Fix the buggy av queue system

9 out of 10 games is 5v40 and on top of that they just farm us at the starting cave. Blizzard once again in favor of the Horde as always.

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The system isn’t designed to take into account premades that decides to abandon the queue because not enough of them got into the same AV.


I love Mando response.

  1. Playing in the best premade.
  2. 100% winrate in battlegrounds, had never lost a battlegrounds and will never lost.
  3. Always 6mn AV.
  4. APES guild member.
  5. Still level 20 on forum in Dragonfang.
  6. Always good post to make people mad, with only 1 sentence.
  7. Know everything. Should be employed by Blizzard.
  8. Immune to ban.

World of hordecraft, nothing can be done.
Only way to tell something to blizzard is dont give them money anymore, that what they care

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Blame your own faction members for their premades that screw players like you over when they all decline BG invites because they got into different ones.


This is because of premades(Alliance side) - Nothing to do with favouring horde, it’s our own faction doing it to ourselves.

Premades queue > Oh wait, wrong number > Cancel (They don’t get replaced until after the gates open) > GG that BG.
Only people defending this… would be the trash premade players xD.

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Same dumb hordies reply.

Check game requirements, AV minimum amount of players is 20.
When game starts with 5 players - its some premade dropped a que.
When game starts 24 vs 40 - its too low alliance to fill the battleground.

During prime time 5 man games are filled to 30-40 before game starts, so its not about premade dropping ques, its about dumb system that allows game to start while teams are not balanced.

Premade ques for AV - they force game to start - then they drop the que so game starts with low amount of alliance players BUT GETTING FILLED WHEN THERE ARE ALLIANCE PLAYERS IN QUE. Due to low alliance population it takes a while to fill these spots. So its imbalance problem, not premade peoblem.
Ogrammer monkeys being dumb again and trying to turn the tables.

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but in the end if allys try to not bug av with premades, allys will dont have kinda problems right ? if all allys join solo instead try to premade, many problem will be solved but you guys will lose in 10 min without premades, we all know that. Dont try to tell me reroll ally, I have alrdy ally at ashbringer and know both factions problems.

So you remember first days of av when there was not many premades, alliance was not losing in 10 mins. Or you remember wsg yesterday? Lost only one vs pug as alliance player.

This is a premade issue lol.
The premade player reserves the spot on the AV BG.
5 means that 35 premades didn’t get into correct BG together.
24 just means that 16 premades didn’t get into correct BG together.

Especially if the premades don’t decline right away.

Those were actually funish, if we actually PvP’d in the mean time lol.

first days only tryhards was joining AVs for exalted repu even at horde side ppl was not wasting time with pvp or objectives. just fast win or lose doesnt matter. They all get exalted now and only few proper grp joining AV at allys side.

You faction made this problem happen.

#NoChanges :wink:

Punish the people causing the problem, not the people who suffer other consequences because of it. This is honestly so stupidly selfish to think this way.

We get it. Alliance needs sanctioned cheating to win. Stop blaming horde for the problems that cheating is causing alliance.

“JuSt FiNd A gOoD pReMaDe BrO”

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Another wheelchair ork with no brains.

I’ve seen several alliance WSG games with 6 vs 10 for the whole duration.
Is it alliance premade que drop problem as well ?
Or maybe it’s because low alliance pvp population ?

“Hey guys you are so low populated you all can fit into one battleground.
I call that cheating.”


It is, when the opposite ennemy can’t do that, and you abuse it, it’s called cheating. This cause toxic behavior like “I don’t want leecher lvl 51 60% mount casual in my bg”, “I don’t want bot in my bg”, “I don’t want people that snipe my premade so I report them for Chat Restriction”.

Yes sure, Horde have that, and they still won vs premade. Such a bad excuse.

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Alliance cant be immune to fears and stuns, hordes can and abuse it, so you cheating and deserve punishment


Horde can’t have healers-dispeller in battlegrounds because of AV Meta.

100% fair.

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I see hordes getting healed all the time in AV, so you are just lie. Congrats

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Yes, healer rank 2 with green gear and level 51 maybe.

Horde rankers don’t heal in AV because the meta is about WPVP between BG queue, and doing solokill in AV to get the max honor, and you get 0 honor as healer when you do WPVP, and you can’t kill anyone solo in AV as healer. Sharing honor with a Warrior or whatever is not worth.

Sanctioned cheating… This is your brain on Retail folks. Stay away!

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It is. And the sanction is already here. Can’t go outside of IronForge w/o being camp by 5/6 people waiting on all flypath. Can’t take a boat in Wetlands w/o dying 4 times by Rogue that camp Wetlands. Can’t rank as casual because of premade that make your AV 12vs40 and outfarm you by a stupid amount of honor because they instant win in 7mn as hardcore. Had to pay 25€ to change server. Had to pay 50€ in early December to enter into VIP Premade. Had to apply on Google Doc to be able to rank and still no response because there’s 1000+ others players that want to join this.

And the fun fact is, the sanction is apply by your own faction because they organize a mafia to get all the high ranks, and the plebe is now fked. It’s not Blizzard that punish you, it’s yourself.

Meanwhile, as Zug Zug, I don’t have to deal with all of that. Sure, it’s not the easy life, you have to play a stupid amount of time to rank because the competition is insane, but for nothing I’ll reroll Alliance, even if I have 2 hours queue time and my racial are deleted. I can rank solo, it’s all that matter for me.

And yes, the main problem is faction imbalance, but since you are using it at your own advantage to create more problems, I don’t have compassion.