[H / N] Looking for a casual levelling RP guild

Hello everyone,

I am a Wow newbie, I’ve started playing in early July and I currently have three level 20 characters (a level 20 Forsaken Assassination rogue, a level 20 Tauren Protection warrior and a level 20 Blood Elf Holy priest). I chose the Moonglade realm because I enjoy tabletop RPing and I guess I’ll probably enjoy wow RP as well. Right now, I still have the free trial account, but I plan on getting a subscription soon. However, I didn’t have much chance to RP yet (and in fact, I didn’t crosss the way of many players either apart from Orgrimmar). I’m thus looking for a RP guild to join.

More context first. I’m studying at uni, and I plan to play very casually (probably around 1 hour per day, possibly only during holidays). I enjoy questing and discovering wow lore and I mean to level through questing - i.e. no intense dungeoning. So what I’m really looking for are opportunities to do some wow RP from time to time, without requirements of regularity. I have downloaded MRP. (which I still need to fill in). I believe that a guild for only one character would be enough, as I don’t mean to commit to too many guilds at once. I’d rather take a guild for my Blood elf or Forsaken.

Does anyone have guild names to provide, or advice to find a guild ? Or any advice to find RP opportunities ?

Here’s a short description of each character. Please tell me if any is inconsistent with lore.

Asdae Sparkglare (Blood Elf) : I’m not quite familiar with the chronology, so please correct me ! Asdae is quite a young Blood Elf. She became a magister apprentice just before the war against the scourge (Third War I believe). Her apprenticeship was stopped by the war, because she hadn’t have any lessons yet and her master had no time to spare. She thus didn’t take part in the war (or rather only standard tasks expected from non-military civilians). After the destruction of the Sunwell, she was formed to become a priest instead of a magister because new sources of magic were being sought. Thus, although the class name is “priest”, her relation to the Holy light is more that a of a mage - just considering it as a magic source as worth as any other. She is now moving from front to front as a war medic and performs some slight arcane research, with some competence for combat (i.e. she’s not to be considered a warrior, but she can do without an escort on her trips, although avoiding encounter as much as possible). She means to actively take part in building the new glory of the Sin’dorei.

Wraithie (Forsaken) : When she was still living, Rosie was an errand teenage girl living round the Agamand Mills, a thief stealthily stealing her food. When food or money disappeared in houses, people used to say that the little wraith took it, for she was almost never seen. She died from hunger during the Third war. When the Valkyr awoke her, she only remembered being the little wraith, and thus took the name Wraithie. She only learned about her story later on, when helping the Forsaken cause in the Agamand Mills. A trait I’d like to add about her is that she does use Cannibalize without hesitation. I believe Forsaken don’t feel hunger, but she has the memory of dying from hunger so she doesn’t spit on food. She fully accepts her new undead nature, and doesn’t make a difference between life and undeath. She feels grateful to Sylvanas for bringing her back to life and fully embraces her cause. She is a devoted loyalist to Sylvanas.

Ogaleesha Weedfur (Tauren) : Kind of a typical Tauren, nothing peculiar in the backstory. He enjoys herb gathering a lot, and contemplating nature. He is a might, strongly built Tauren, but is very peaceful. He despises unnecessary violence and murder, although he will fight when he deems necessary. He considers himself mostly neutral in the Horde-Alliance conflict, and would judge each person independently from his alignment. On the other hand, he is devoted to the Tauren people and utterly respects their leader Baine Bloodhoof. If requested, he will answer a call to arms in the name of their leader - but will oppose to civil massacres.
(By the way, with this character, I face an issue : I level through questing, which does involve taking part actively in the Horde campaign, and that’s inconsistent with his backstory. Is it fine if I keep doing Horde quests, but roleplay as if I hadn’t done them ?)

Thanks for your help !


Welcome to Sha’glade Cartel!

Our realm is small, and thus RP is hard to find in the wild, as it’s mostly guild-centric. There are quite a few guilds that I know and recommend (Beastmaw Warband, Convocation of Elrendar, and I’m excited to see that the Coven is apparently back in business–not entirely sure about the current status of the Unseen Vigil), although I don’t know whether they have any activity requirements–that’s something their respective leaders have to tell you.

The guild I’m in, the Hand of the Titans, is open to all roleplayers and while we do plenty of scripted/DMd events, more casual RPers are very welcome and can always request social RP/small-scale events in guild chat. That said, the Hand is a saving-the-world heroic kind of group that is currently in rebel mode (because Sylvanas is not a fan of the saving-the-world thing, apparently), so rebellion-leaning characters would definitely get the most out of the experience at the moment.

While you mentioned Horde characters, I feel compelled to also advertise my Alliance guild, the Botany Band, which is a small and casual 1-day-a-week group of botanists focused on all sorts of green matters. So let me know if you’d like to check out casual RP on Team Blue at some point!

As for your question regarding questing vs loyalty: gameplay elements are generally considered OOC, so feel free to quest away!

Good luck and I hope to see you around sometime. o/


Joining a guild is your best bet on these servers, as walk-up RP is pretty much dead. Depending on what you’re after, there are a couple of options:

[H-RP] The Convocation of Elrendar is Recruiting - A group of mainly loyal blood elves (there’s a couple of forsaken characters too). Works to defend their homeland of Quel’thalas from any threats. Pretty cool gang.

[H-RP] Wayward Vagrants are hiring - A mercenary group that’ll do pretty much any job, if it’s worth the money. Strictly speaking they’re neutral, but they’re not helping the Alliance and are taking on contracts for the Horde at the moment (working a bit with CoE atm).

[H-RP] The Beastmaw Warband - A warband loyal to the Horde. Has a lot of orcs, but also a few from other races.

[H-Rp] The Coven seeks members. - A group that focuses on the studies of dark magic. Haven’t dealt much with them, but their concept seems cool.



I shall follow suit and suggest to you MoongladeRP (https:// moongladerp.enjin .com/forum) -
An in-game Battle.Tag community, Enjin Forum and Discord server promoting broader roleplay horizons through connecting the Alliance, Horde and linked realms for those seeking roleplay either with a guild or as a freelancer looking for new adventures and friendships. We are very new and our numbers are starting to crawl up, the goal is to unite the small community under a single OOC banner for easier access to resources.

  • To join the Discord, go to the forum and put your Discord handle in the shoutbox, or message me. From here, you may be invited to the In-Game community too, if you so wish.


The Botany Band on Alliance side is absolutely endearing and interesting, intriguing and exciting (in the experiences my alts have shared with them).

I am very happy in the Hand of the Titans, despite the fact that I unfortunately am not around much - due to RL and altoholism.

Your characters sound diverse enough that I humbly suggest perhaps joining different guilds, if they accept casualers (like you and me;)

I have an alt in the Wayward Vagrants too, and they’ve been very nice to me (/my alt in question) even though I am a very filthy casual.

Also, since you seem mainly Horde,
/join RPsocial
/join RPnetwork
and press Shift-O (I think) to see which RPers are on in those in-game chat channels.

-Not a Sylvanas loyalist


First off, welcome to the realm and cheers to the people who already give us a plug. To return the favor, I’ll say you can’t really go wrong given your diversity of characters when picking a guild and that if you’re after RP, guilds are definitely the way to go. It’s just about deciding which character you like given your time and which best matches your schedule.

The guild I lead, the Convocation of Elrendar, does have three DM’d events per week on a set schedule, but we also have a discord server for the arranging of roleplay separate from that. We’re a blood elf-focused paramilitary guild, with a heavy emphasis on pushing their interests over others, fighting the void and mastering azerite. All things that currently put us on the loyalist side, helped along by the Forsaken we have and the race’s history with Sylvanas. If you’re looking for more of a mercenary angle, there’s no better place to go than Wayward Vagrants. Expanding on the miltiary theme but on the Kalimdor side is Beastmaw Warband. On the other end of the most recent Horde civil war, there’s Hand of the Titans, who’re more in the world saving business.

As for your last question, you don’t need to worry if you’ve done certain quests on your in-game character that your concept hasn’t done. In fact, it’s desirable and standard in roleplay that your character exists within the setting but isn’t the actual PC. Just enjoy whatever quests like you doing out of character and incorporate elements of the lore you enjoy into the character you then play.


Alright everyone ! Thank you to all three for helping me out.

The Convocation of Elrendar looks amazing ! I had already read about it and it really interests me. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait to be max level.

In the meanwhile, I’ll probably apply to the Coven for Wraithie. It looks like a good experience. As for the Hand of the Titans, I think it would fit my Tauren pretty well, but I’ll wait a bit before applying - I’m playing him tank and, although I enjoy the role, I find it hard to learn so I’ll wait to be a bit more experienced with him first.

I’d enjoy doing some Herbalism with the Botany Band ! I might try to join them with my Tauren at some point, if the Alliance Players don’t get too hostile against me. I’m not sure whether that will be feasible though.

Again, thanks all ! By the way, does Asdae’s backstory seems consistent with WoW lore to you ? I’m not so sure about that …

Finally, I meant to share with you my first in-game RP-like experience. That’s a cool story. I was playing Asdae, my blood elf priest.
After finishing the Ghostlands storyline, I had to bring Dar’khan’s head (a blood elf traitor) to the Banshee Queen in Undercity. She then sends me to show it to the Orc leader in Orgrimmar. Problem : I had to take the zeppelin. I had got pretty lost in Thunder Bluff to find it and ultimately took a bat, when I was playing Ogaleesha, so I feared getting lost again. Fortunately, a level 112 paladin walks by with a flying mount : he must know where to go ! I ask him the way, and he shares the mount with me, flying to the zeppelin tower. Never had I flown in-game before (expect on bats on a predefined path), so that felt awesome ! I thank him and confidently clicks on the closest NPC - but I misclicked on a portal and ended up in Northrend. While I was looking for the zeppelin tower again, the same paladin pops in, and invites him to mount with him. We start flying, and when I spot the tower, I realise he’s bringing me in the wrong direction. I believe he hadn’t understood I didn’t mean to go in Northrend, and meant to bring me with him to his adventures. Anyway, I thank him, declare him that that’s where our way part, and jumps. But to go back in-town, I have to cross the way of NPCs, that all one-shoot me. My equipment lost all its durability as I got killed over and over. In the end, I had to jump off the cliffs over and over, using my healing as a priest not to get killed by the several successive falls (I couldn’t use my hearthstone, discharged). In the end, I managed to get back to Orgrimmar alive. Phew ! So if that paladin reads it, thanks for helping me ! I had been talking IC all along, so I really love it that that was my first RP experience. Quite a story to tell !

Thanks again !


That sounds like a great ‘first encounter’, thanks for sharing, and I’m glad it made a nice memory!

I’m sure others can give better advice than me on Asdae’s profile; I think it looks fine. The only thing I might add is, even though she is capable of taking care of herself, maybe she would like to be part of a community? (Come to think of it, this might be true for all three of your mentioned characters… That might be their reasons for wanting to join a guild?) Perhaps she’d like someone to discuss her research with, or have someone along on a research trip so she herself can devote all her attention to her research without fear of being attacked…

I don’t remember if the Botany Band has a Horde division, but Ogaleesha sounds like a good match for them, and they seem to be more accepting of Tauren and friendly orc shaman than the other Horde races. I believe The Botany Band was (IC) actually led by a Tauren herbalism trainer…


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