How's this server?

Hello, I’ve never tried RP, not sure if I’d like that or not.

What I am looking for however is preferably more mature audience / nicer players / more relaxed atmosphere, but still being able to participate in low-mid level raiding / mythic+ and PvP activities.

Is this server good for that, or are majority of people just doing their RP thing and finding people to play anything else would be hard?


It’s an RP server, take a wild guess.


We love it and we hate it, and so will you.

preferably more mature audience / nicer players / more relaxed atmosphere

The average age for roleplayers is surprisingly high, and any guild worth its salt will differentiate clearly between IC and OOC (to avoid drama) as well as be a community for its members. On the Alliance, you will find more casual and mundane roleplay as well as house guilds and guard organizations. Horde, by nature, is more oriented toward military themes, and many guilds are focused on warriors and matters relating to war (such as spies) with casual breaks between events and campaigns.

low-mid level raiding / mythic+ and PvP activities

Argent Dawn is one of the most populated European servers, and not all of us are roleplayers. You will find plenty of people for raiding and PvP, very commonly even in RP-focused guilds. Be careful with joining PvE-only guilds, though, as they often have a reputation for griefing and otherwise disrespecting roleplayers, and being a member of one may leave a stain on your name.

I’ll give you some guild recommendations here; they’re all part of the same close-knit roleplaying community called the PCU. I see you’re posting on a Tauren and a warrior, so I’ll start with the grunts of Orgrimmar, the Hand of Conquest:

Welcome to Argent Dawn, friend!




While the guilds posted by Bloodshroud above are the only ones worth joining if military and mercenary RP is your thing, you should check out this next one if a life of fictional racketeering and brigandry is more your thing.


People still fall for this lie?

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We are always happy for more people to join in who wish to RP. Whether new, old or totally baffled.
But if you do not plan to RP at all I do question the decision of AD. What worries me there is you saying, “I do not know if I like that.” At least give it an earnest try and you will probably surprise yourself!

The idea the RP realms are a safe haven of sensible behaviour and kind words in a sea of hooting hollering PvE realms is incredibly overstated and if you only want PvE/PvP I would urge exploring other realm forums and getting a feel for atmosphere and attitude.
Because we do all of that stuff too but we are still one realm amongst many and it is appreciated if RP is ALSO done.

Hello there! If you want to try RP out, I advise flinging yourself in and checking out RP on the spot, this includes guilds. Don’t rely on their advertisement on the forums off the bat, you should see what kind of RP you personally enjoy first!

On the topic of casual-ish raiding, you can most certainly find raiding guilds that never aim higher than a casual approach to heroic versions of the raids. People love to meme that it’s an RP Server and ofc we don’t do content, and so forth, but there’s plenty of people doing both. It might only be tricky to be in an RP guild and a raiding one at once, but that might be something for you to figure out yourself, I’m afraid!

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Quite interesting to see friendly guild adversating being hidden.


I’d say the majority of people on AD don’t RP (anymore). It has become pretty quiet outside of guild roleplay even on alliance side.

But there’s lots of people doing actual content


haha no worries it was unhidden xD i guess someone accidentally falsely reported it about 7 times? haha their fingers must have slipped :slight_smile: and i’m sure it wasn’t some nefarious deed by the h8ers :sunglasses:


There is- alot- of roleplay going on, Alliance side included. I wouldn’t say it has decreased. It can probably look that way though due to the influx of OOCers on the realm, which is another reason that it’s generally a bad thing. To say that a majority of people doesn’t rp anymore though is something I’d consider hyperbolic and false.


I still feel like it has decreased, in Stormwind and BB as well. Compared to Legion especially. The amount of raiding guilds is increasing especially heroic/casual. And I see a lot of former RPers in them that I used to see in events years ago.

Might be subjective yes, but that’s how I feel.

Just hover over people’s names and look at how many have trp3. You’ll be surprised.

I was in Stormwind a couple of days ago and it was swarming with roleplayers in the usual places, and is most times I’m around there. The amount of raiding guilds increasing again is not so much because people aren’t roleplaying but due to again, influx of OOCers on the realm.

I do that alot when I do content the times I’m not rping. And yeah, I see alot of people with TRP’s. Doesn’t mean they aren’t roleplaying though. Plenty of them are in RP guilds.

There is also a surprisingly huge number of OOCer’s which get TRP3 to make memey “lol so funny” profiles, again showing the general hostility pure OOCers bring towards roleplay.


And people who quit roleplay and are socializing + raiding. It’s more than you think, but ok.

I won’t say that it never happens/doesn’t exist, but I’d say that it is entierly flat out false(not even subjective) to say that a majority of rpers have quit roleplay. That was my main issue with your first post. Rather than encourage roleplay and people participating in it, it felt more like an attempt to discourage with “lol no one even rps anymore” kind of attitude.

I also find it a little weird to categorise socialising as not a roleplay thing.

My statement was that the majority of players (in general) do not roleplay. I added the “anymore” to emphasize that some former RPers have quit, so I don’t have to mention it in a separate sentence :slight_smile:

Yeah and I disagree with that statement still as you claim, or atleast believe that a majority of roleplayers doesn’t rp anymore :slight_smile: My belief is that it is infact a minory of the roleplaying community which has quit roleplaying.

That’s true. The quitters are a minority, but AD is large enough that you see a lot of them in raiding guilds.
I think we agree with each other, but are misunderstanding each other.