Looking for DH RP

Are there any active Demon Hunter RP guilds active on AD? Preferably one that doesn’t just consist of sitting in The Blue Recluse or wandering the streets of Stormwind looking for RP.


We are looking for DH’s but if they are illidaris I doubt they would fit our theme unless they have a bigger pursue of power/felsworn route/want to do evil rp or criminal rp.

Veiled Glaive are good folks, but I think they MAY be on campaign atm.


I know that the Highblood Myrmidons and the Red Venturers take Demon Hunters
The same goes for the Dirge of Teldrassil and (probably) the Sunnyglade Ratters.

i regret to inform you that the ratters already have their max capacity of 1x token night elf right now

as for OP I highly doubt there are pure DH guilds active these days

You are looking for demon hunters huh?


Of course not, there’s not a pure DH guild as far as I know

Not a lot that I can think of, but I’d heartily suggest that you reach out to the one I can think of: The Veiled Glaive. Though they do bring along other adventurers, their core seems to be very Demon Hunter oriented.


Their page does mention they aren’t recruiting, but in fairness I’d not be surprised if their AA page isn’t entirely up to date.

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Yes, demon hunters are fine as long as they want to start a new path or are felsworn. Now Illidaris… that its another thing… which kept in the dark they could work for a long build up of corruption but yeah.

And regardless we do HEAVY demon rp , fel rp, it is after all the point of our guild.

I would recommend the Veiled Glaive, a lovely bunch!


Need to find heavy fel look then.

I think the Veiled Glaive, an illidari DH guild, is very much alive and running. I’ve only had good experiences with them!


Best place to look for alliance side is:

[A-RP] Night Elf Roleplay - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Veiled Glaive (presume you guys are heavily active still?) and Glaivewings accept Illidari, I believe several others do too.


The Veiled Glaive is fairly active afaik. By all accounts they’re a solid lot.


Veiled Glaive GM here, we’re a primarily illidari DH guild, though you know that from the lovely people who’ve recommended us already (huge ty for that guys)
currently we’re between campaigns, taking a break before we begin our next adventure, and while the AA -was- accurate that I wasnt planning on recruiting further, I’m always willing to make an exception for dedicated DH rpers <3
drop me a /w, an argent archives message or a discord dm (Asme#6666) and we can chat about it


The Veiled Glaive is very active and literally the best DH guild of the whole universe. Lovely people and lots of DH nerds.


Thank you, I’ll be in touch!

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