Monday's Honor?

Roughly 15k honor missing from last week, looks like honor obtained on monday wasn’t added. 45k honor estimated with diminishing returns taken into account became 29k honor. This better be fixed or there’s no way we can trust that the time and effort put into honorfarming won’t just randomly go to waste

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i also lost 1-2 brackets because of this. i only played mo/tue serious last week. i really hope they recalculate. over 12 hours grinding for nothing

im still missing 25k from monday and im afraid to lose more honor this week

Same on Firemaw [EU-PVP] - would be great if a fix could be applied like previous, so only those with too low rank points get adjusted.

Same for me, No honour update for Monday, lost around 14k…

That’s exactly right.

We’ve found a process bug that caused a window of time where Honor appeared to go uncounted, and we’re repairing the missing honor. After the repair:
• If you got fewer rank points than you should have, we’ll increase your amount up to where you should be.
• If you got more than you should have, we won’t change your amount.

And of course, we’re working to fix the bug.


hmm 10char

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so we get the Honor back that we are missing from Monday Tuesday? and whats with the lost Honor of this morning?

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When do you expect that the honor and RP miscalculations to be fixed?

thx pls fix my honor thx friends
my honor for wednesday today îs unnotice aswell monday and idk

Monday 50% less honor than I should get and no honor for Tuesday at all. All in all 22k honor less, TYVM.

Blizzard silence is what’s the most disturbing thing here though…

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I have a ticket open whit this char since this morning. Im missing 55k-60k from the farm in AV i havr done since this morning. Third time im missing honor and second time that i have to beg trough ticket to hipe for a fix. Isnt this getting out of hand?


im missing my honor from monday where i went ham. and this morning grind when av released -_-

Did they said something about this “new” honor issue?

Ive seen MANY reports of this, both on wow forums and reddit. Seems very widespread

It’s not only that it seems to be uncounted, on tuesday we got DR on kills from monday.

I seem to have gotten some sort of rank adjustment, only about 50% of it tho.

I missed out on mondays and tuesdays honor, the amount of kills are wrong also. If it was just a display issue that’s fine, but according to honorspy calculations I got the exact % towards next rank as if I mondays/tuesdays honor wasn’t calculated. Is the rank progress bar also part of the display bug?

It’s also not working for wendesdays kills, spent 6+ hours in AV and got 228 honor.

I am missing monday anf tuesdays honor as well. It is not the fact that this is still broken thwt makes me mad. It is the falls promisses that it was fixed that anger me. I am no hardcore ranker, but the ones thst invest alot of time are the ones getting screwed the most.

How do I know if I got more or less ranking points without an addon?

To put this into perspective, I for example have limited time to play the game, and I compete with others who have less limited time to play the game.

On monday I had the rare opportunity to play for 8 hours and obtain what I estimate to be around 15 - 20k honor points (Based on addons). Loosing this honor means that I have not managed to rank up.

The result of which is a big let down and also an indirect robbery of my time and effort, like it is with many others. Even if this was a global thing and everyone was affected equally, it still means that the people with less limited time has gained an advantage, because they are less affected by loosing one day than me for example, having only had that one day where I really had time to play.

I imagine that this cannot be resolved easily, since the weekly update has already occoured, and given the current honor inflation since the introduction of Alterac Valley, it would be suboptimal to refund the honor, because it’s value has dropped maybe 10 times.

The best solution would be to recalculate the week in question based on the missing honor, assuming that the data from that day still exists. However I find it highly improbable that such a solution would be made by Blizzard, which leads me to my conclusion:

I’m very dissapointed, and I feel a tremendous let down by Blizzard, not only for the lack of transparency on the issue, but also for the extremely long waiting time when submitting a ticket in this regard (2 days). I fear that this is just one of those situations where it’s futile to even bring up, and the best thing we can do is to accept that we literally wasted our time and move on.

What do you think Blizzard should do?