[H] New Day - Casual and Friendly guild, 9/9+2/2 HC

(Loralyn) #1
Hello friends, I am here to tell you about our guild, called New Day.

It is a casual and very friendly horde guild, filled with a lot of good and nice people. I know, for I try to get to know you all, at least a little bit. Currently we have 900 characters in the guild with 402 members total (403 if you join us friend!), and every evening 20-40 people tend to be online at the same time, talking and playing, doing all kinds of things.

We also have a discord server that we use a lot for events, dungeons, raids, and things like that. We even have a youtube channel if you want to see some of the things that we have done together: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFz77UH5r3J2JprW3sYcypQ

We do a lot of things together, so if you join and there is anything you want to do with us or something you need help with, just ask in guild chat, and I am sure that someone will be able to help you. We often do tricky achievements that can take up to 5-6 people to complete, like Only the Penitent, Share the Love, or School's Out Forever. We have also ran old raids at 8, 10 or 16 people for guild achievements and guild mounts.

We focus on playing together for fun but we do try to do some more difficult things also. We play a lot of mythic+ dungeons, we got Ahead of the Curve in Uldir, Battle for Dazar'alor, and Crucible of Storms.

But you don't have to do any of that if you don't want to. We have fun events every day of every week, like pvp, or pet battles, or contests where you can win prizes, all sorts of things. We have battles with Crashin' Thrashin' Racers sometimes, we have Argent Tournaments with horses and lances, we compete in the Darkmoon games, and we play Azeroth's Next Top Model sometimes, which is a transmog competition.

You don't have to have any experience to join us, or be of any high level, you just have to be a good person. We can learn things together if we need to, and if we want to. =)

Add my battletag as a friend, it is Nethellus#2659

So if I get a random friend request, I will assume it is because of this thread, and I will talk to you and send you an invite to the guild. I play every evening from 20.00 to 23.00 (realm time) or more.

You can also try to whisper to me to see if I am online. I mostly play as Loralyn-AzjolNerub, but I do play on other characters as well.

You could also try to write "/who New Day" and whisper to anyone who is online. All members of the guild can invite you, and I will talk to you later when I can and welcome you properly to the guild.

You are very welcome to join, so please come play with us =)

Death Knight Tauren Blood ilvl366 casual looking for guild
Returning casual looking for sociable home

It looks like the forum have changed a lot, but we have not. We are still looking for new friends, and maybe you are that friend =)

(Loralyn) #3

A lot of things have happened, we killed 2 more bosses in heroic Uldir recently, and we have been timewalking and done both Black Temple and Ulduar, that was great. Also we have made friends with another guild called Tooltips, they have a very nice guild also, but if you want to join this one, you are certainly still welcome to =)


Things are going very well for the guild, more people than ever seem to be online these days, we even had 30 people on at the same time at one point, I dont think we have ever had that before. But it is always nice to have more people, so if you want to join us you would be very welcome =)



came across this post as I’m searching for a guild to work with. I’ve been away from WoW for a few years but back with BFA, but as I progressed through to 120 the experience got increasingly lonely.

My main is a Warrior but I’ve got quite a few alt. My main problem is I have a young baby so play time is restricted to late nights.

I’d very much like to try raid content and have a good social experience levelling alts, but I’m looking for a guild that accepts casual players with the odd chance of doing some raid content.

Does this sound like a fit for New Day?

(Loralyn) #7

Yes Kallam, you would certainly be welcome to join us as well =) No need to be lonely any more!

I am sorry I have not looked at this thread for a few days, so I answered you a bit late. People will usually contact me through battle.net


Things are going better than ever for our guild it seems. We have made some changes in how we go about our raiding and now we managed to clear normal Battle for Dazar’alor in the second week, and also kill one of the bosses on heroic. That is certainly a lot better than we did at the start of the previous tier.

If you would also like to join us and help out, you would be more than welcome =)

(Schaduwjager) #9

We have now defeated 3/9 bosses on Heroic difficulty. Sadly, it seems that with the current group size, Opulence and possibly following bosses might be challenging due to RNG targeting of their mechanics. However, we’re are improving, and we’re willing to help those who want to do so. Next time I hope there will be more of us to face the bosses.
If you’re also interested in joining the guild, you’re more than welcomed!


I love that the guild offers other events such as hide and seek & pet battles. We have a lot of fun & we are like an online family :smiley: :smiley: . Loralyn our guildmaster is lovely and make an effort to get to know us and ensures theres a varity of events.

(Loralyn) #11

We did manage to kill heroic Opulence last week, and that was really nice. A lot of treasure =)

I feel like we are constantly taking steps towards becoming a better guild, and what we have here now I think is really great. We are getting a lot of new members as well, many from other dying guilds on these servers looking for a new home. If you are also looking for the same, we have a very nice place here waiting for you.


Can I join? Casual…

(Loralyn) #14

Yes you can join us if you would like =)
You can do a /who New Day in game and ask any member for an invite, if you do not see me online. If you see me you can always ask me, or you can add me as a friend (Nethellus#2659)


Things are going very well for us now, we have had almost the limit of 30 people to our casual raids, and at one point I saw that 40 members were online at once, which is a new record for us =)

Also, this week we managed to kill 2 more bosses on heroic in the Battle for Dazar’alor raid. We killed Conclave and Rastakhan, and I am very happy with what we managed to accomplish this week.

If you want to come to our guild as well and help out, you are more than welcome to.

(Loralyn) #16

Our guild is a very nice place to be I think. We have found many new people in the past weeks. We have also killed 2 more bosses in the heroic Dazar’alor raid, and we only have Jaina left to do now. Our casual raid also cleared normal in a single day yesterday, we have never done that before =)

Our guild also had its first guild birthday! It is now more than 1 year old. Around the birthday we had some fun new events, like a lemming race, where we made level 1 orcs and ran on foot from Durotar to the Gates of Ahn’quiraj, trying to dodge enemies along the way. We also had an event where we went into old raids naked, starting in pandaria, progressing up to legion, and then only used the items that we picked up along the way, to see how far we would get. It was fun to do together, and we talked a lot about the guild and what it means to us. It does mean a lot to me, and if you would like to join as well, you would be very welcome to.


A bit late, but we’ve managed to down Jaina on Heroic last Friday. This tier raiding went certainly at a quicker pace than previous tier, and I’m happy to see that. Maybe we’ll try mythic champions at some point, if we get enough people. Regardless, there are many events of different kind in our guild. Raiding is fun, but it’s not the only thing we do. Feel free to join our guild if you’re interested!


Last night we played hide and seek…it was such good fun & the winners got prizes :smiley:

(Schaduwjager) #19

Crucible of Storm has been now cleansed from servants of N’Zoth. We did it on Normal as a casual raid, and tomorrow will be heading to try the Heroic version. We’ll see how that goes.

(Loralyn) #20

A lot of things has happened in the guild, we killed one of the heroic bosses in Crucible of Storms, and now we even have a youtube channel as well, so if you want to look at some things that we have been doing, you can look there: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFz77UH5r3J2JprW3sYcypQ

There you can find some of our raids, and also a fun thing that we did, which was a Lemming Race. Everyone made level 1 blood elves and then raced on foot from Silvermoon to Booty Bay, trying to avoid enemies along the way, and we had great fun together =)

If you would also like to join in the fun, you are always welcome.


We recently killed heroic Uu’nat and finished off the new raid, that was very nice, a very difficult boss that we defeated with the power of friendship!

We are also trying to do the Heralds of the Titans achievement, which is when you kill Algalon with a party of level 80 characters. That does seem very hard, and requires a lot of preparation, but maybe we will be able to do that also some day =)

(Loralyn) #22

Now that we have completed all of the heroic raiding for these raids we have started trying some mythic raiding as well. We are not a mythic raiding guild, but in situations like these when we are done with heroic it could be fun to try it out, so that is what we are doing.

So far we have killed the first boss in BoD on mythic and we got the second boss to 1% yesterday. That was very close, so I’m sure we are capable enough to do it next time =)