Help with crazy for cats/crazy cat lady achievement?

hi friends,

i was wondering if someone here would be willing to help me out with the crazy for cats achievement? i know that there is a bunch you can get by trading, learning them and then trading them back but i dont have any friends that play wow anymore or an active guild.

i’ve grinded for 16/20 cats so far, and the tradeable ones that i still need are:

black tabby cat

feline familiar

nightsaber cub

spectral tiger cub

guardian cub

i dont really have anything of value and only 3k gold atm but i could give you all my gold and my eternal gratitude in return

alternatively, any advice for being able to get the achievement would be very welcome!!

thanks so much for your time

It’s always nice to see someone new interested in pets. :slight_smile:

Let me make some points that may be helpful.

  1. Anybody who has any of these pets would almost certainly have them at level 25. Since you don’t have a level 25 pet yet, you couldn’t uncage them even if they were offered. The first thing you need to do is get a pet to 25. Do you know how to do that fairly efficiently?

  2. You can easily get Mr Bigglesworth yourself from Raiding with Leashes. It’s quite pleasant to farm the old raids, and several of those pets are dirt-cheap at the AH. The Anubisath Idol and Viscidus Globule are likely to be the most difficult to collect, but they really aren’t that bad.

  3. You can also get Xu-Fu yourself from the Celestial Tournament, though that will mean getting a decent set of pets together at 25, so it will take longer.

With Mr Bigglesworth and Xu-Fu, you will need only 2 more.

P.S. Check your in-game mail. I sent you 8 of the RWL pets I had at level 1.

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thank you so much!! I’m not really new, I played WoW for the first time in 2011 but I’ve only played sporadically since then, so that’s why I’m really inexperienced in a lot of things. This whole pet system is pretty complicated and new to me so I have no clue how to get a pet to level 25, I was looking into trying to beat the celestial tournament but it does seem slightly impossible for someone like me!

Thank you so much for the RWL pets!!! You are way too kind! I have also never done a raid in my life ever so I will be looking into trying to get these together.

Thanks so much for the advice! :slight_smile:

Oh wow! You have a treat in store!

You will not be “doing a raid”, as it is normally intended. Let’s get that cleared up for a start. :smiley:

You will be FARMING OLD RAIDS, by yourself, and it is hella fun and interesting at least for the first number of times you do it. After a certain number of repeats, it can get very old, but your first old raids are fascinating, to see the design and mobs, and get the transmog and other drops!

At level 50, Classic raids will not be in any way difficult or dangerous to do.

I suggest you start with AQ40 aka The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

which drops the Anubisath Idol (10% chance), among others.

From the comments in that article you can find out everything about it. Once you find the entrance and walk in, there is not a lot to know. Just go in and kill stuff! Have fun!

The one thing that can be a problem is the optional boss Viscidus because he must be killed by being frozen and then shattered with quick blows.

You can also look up the other Classic raids on Wowhead, like
Molten Core

and Blackwing Lair

If you need any kind of help with this, please let me know!

As for getting a pet to 25, I would have sworn I had a coherent fuide to that here, but I can’t find it. Maybe in the old forums? I’ll write one. It’ll be up in an hour or two.

Thanks so much again!! I understand that it’s not like doing an actual raid and I think I just realised I’ve done something like this before when I got my astral cloud serpent pet- I also had to just walk into a raid and fight this one boss in order to get the pet. I’ll try out the Ahn’Qiraj one first to see how it goes- I was able to buy two of the last RWL pets from the AH but the last two are 7k and 10k each which I don’t have right now so I’ll either try to get them through the raids or farm up the gold somehow.

It also does seem interesting to try to beat the celestial tournament which would be quite a feat. And thanks a bunch for writing up the levelling guide!

I’ll get this achievement in the end!!!

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It is MUCH better to earn it than be given it. :+1:

The Celestial Tournament is still the greatest experience in pets. It’s a lot simpler now than it was when it first appeared, because of all the the guides that have been written, and the many new pets that have seen power inflation since then. Still, it will take some time and effort, but if you are interested in pets at all, it’s fun and satisfying.

Yes, that is it exactly. :smiley:

BTW, what two pets are you now missing?

I’m missing the two ones you said would be hardest to collect- the Anubisath Idol and Viscidus Globule.

And yes I will be looking into it for sure, I’ve just recently learned the basics of pet battling at all in order to get all the cats that were strewn throughout the world, and even catching the sand kitten which was ~level 14 was a challenge to me, so I have a ways to go!

edit: I had one small question- I just killed Viscidus in the raid but he unfortunately didn’t drop the pet, when can I try again? It says my instance will reset in 3 days, 16 hours but that seems kinda rough??

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OK, finished the guide, here:

Raids reset once a week, on Wednesday mornings.

Do you have other characters you could repeat the raid on?

Are you just missing that one pet now?

Are you in the game now?

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Thanks so much for the writeup!! And yeah I somehow got the abunisath idol on the first boss kill but the globule just didnt drop. Thanks so much for lending me yours!

I used the garrison method to get my first pet to level 25 but I picked mr. Bigglesworth (because I was so excited to have him) and I think it might’ve been a bit of a mistake because now I’m struggling with how to get my other pets to 25 in order to maybe try the celestial tournament… I’m thinking the best move might be to buy another level 25 and then have those two level 25s in a team with the low level Idol in order to try to level it? (by battling the npc tamers)

if you do have the time at some point I would love to borrow your feline familiar to get me one step closer!

thanks so much again!

OK, I understand where you are at.

Your next step will be to develop your range a bit. You should take Mr Bigglesworth and start flying around Eastern Kingdoms and then Outland getting the and open as far as you can. EK should be easy with a 25, but I think the last battle in Outland, at least, will stop you.

I’ll put another guide together for your next steps and rummage in my attic for things to boost you a bit - not through the skies, but enough to get you moving - and I’ll be able to log in in 2 or 3 hours and I’ll meet you then. :slight_smile:

I even found one of your old posts about levelling pets! Thanks for the tips. I did do the first Eastern Kingdoms pet battle with my lvl 1 Anubisath Idol, my lvl 25 Mr. Bigglesworth and a random level 13 winterspring saber. I started out with the Idol and then swapped to Bigglesworth, who then died so I had to finish the battle with the saber- and only he got xp and my Idol didn’t get any at all! Can you tell me what I did wrong there?

Thank you!

Sorry rushed. Running between things now.

How did Mr Bigglesworth at level 25 die to Julia, who has only level 2 snakes?

Anyway, the technical answer is that a pet has to be in at the end of a round to get XP. That means that if you start with a pet you want to level, it has to hit once before you swap it out; you can’t just swap it out without doing anything.

If you being in your level pet DURING the fight, uisually as your second pet, and then immediately swap it out without hitting, it IS in as the last action of that round, and can get XP

It’s not a very intuitive rule.

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It’s okay, you have no obligation to answer immediately! I’m grateful for all the help. And I’m sorry I must’ve misread, I already finished taming eastern kingdoms and am now doing Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms and I started with Durin Darkhammer, so all the pets in that battle were level 17. I tried to make the Idol make a hit before swapping him out but he just got oneshot immediately in the first turn. I’ll try the thing where I bring him out in the middle, thanks a bunch!

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Don’t worry about levelling the Idol. I have a 25 I’ll trade you for your level 1 when we meet up.

P.S. I ahev a spare 25 Idol, Chrominius, and Teroclaw for you. Give me those three, and I’ll conquer the world. :slight_smile:

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I’m so excited!! My plan at first was to get to 18/20 cats and then just buy the last two one off the store for the achievement, but now I feel quite involved with the whole battle pets thing and I would like to actually try to complete the celestial tournament… they got me!!

Sorry, the whole afternoon got away from me. Are you still around?

Don’t worry! Yep, I’m in game rn if you’d like to meet

Very Brief instructions for how to use those three pets.


Priority 1: Use Deflection, but only when you expect to receive a big damage this round, either because you know what the tamer always does, or because he has just used a 2-round nuke like Lift-Off or Burrow so you know you are just about to get hit with the punch

Priority 2: Use Sandstorm whenever available

Priority 3: Use Crush.

So with the Idol you will usually start with Sandstorm, and keep using Crush untill it’s time to Sandstorm again, or unless you need to shield against a big hit.


You can use either Bite or Arcane Explosion in the first spot, but usually Bite unless it’s against a Flyer. You can use either Howl and Surge of Power in the other slots, or Ancient Blessing and Ravage.

If using Ancient Blessing and Ravage.
Priority 1: Use Ravage when it will kill the opposing pet
Priority 2: Use Ancient Blessing when you need a heal
Priority 3: Use Bite or Arcane Explosion most of the fight.

So that will be Bite mostly, AB when you need to heal. Ravage to kill the opponent.

If using Howl and Surge of Power, you just keep Biting until the opponent is under 1480 health (except Mechanicals). Then Howl + Surge will kill him. Since a lot of opponents are under 1480 health to start, that can make the fight very short!

Teroclaw Hatchling:

You can use either Claw or Alpha Strike in the first slot, depending what type of pet you’re facing. Claw against Critters or Dragonkin; Alpha Strike against Aquatics or Flyers,. Otherwise you can use either.

You can use either Nature’s Ward or Dodge in the second slot. Nature’s Ward is simpler for a beginner to work with, but Dodge is very powerful avoidance.

With Nature’s Ward, use it as your second move, and refresh it with the buff ends.
With Dodge, if you are faster, use it whenever available to dodge two of the opponent’s attacks.
Use Ravage when in range to kill the opponent.

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OK, I have an outline of your next steps here:

That took a while!

I need to add another detailing the list of pets to prioritise. I’ll get to that when my fingers can move again :stuck_out_tongue:

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