[H] <Outzydaz> 11/11H + 6/11M SotFO LF raiders!

*** If your PC / Connection is unreliable, Please stop reading now ***

About us:
We are a group of friends who, after raiding with each other for a while, thought there was a better way to do things. And so this guild was born. Currently we are in the progress of prepping for Mythic content in 9.2 and onward. With a pace, that we believe, is in line with the guilds potential. We believe in quality over quantity.

Wednesdays & Thursdays 8-11PM
We are only interrested in players that can commit to these days!

Sunday 8-11PM we have a raid for Alts/returning players. Which in the future might become a 3rd raid day.

Apart from the standard stuff, like knowing your class/being prepared/paying attention etc etc, we are looking for people who understand that building a guild takes time. And rushing it while throwing out bandaid solutions left and right will only get you so far.
Our main goal is to improve in any shape or form. And we are looking for like minded people.

What we plan to offer:
Fairness/Team effort/ AotC AND CE experienced players/Honesty & a guild that tries to look ahead as much as possible.

Recruitement Officer:
Sezar/Artthus Discord - Metademon#0954 / Battlenet - OSI#2672

Exceptional players of any spec will always be considered.

Socials are always welcome.

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Just bit of extra info which may or may not peak ppls interrest.
We are trying to avoid lockouts on bosses as much as possible. We are really not interrested in being a Kill-a-Boss-onetime-pony type of guild.
So if you are only interrested in killing a boss 1 time, we might not be a good fit.
However, if you do not mind killing the same bosses every week, even if you don’t need anymore gear upgrades from said bosses, we are interrested in you.

Right now we have a pretty steady + strong healing team. And both tank spots are filled, but there is room there for a Tank ( preffered 1 who has an dps spec + knows how to use it ), since 1 of the tanks can also play dps.
So you can deduct we are mainly looking for DPS. And like many many other guilds, we have a prefference for ranged dps.

Our recruitement officers post in General on a daily basis. So there are enough way to reach out to us.
We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Right now we still have a spot for atleast Mage. But we can’t promise for how long :wink:

Still clearing / not locking out to Soulrender. So that does mean that compared to quite a few other guilds with the same amount of progress that do lockout their raid, we have less time a week on that boss.

Holiday season is upon us. After which we will continue to look for players to bolster our ranks.
Right now we are basicly in prep mode for 9.2. Which means that the priority classes we were looking for might change.

2022 almost upon us. Hope everyone has a save year change.

As for the recruitement.
We have added to more ppl to the roster during the holiday. Close to no room for melee dps classes. No room for tanks. And no room for Healers.

Hope to see you in 2022!

9.2 closing in fast.
Roster-wise we are in a good place atm. Which means that for recruitement we are able to be a bit more selective. Also socially and on Discord we are still active. So if you are a geared & a experienced current tier player. That is unsure to apply, because you are wary of joining a guild that might be on a pre-9.2 break. And have no1 to prep with for 9.2 raiding. Rest assured, this is not the case with us. :slight_smile:

Full on hunters atm!

Still room for atleast 1 Lock in our raid team.

Still pretty tight on the melee front.
But seeing how things are ever changing. We might consider it, if it’s clearly a exceptional player.
Mostly still interrested in geared+experienced ranged dps. #where-them-demolocks-at?

Right now we are sitting at 3/11 hc ( mainly cause we chose the best gearing route instead of the ranking route ).
Still have room for a good mage & lock & maybe a good healer that can also dps ( no melee ).

5/11 Heroic
Room for a good Warrior + Enhancement. Apart from the ranged we are looking for being Mage + Lock.

Currently interrested in:
Exceptional Players

Looking for a pumper Mage.

3/11M at the time of writing this. And slowly making progress on Prototype ( better loot for vault ).
Still interrested in new recruits. Mostly that are interrested in raiding 3 days a week, Wed/Thu/Sun 20:00 > 23:00pm

With summer holiday coming and many players maybe taking a break, this might be a good time, if you’re looking to stay active, to maybe see if our guild is a fit for you ( and vice versa ofcourse :wink: ).

Prototype is down, working Artificer atm. Still have room to add geared+experienced players to our roster!

6/11M atm. Currently working on Crabguy Boss.
Still have room for geared+experienced players that are looking for a guild that keeps on pushing!

Raiding still through fated raids.

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