Horde Guilds?

Have no idea what happened to the guild thread page, but asides from the PCU, what Horde Guilds are out there?

Looking for anything specific?

Ones who do RP PVP primarily

There’s none.

I know the Thalassian Skyguard does the occasional spot of RP PVP, but that’s all I can really think of off the top of my head. There might be more, but RP-PVP isn’t really my wheel house, so…

I think you will be fairly hard pressed to find any RP guilds that are solely focused on RP-PvP these days, as it isn’t really the most prominent aspect of the server. Having said that, there are actually quite a few RP guilds that have been known to regularly dabble in RP-PvP campaigns of varying nature, be it campaigns that specifically focus on RP-PvP or campaigns that sometimes incorporate it as part of the bigger picture but don’t necessarily focus on it, such as the Return of the Damned campaign.

Here’s a list of presently active guilds that have been known to take part in such campaigns, sporadically or otherwise. I’ll include their latest threads in case you want to peruse them for any additional information.

Blazing Phoenix:

Forlorn Order:
Frozen Paw Clan:
Dust Devils:
Dust Scavengers:
Orcs of the Red Blade:
Sisterhood of the Serpent:
Spiritwood Tribe:
Thalassian Skyguard:

There are a couple more that I can think of from the top of my head, but some of them are currently on hiatus due to the state of things in WoW. Might be some more that I missed, though.


Thanks a lot! Very helpful

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