Two Blood Elves looking for RP guild

Alreet foaks!

Me and another Belf are looking for a RP guild.
Our characters differ in what they do; mine is a privateer(with an Elven destroyer named The White Lion) and theirs is more special operative.

We are both more for adventure guilds but military would work as well, if they can fit in a privateer! :smiley:


Absolutely sounds like you’d fit into the Myrmidons, so I’ll throw a link to our guild thread here, and - if you’re interested - be sure to get in touch with me either in-game or via Discord (Sovereign#0004). Definitely THE place for elves to be if you ask me . . . (not biased) (entirely impartial)


It’s true, the Myrmidons is the place to be if you’re a a militaristic blood elf.

Myrmidons for military but if you want aventure, these guys are super cool


Either Red Venture from some chill Horde mercenary guild or Highblood Myrmidons as epic Quel’thalas Forces.


All the above but! If you’re after adventure with a Saturday morning cartoon twist my guild is also recruiting! =)

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Kaitylinn wasn’t there to reality-bomb the soul engine last Saturday :pensive:

Also very much worth considering;

Or more blood elf only:

I suggest you also have a look at argent archives, as there are other active guilds.


I’ll second the Myrmidons & Skyguard both - the former are great, the latter are fantastic and nice folks.


I hope you find a nice crew to roll with :slight_smile:

The above mentioned guilds seem nice and a good fit from what little experience I have with them and from how you describe your characters.

A wholehearted recommendation of Blazing Phoenix and Thalassian Skyguard. Just really great guilds that it is always a pleasure to work with.


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