually have both, both places.

But you absolute right that two full and over realms is not “Pretty good estimate”. They (Blizzard :wink: ) even promised to have more realms ready to open if both Full - they (Blizzard) did not deliver.

lol I know, just exhausted with 3 years of intermittent queueing for classic realms.

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60 min queue …

All please go Nek’Rosh and make queue there too. I think is only way we can have more servers :smiley:

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Then you should have known better than trying to play on the realm that you knew was going to be the busiest.

This is a you problem.


They already fixed the queue one time I heard, from 4 hours down to 1.

Noone likes to sit in a queue sure, but sitting 40-60 min in queue knowing the server is busy is kind of a good feeling in a way. Tbh, I dont mind it as much I though I would and the solution to the queue is that if ppl spread out more on both servers it would not be a queue on any server, so its acually we players who make this problem in the first place.

Dont like queues? Go Nekrosh.

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aha, especially when you have for game some 2-3 hours and spending in queue the half of your available time is something like you for sure wanted to get

and there will be everything you farmed on stitches before? your char, items, gold, etc.?

Never had queue on stitches. I come home from training around 6 pm and no queue then. Maybe you should go US servers instead if you like to play later at night?

There is a really simple fix I found for queue times, when I logged in to make a character and there was a huge queue - I changed to the server without a queue. Crazy right!

Seriously though everyone wants to follow the crowd to one server and this is the price you pay. It’s not a blizzard issue.


Totally agree. Artfuldodger

And these behaviors of asking, asking, asking and asking for absurd things are what has led to Retail being the complete opposite of classic.

Why go US? Nek’Rosh is queue free, and Full too.

Is why I would like one or two more server. I not like Full!!!