Horde Is not helping their faction

2 weeks ago, some smart dude decided to post about a new strategy for horde to fight alliance. They would spawn camp alliance in AV and make alliance players rotate when leaving.

Alliance premades do the same, couple of days after horde tears made the forum posts wet, daddy Blizzard came in to save you with a hotfix.

Now, horde is taking turtling to far.
I know that its not all horde, probably only 30-40% that is ruining for their faction.
Alliance is even letting horde pass and you still dont go for objective. Even though horde is loosing big time against alliance triangle meta.

You make alliance quit AV and by doing that increasing the time you have to stay in queue.

The worst thing I’ve ever seen, was 10 minute before server reset and alliance did not wanna loose honor from the match, alliance started ghosting and horde was litterally standing in frozen lake and spamming ”go to retail”.

Its hilarious. Alright, bb gonna join my instant av.


We just want to pvp


You just want to grief.


Sincerely I would prefer initial AV, the one that was actually at Vanilla, this is a excuse of a Battle ground.
Really hoping that Arathi basin is good.

If you go to retail and try AV its the same thing only the level and the skills change.

PS: Graphics also change :stuck_out_tongue:

alliance camp cave for fun, not because its good honor (its not, its absolute garbage honor)

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waiting 1 hour to grind down ally scum is totally worth it. Not if You are a ranker but otherwise its pure JOY


or more likely, waiting 1h to run into apes premade and lose in 6 mins

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on Monday and Tuesday ??

only noobs play on monday/tuesday. besides we are wednesday today.

And ?? Today is raid day anyway. Best fun is Monday tueseday when you farm ally nobos as You called them yourself

i mean sure, dodge the good players cuz you suck?

Yup and i still have fun. By raping people that sucke even more than ME

and i have fun raping you. that rly didn’t turn out good

There we go everyone has fun :smiley:

except the alliance playing on monday/tuesday

Yup one of mates that plays on dead server called dragonfang came to discord and jhes like… WTF is happened had 3 games where we started 12vs40 and we been farmed on GY’s and everywhere :smiley:

Having pve be a part of a battleground will always make the battleground bad.

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So many premade in Monday and Tuesday have ragequit the Battlegrounds. AFK in cave after they got wiped 2 time by our 15 Mages.

So far so good. Learn to play guyz.

the people premading on monday/tuesday are not rly premades. THey are garbage tier players barely better than bots.

Another cry thread about horde turtles, and that they wanna pvp, feel free to /afk out