Free Transfers to Gehennas Closing Soon

In order to prevent the Gehennas realm from becoming overpopulated, we will soon close all free transfers to Gehennas.

We expect to implement this closure later this week, in no less than 24 hours from the time of this post.

Thank you.


Open up Firemaw while you’re at it, thank you.


This confuses me. So when is it closing? Within 24 hours, or later this week?

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at earliest in 24 hours and before the week ends at latest

this + allow for Alliance only from Gehennas to other realms (incl. Firemaw)

Sure, give them a heads up and wait until they have all transferred.
Well played.


Please stop the transfers asap. Don’t allow those guys back on firemaw either; don’t let these gdkp/boost folks back.


firemaw is full of alliance…like 60%. and thats just the beginning sure…give firemaw more alliance players

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After spending over ÂŁ100 last time to transfer from a dead, bot riddled server. It has been refreshing and satisfying moving 6 characters absolutely free. The auction house is healthy and there are less bots. thanks.


build a wall to keep firemaw out.


why, maybe dont stop them at all, so u can stay alone on firemaw horde without any bots, gdkp, anything

if they stopped “asap” it would just be awful, because half of guilds, friends, players would be separated and probably would quit sooner or later
but maybe u want that, it would make sense, you would be so good, the only player left on firemaw playing, then you would post about how blizzard destroyed classic, without even considering thats because of no sense suggestions that u were spreading

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Please force move everyone who transferred to gehennas in the last 24 hours to some dead ghost town. Thank you


Splendid. Open free transfer from anywhere to some low pop realm and lock gehennas


You can unlock firemaw again now that 10000 horde have left it.
Good job on creating another mono faction realm, I guess.


They will make alot of money from faction tilting firemaw, and people are not even mad over the fact that it is “normal” to realm change once a year ,they are mad at the players who just want people to play with and being able to play the game.

so yeah the fact that nobody really speaks up against it just confirms it will happend again soon tm. people cryed so much about store mounts but dont hold blizzard accountable for this.


Why, hello there, neighbour! I hope we can get along together in this decent realm!

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firemaw was turning into ally server for some time now, almost all retail servers are 99:1
its inevitable, ppl want to play on server with huge pop on their faction so they can group, use AH and so on
balanced pop could only happen if there was just 1 server or if they blocked servers intentionally until its 50:50, but then ppl would just quit the game if they couldnt make chars on servers with their friends… so servers would be balanced but dead

only thing they can really do is to keep servers high populated(merging), and just forget about H:A ratio because it will never happen + maybe do more free transfers events so ppl can play with friends without paying 20$ extra per character, when they already pay subscription

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It’s already overpopulated. It’s done. You F’d up yet again, Blizzard. Free transfers to Gehennas should have been closed immediately, with no notice, after you were made aware of this exploit/loophole. Announcing you are aware of it and are going to close it in 1 day just gives even more reason for people who were hesitating to panic transfer now. One day is too much. Firemaw horde will probably be next to empty tomorrow.


is it better to firemaw horde be empty, or half of firemaw horde pop(which is probably high % of all classic players) just quit the game because they were separated by poor blizzard decision making?

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Send them to Detroit.

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when they added free transfers from firemaw horde players left since they had better options to transfer to. Allys stayed and started to take over. Alot of the more popular outdoor areas outside of peak hours was a lot of hassle for horde