My first PvP video. Enjoy :)

Yo brothers,

I like oldschool PvP videos like Pat, Dugi, Mayday, Vurtne, Drakedog and many more. I finally managed to make my own PvP video and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I’m not sure how sharing a YouTube link works here but please, if you are intrested in the video type on Youtube:

Deserteagle - [Classic Hunter PvP]

Peace! <3

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Linking is easy, paste your link and put ` on either side of it. That’s the top left of the keyboard. But don’t bother if it’s the same as millions of others on there.

Edit: Just looked and I can’t find it.

But let me guess, you running around killing people to metal music.

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Someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning.


Are you saying we need another one that’s exactly the same to add to the millions already on there?

I would say what it’s like but I can’t find it.

Also I didn’t think that trademarks were allowed to be used as names.

Sorry guys, I’m having issues with YouTube. It’s stuck at 0% processing…

I’ll try and fix this and as soon as it’s uploaded I will let you know.

I didn’t think Dottie slept? :rofl: Always on these forums and most posts are meaningful and true :slightly_smiling_face:

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If that’s what he enjoys doing then why does it bother you? Don’t watch it if you don’t wanna watch it.


Check it out ‘

I get

Video unavailable
This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

I’m in the UK. The error SME is “Small and medium-sized enterprises” I think.

He doens’t work :s

Thanks Deserteagle!

Unfortunately it looks like your video was taken down. You might have more luck making it available if you change the music. Try searching “royalty free music.” Looking forward to seeing it!


Looking forward to a blue post on this thread!


Maydie not Mayday!

Once again, my sincere apologies for the issues with the video. It was one song and I changed it.

Here is the link:

Peace <3

./spit on people that are afk and get killed by you. always classy

That was anything but enjoyful.

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Can you maybe do your job and reply to more important matters, like a completely fkd server called Firemaw, instead of replying to a scuffed PVP Video. Thanks.

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Nice to see blizzard got time to answer broken PvP videos. When the real issue is the worldwide crisis. But your silent as fk on server issues and people locked in quarantine that wants to get by with playing your game… Oke thanks.

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It’s not the blues job to reply on the forum, they simply comment from time to time and check that everything is okey.

If you want Blizzard to reply go twitter.

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To be fair. World pvp is the most important thing in Classic.

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