Interesting post on the US forum

It’s a good read.


Nope its not.
WoW racials crap is not a sound difference only but vastly different functionality.


No need to make this thread about anything specific. It’s a good read, as simple as that. Whatever you think it can be applied to is up to you personally, no need to share it in the thread as an absolute.
This thread was just more to spread awareness that such a thing can happen.

As for racials specifically, I’ll stick by what I’ve always said:

It’s one of the very few things the game actually TELLS YOU ABOUT as you make a character. It literally tells you about them. So this is the best example you can find for “you knew what you were choosing” when you made an Alliance character. You made your bed. Now lie in it.

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racials :rofl:


No need to give your opinion on these forums mate just nod and agree with the forum overlord before he starts throwing his dictionary at you.


Lol. Why are you interested in this game at all when everything boils down to racials? Vanilla is pretty old now. Why complain about a 15 year old game? I see the same thing happened in the US thread. What is the purpose of it? A hope of Blizzard turning classic into a retail-like turd?

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lol so ideally everyone should pick horde and then game dies. good solution. at least means bliz dont have to do anything to fix their game.

If you are assuming that everyone who plays this game have the mindset of a cancerous min-maxer, then yes.

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Dude, racials were fine in 2005 with people being clueless and barely any1 minmaxed,
Look at community now. People are minmaxing, people are argueing wich class performs better in pve because one class is 8 agility higher than another LOL.

Due to severe amount of minmaxing and wildly spread game knowledge people know what they want, so most pvp oriented people want to squeeze everyting in their favor so they pick horde for obvious reasons.
That leads to skill imbalance - one faction becomes full of pvp oriented people, while such people are pretty scarce on the other side. That forces alliance to premade hard, because outside of premades u stuck with gamer dads and nelf priets who know sh!t.

Whatever, keep gathering likes from orks and undeads.
Sadly we can not tweak racials to make em WOTLK like to see how fast these “i do not play for racials but for looks” two faced scums gonna swap to alliance within an eyeblink.

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is this a response to me? i don’t understand what point you’re trying to make to be honest

Yeah it is not exactly good for the game that people are too focused on racials when making their character, i agree. But nothing should be done about it. And so i do not see why it becomes a topic of almost every thread.

Personally i actually prefer the troll racial over the undead one, but i dont like playing troll. As alliance i like humans and night elves.

Seriously it’s all about racials with you. Almost every post lol

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lol because people disagree with you on that? are you daft?

What you’re forgetting is the effect of socializing. People get better by learning, so with time then the “bad alliance players” would also get better. It’d go faster if they weren’t secluded into 2nd class citizenships though.

It really doesn’t, there’s no excuse for that. It’s just an exploit to bypass the game’s designed limitation.

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Pathetic excuses and pathetic they keep exploiting.


The daft ones are those who think it is a good idea for Blizzard to tamper with this game. It is not even worth discussing. Not only because Blizzard themselves have said it is a bad idea - The products they have released the past 10 years or so should be screaming the answers of why this is a bad idea into your ear by simply existing.

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Honestly, if you think Alliance is at a disadvantage in AV you’re so far off base that I don’t even recognize you as a human and I’m genuinely surprised that you’re able to breathe, let alone communicate.

I don’t think so. Not at all. Don’t even know how you’d reach that conclusion.

I’m just adapting to the reasoning to the ones who do think like that, instead of trying to argue about how wrong they are. Because that just devolves a topic entirely. It comes down to what’s more persuasive. This way works better.

I didn’t mean to single you out. I actually haven’t read what you’ve written.

Also, this is not the “Wolfenstein” effect. It’s not about the two factions being identical but having different sounds. This is about one faction being decimated for weeks on end by a massive premade forcing games open and rarely joining, making pugs start at extreme number disadvantages. AND the other faction being stomped by premades forcing them to defend to prolong games, which further damages the pugs by the simple fact that defending is overpowered. Even with these nerfed guards.

Oh, sorry. It showed up as a reply to me in the notification frame up to the right, so just assumed.