(H-RP) The Blazing Phoenix

“No-one joins the military to sit behind a desk, let’s kick in some doors.” - Commander Tialis Roseheart

From combatting the Burning Legion, to distinguished service in the fourth war, the Blazing Phoenix has served as a loyal and stalwart bulwark for the Sin’dorei, combatting internal and external threats of every kind to keep Quel’thalas safe. From sentient squirrel armies, to dark world ending plots involving cultists of all brands, there is no enemy the brave soldiers of the Blazing Phoenix won’t take on.

Hi! We are the Blazing Phoenix, a Blood Elf/Nightborne black ops Military guild operating to serve and protect the kingdom of Quel’thalas, our base can be found within Silvermoon, our orders coming straight from the Spire. We’ve been around since mid 2018 and have no end in sight! With an ebb and flow we’ve experienced changes, but the core of making a community where people feel at home, and providing top quality roleplay is still our primary goal!

A few things you should know

Because no community can function without them:

-We have a command structure that is to be followed, issues should be brought to the attention of your commanding officer after missions…not during

-Uniform wise: We require you to wear the guild tabard, while on duty, but the rest of your equipment is up to you

-Mounts: The proud and glorious Hawkstrider is the guild mount of choice, other mounts are fine in your personal time, but a Spire provided Hawkstrider or your own is the mode of transport whilst on duty.


  • No prejudice of any sort. If you have an issue with someone based on their skin, age, gender, sexuality or religion, you will be expected to keep it to yourself and not let it be an issue IC or OOC. If you are incapable of doing this, you will be removed.

  • No bullying. If you are caught bullying anyone for any reason, you will be removed. If you are reported to have been bullying, you will be watched very carefully and a decision will be made at a later time to decide if you will be removed or not.

  • No advertising or marketing (except in the case of offering art or music). We are first and foremost a roleplaying guild - NOT a marketing platform. This includes the selling of real life goods, real world trading, etc etc.

  • If you have a dispute with another guildie, please speak to an officer. If you feel you can sort it out in private between you, that’s fine. But if the dispute occurs on the server - text or voice chat - please inform an officer rather than trying to tackle it yourself.

  • When joining the guild discord, you are expected to continue to uphold the guild ideals regarding bullying, prejudice and flaming. Any issues are to be brought to myself or an officer.

  • Taking screenshots of any part of the guild discord for the purpose of sharing outside of the discord is strictly prohibited. The discord is a place for us to relax and be strictly OOC - we do not need drama being drummed up.

  • Do not mix OOC and IC. It should be a given, but we should not be using OOC knowledge for IC benefit. Not liking someone OOC is not an excuse for deciding to hate on their character IC and vice versa.

Theme of events:

We are a military guild, so we run our events accordingly, there’s a lot of cloak and dagger, infiltration, combat with our very own rolling system, and the occasional political shenanigans, HOWEVER, we still participate in community social events and occasionally host a social event ourselves.

Communities we’re actively part of/support as a guild

-The Silvermoon City community

-The Horde Mages Conclave

-The Ashen Bulwark

(We do individually participate and take part in a number of other communities, these are just the ones we actively promote as a guild!)


(Ingame contacts!)

Guild Master

Commander Tialis Roseheart - Tialis


Captain Serital Dawnstrike - Serital

Captain Astran Dawnhaven - Astran


Lady Cindera Sungaze - Cindéra (Alt: Zanarra)

Spellbreaker Nasildrin Felo’zaram - Nasildrin

Solstice Everhail - Sollstìce

Aruel Dawnstrike - Arywél

Melidra Starshimmer - Melidra

Send us a mail! Send us a whisper! Give us a poke and let us help you out!


It’s true about the squirrels.


Ooh I actually recall fighting against Melidra during the Silverpine part of Drums of War, at the start of BfA. Although our chars weren’t actually trying to murder each other if I recall right.

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10/10 would enjoy chaos and carnage developing from the simplest of situations again. (We do have a good laugh! I’d recommend giving us a try if your interested in Sin’dorei RP!)


Fear the Dungeon Master, for I am he, destroyer of minds and sanity (On a serious note, give us a try! You only have sanity to lose, and a laugh to be gained)

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never forget the squirrels.

We’ve been on campaign with Blazing Phoenix a couple of times now. They’re a lovely bunch and Tialis is a great DM and a pleasure to work with. If pointy ears and radical eyebrows are your thing, do check them out!


Thanks! and you know we appreciate our Forsaken allies down South as well xD looking forward to seeing you guys on a campaign soon (hopefully xD)


Was part of this guild when Mal’therion was a simple Blood Elf, now a Void Elf. I highly recommend this guild, really can’t go wrong joining up. Miss you guys.


I mean hey, if you ever feel like returning, we’ve always got room for a fresh Sin’dorei character! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the love!

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Truthfully, I seriously would. But I am sticking to Alliance for quite a while. Plus, started to RP Mal’therion a bit more so going to enjoy that a bit longer. However, thank you for the offer I certainly will keep that in mind. I appreciate it.

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Aaaaaaaah well, do give us a shout if you feel like coming back over!

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Soon :pray: Looking forward to it!

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I’m glad to see the Phoenix still going! I highly recommend it if you want some nice DMed events and interesting plotlines, great bunch of folks!

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Great bunch of people.

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Just sayin’, you probably shouldn’t outright threaten potential applicants.


Wait… What?


This bit lol


Hi! Thank you for bringing it up.

We as a guild thrive on a close knit family-like atmosphere. This means sometimes discussions will take place regarding things such as real life/personal issues and mental health. Sensitive topics that people only find comfortable discussing in a guild private setting.

Unfortunately, there has been instances where an individual has taken screenshots of some sensitive topics to post elsewhere with the intention of targeting and bullying others. We do not tolerate bullying in BP, and so we crack down on such things as and when they may come to light.

With this in mind, we feel that the only ones who will feel threatened by the wording of this rule are likely people who would do precisely this kind of thing and thus people we would not want in the guild anyway!

Thank you, and have a lovely evening!


Wanting privacy makes sense, I guess but “we will find you and you won’t like it” is still unambiguously a threat and a very weird thing to put in a recruitment thread.