Kaivax - Can you manage this community please and take peoples opinions into account?!

Plenty of feedback given in these forums. Can you please pay attention to it?
No one has the ability to post in: FEEDBACK: Druid Class Changes As we weren’t lucky enough to get into the Alpha, However, this does not invalidate or negate our opinions & experiences through the current content and we’d like to vocalize them to some avail to make changes for the better moving forward.
I understand the forum is locked for persons whom have alpha access. But look at the amount of responses and feedback there, Its minimal; Unless i am missing something you’ve had 2 total replies From the same person. Please look elsewhere for feedback, like here, the druid class forums.

Thank you.


Agree , i wanna give feedback , hope they can give us alpha keys for more feedback


It probably sucks tho, that’s the feedback. I can also give a solution that WILL work: replace Ion Hazzikostas


Thank you for your attempt, Baghita. That was me, I’m the author of that the only post in Feedback. I’ve asked my guildee Хапец to send it and was hoping that someone will bring it to Devs, but looks like nobody reads EU part. That’s quite obvious that US-based developers do not care about players from other regions.

No reply from Kaivax, no changes in Guardians.

Seems druid class designer just does not play this spec and does not understand how terrible it looks now.
All Guardian changes in Shadowlands are just dull cosmetics. They will not do a positive change in bear utility, playability and tankability, comparing with all-beloved-brewmasters.
I watched Sco(everyone knows Sco. Methods.) He did a review of all tank specs on Alpha, he told a lot about monk tanks, about extra strong celestial brew ability, and he told just a couple of words about bear tanks. He did not see any strong points in bears on Alpha.

Me, as Guardian, need to manage rage for keeping Iron Fur up. Monks absolutely do not have resource management. Their resource just does not matter, they can’t run our of it and get punished for this mistake. They can just faceroll over the keyboard and successfully eat and absord tons of damage(celestial brew, yeeee!).


I don’t think that calling for someones replacement will solve the issue. We need to provide, ironically, feedback for the way feedback is…fed back… While i understand that its probably about getting the right voices through, ie those with alpha access who have the ability to do Alpha testing who will be able to give the most constructive feedback, but clearly those supposed to giving feedback are absent or are just not doing so as evident from the feedback/discussion post.

From there a second tier of feedback should be to fall back on, namely, from their own class forums. Now understandably this allows everyone and his dog to voice their opinions which can make it difficult to view or get points across, but this is currently not the case. People are posting feedback, ideas, experiences and overall feel for the class/spec they’ve played throughout different expansions. Forum feedback posts have been clear and concise in there approach and generally seem to all come to around about the same conciseness, Buff Bleeds, Give us utility, Clean up the Talent options (Ie replace or make ‘dead talent’s competitive’). Do a deeper dive into the forums for some additional ideas; Treeants, improved shred, improved BrS, Return of the mangle, these are all ideas from within the forum which aren’t too hard to implement.

In short; Feedback is out there you just gotta know where to look.

My hero! I too used to play Guardian back in legion and as far back as tanking Illidan in TBC. Absolute shame that the feedback is in its current state. Bears have no magic defense at all for one! RoTS was a great bit of toolkit for mitigating that or mark of ursol, but that’s not been re-added. I understand where you’re coming from, Bears used to have huge healthpools and high armor to absorb massive hits. Now we’re on par with warriors health with less defense and quite frankly, less offense.

I can give an answer, why this is happening. Very simple answer. Alpha has been shared to streamers. In my guild only 2 guys get Alpha, and they are streamers. This is not an Alpha-testing, this is Alpha-PROMOTION.

I watched several class reviews from a couple of ‘Big’ streamers, very often it happens, that they just don’t know class/spec and talking absolute trash from screen.
I’m not praying for Sco, but among all ‘streamers’ only Sco(right now, on the Alpha) has a great experience as a player and as a tank. Due to specifics of his ‘profession’(leader of top-lvl guild) he must know everything about tanks in every new patch.


And that’s part and parcel why bad classes stay bad. No one or less people play ‘bad’ classes, therefore the overall number of people to give constructive feedback is far lower than that of frequently played classes. Which is why you see Guardian Druids and Feral druids progressively get worse with less attention given to them throughout the expansions because less and less people play them until it gets to a point where drastic changes are needed - Like the feral ‘rework’ midway through BFA. Some changes were for the better, others were not. Primal wrath - Brilliant idea, Garbage execution (imo because it doesn’t help entry level ferals). then comes unnecessary changes - Sound effects - No one asked for, nor wanted this change and why did it happen? Because Blizzard’s method for Gathering feedback is so out of touch.

I get that its an alpha-promotion, but the product that you’re promoting needs to be good and cater for your audience. The new world is great, but when it takes double the time to level up compared to all other classes something is fundamentally wrong with the class mechanics and design (Personal experience with BFA). Additionally when you have all these kind people taking time out of their lives to give feedback based on experiences and knowledge they have it’d be wise to take their voices into account. Especially when part of your motto is: “Every Voice Matters




i just feel like EU does not have one


I was curious…

So, they actually DO HAVE a feedback and active discussion with Devs. But on US:

As I told, they just don’t care about non-US based players.


its just sad cause there are alot of good EU players that have good feedback but then agian why have a community mannager on EU when they dont even need one since they dont read anything


Double neglected: Neglected forums and neglected spec xD

I’m aware of the US forums, just unable to post on it makes me sad. only hope is that there’s other ferals in the US who will give the right feedback.


There is some feedback on Feral in the US forum, the thread compiled by some people from Dreamgrove Discord is here:

While we can’t post in the US forum, we can like posts. So please like the **** out of the good posts in this thread :slight_smile:

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My feedback aswell for feral , i need someone to comment to keep the thread alive, its probably the most viewed feral thread on EU


…also don’t forget the feedback thread in the Shadowland Alpa Discussion.


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Ok, I’m still trying to do things better. I’ve registered a trial US account, submitted a ticket to GM and asked to send our feedbacks to Devs. They refused(expectedly) and as always gave an advise to create a post on forum or use in-game feedback form.

So I’m going to log on US every day and send links with our thoughts and concerns through in-game feedback.
1 Message for bears, 1 message for cats.

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Sounds like a solid plan. Have a clear and concise point of feedback.

Bingo. :partying_face::innocent:

Like dhs in 8.x?

We need more druid feedback and there are not that much. This will end really bad for us in shadowlands. I wish i can try my guardian on alpha for more feedback.

While I agree that more feedback through various channels is always good, there is already plenty. Youtube videos, a recent thread on Wowhead, multiple threads in both the US and EU forum, posts in Ion’s (?) or some other dev’s twitter feed and a while ago a google drive document with a list of issues. So Blizzard is aware of what players think - if they don’t address issues around Feral/Guardian then it is because they don’t want to or consider them irrelevant.