Flamelash, the first server to die

after coming home, happily entering WoW. There is a brawl in chat, ally is leaving. How could Blizzard let the alliance faction escape?
How can you leave an entire server of Horde players, in total solitude?
Well, someone can say: Hey, Bgs are coming on the 10th of this month
. Yes, ok but wPvP is the most fun part of Vanilla.

An entire server, completely populated by the horde. This is not what we have chosen.
Couldn’t they only open the transfer to an Ally majority server?
The alliance rightly needed new players.

Without a doubt the server has become a PvE Horde only server.

Thanks blizzard.

Edit: At least increase the transfer time by a few weeks, so you can reach as many people as possible and get out of this nightmare


You brought this on yourselves. All the incessant ganking ( griefing ) for a couple of ‘ez pz honor points’ FINALLY takes its toll. Flamelash is only the beginning. Many will share the same fate. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Ally players complain they literally can’t play the game

Horde tells them to reroll or quit

Ally players leave server

Horde player: koalaface.jpg


This is entirely of the players’ making. People will only take the gank squads for so long before leaving for another server (or for good!).

The psychos and sociopaths have won. Congratulations.


Alliance Always win, one way or another.


I knew it would happen at some point. Makes it virtually impossible for people to progress = “Omg y dey leave!?”

What is it to anyone really? They could’ve re-rolled their character on a different realm = still leaving. They could’ve quit = still leaving. No matter the solution there was going to be an exodus at some point.

Sometimes, sometimes the community has to own up to it’s own actions and claim some responsibility.


“Am I in the wrong here?
No, it is everyone else who is wrong!” skinner.jpg


I did not expected the realm explode on the announcement, but yeah most of us have moved now, saw some photos now that horde can walk free in the cities and afk there like no big deal, there is no treath there for them.

Hope the server get back up healthy one day, but prob not at this time.

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Love it.

I was one of the allies transferring off that horrible server.
The amount of ganking and griefing I experienced nearly caused me to quit the game.

Several times I was mind controlled back the opposite way when running to a dungeon, just so the griefers (in plenum) could have a laugh. Even when I was worth no honor.

Thank your own faction and not Blizzard for what is now a dead server.
Karma is a b*tch.


Fun fact - there’s prolly more pvp right now on Mirage Raceway or the other pve servers than on Flamelash.

Hope you enjoyed your “true WoW experience” while it lasted. But don’t worry. More PvP servers will follow.


I hope some of you horde scum were on holiday and unable to transfer. No mercy for the filthy gankers!


To be fair mate I think a lot of servers are inevitably going to be this.

As the trolls say… how did you not see this!!! Lol jokes.


Why are you so hell bent on commenting on pvp servers? It’s nothing to do with you. Go back to your lite version of wow :wink:

  1. Grief players, make it impossible to play for weeks on end
  2. When they ask for a solution or fix to a completely legitimate and serious gameplay/ community problem, act obnoxious and tell them they shouldn’t have rolled pvp server, they should be 60 (as if anyone doesnt have the right to level a character whenever they want past the launch weeks), to quit, “go back to retail” or reroll
  3. Act surprise when people leave
  4. profit

This was a community problem, not a Blizzard problem, other than making servers too large. I rerolled PvE (as horde, from a horde majority server) because the whole death-squad griefing metagame was slimy and sickening and I simply didn’t want to be part of that community.
I’m aware now classic isn’t vanilla (where I played PvP servers since launch day), there’s a new private server mentality, which is slimy, disgusting and I don’t want to be near it.

Now, to every sh**post crying about this, I’ll mimic the parroted answer “how did you not see this coming, everyone knew”.


That is a pretty good summary. Though I think this is a doomed scenario for PVP servers, there are simply much more Horde on PVP servers, and I think Blizzard should have managed it better by putting up faction que’s, in order to make the servers fun and lasting for everyone.


This. People had the opportunity to leave Flamelash for greener pastures. But history is bound to repeat itself and when people can’t transfer, they’ll just quit.



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The transfer policy by Blizz is not very good if you´d ask me. While I understand people who want easier pvp, becoming the dominant force somewhere else, won´t fix the problems at all.

In the end we might end up with a lot of pvp realms where one faction is completely outnumbered by the other and world pvp will be dead.

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I get that the standard trope is to blame Blizzard for everything that’s not right in the game, but I believe, that in this case at least, they are not at fault.

As Arathiel said, this is a community problem, not Blizzard’s. There is little they can do to mend this, from a technical aspect, save for adding faction queues or even adding PvP to PvE transfers.

The so called “vanilla community” is the one who decided to form organised death squads, spread them across every single zone and relentlessly, mercilessly gank the minority faction ( Alliance, in 99% of the cases ) to oblivion.

Ironic, considering that the “community” was one of the major selling points of Classic.


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