[H] Kazzak -<Jynx> LFM for EP Mythic 3/8M


First of all thanks for stopping by and reading our post!

We are the Guild <Jynx@Kazzak> and currently we are looking for more enthusiastic players to join our friendly team for The Eternal Palace Mythic.

About us :

We migrated to Kazzak November 2018 and founded back in 2008 by the current guild master and founding leader, Loabubble and Luairna, and have held consistent progression threw out all available tiers.
We are now looking to strengthen our main raiding roster and continue progression threw Mythic.

What we offer:

⋆ A fun and family feel guild, suitable for full time raiders and casuals players.
⋆ Weekly raiding events for Heroic and Mythic raiding.
⋆ Mythic plus farming.
⋆ Full time raiding spots | No benching.
⋆ Drama free environment.

What we expect from our raiders.

⋆ Able too commitment to our day’s and times.
⋆ To be punctual.
⋆ Able to be on discord | Talking desired but not essential.
⋆ To have consumables for raids.
⋆ Have a good sense of humor | As we do like to have fun!

  • To have at least 430 Ilvl

Our progression:


Normal - 8 / 8
Heroic - 8/ 8
Mythic - 3/8

Raid day’s & Time’s:

*Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time
*Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time

**Recruitment open **

Currently we are looking for (But not limited too):

⋆⋆ Range Dps :

Shadow Priest

** Healers:

Not applicable at this time

We encourage all applications from other specializations not listed!

You can apply to our guild using our application form found here:


Thank you for reading this far!, if you have any questions please drop us a message here or contact us via b-net


Battlenet: Astro#21726

Council :

Luairna - Emmi2014#2825
(Discrd) - Airiain#4406
Lukki - Joker#212251