Orc passive is gamebreaking, change it in the future

This thread is pointless, since you assume Classic + will be a thing, when it will not be a thing because we have no source that say it will be, and more source that say they work on Burning Crusade.

The future is Burning Crusade and Wrath Of The Lich King, and developers already worked on racial nerf on theses expansions. Why they would reinvent the wheel ? Why they would reinvent something they have done ? There’s no need to “evolve” Vanilla since it’s a game that is not here to belongs forever, and the success of Vanilla is part of the pure lack of balance between each race and class. Change the meta game or whatever and you end with a new game, and I doubt it’s the project of Blizzard.

Rogues are already pretty broken in classic anyway.

Tons of garbage in classic. For example engineering trinket that gives 5 second reflect of shadow damage. Why is that even a thing? Rogues stunlocking someone and killing someone 100-0 without the other person even having control over his character. Mages just being mages and destroying everything solo due to their extremely long duration roots + counterspell + 15 second blink timer + barriers + immunity / dot removal.

Can counter this thread by complaining about a rogue’s ability to stunlock me from 100-0 uncontested, and this is coming from someone who played an alliance Rogue in a top guild back in vanilla.

Warlock trinket doesn’t include stuns, so without the potential for a stun resist I’m buggered unless I can FAP before I even know you’re there, whereas the Rogue trinket does include fears.

I know the racial is strong, and I knew how annoying rogues and/or engineering would be (having played a rogue with engineering back in the day) so it was a conscious choice to get that minor edge against stun procs/classes over wotf (I’d already made the choice to play Horde having only ever played Alliance chars in the past). That being said, this is classic - warts and all, I don’t expect changes (even if your ideas aren’t terrible)

In terms of being selfish - I’m sorry but your post comes across as “I want to stunlock someone and 30% of the time I can’t”


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fear is a casted ability KEKW it can be interrupted, not the same as a stun.

I chose orc warlock BECAUSE there isn’t a 25% chance to resist fear racial on Alliance, choosing not to play meatfodder faction was a wise choice and a calculated one. And now you whine at me because you choose to play the faction that has no PvP advantage.

Why should I care? KEKW

Say money isn’t a concern, you have the choice between driving a Toyota Corolla and a Ferrari and you for whatever reason choose the Toyota and then complain on forums why is the Toyota slower than the Ferrari, Ferrari should be nerfed or the Toyota should be made faster. Both brands exist for their own reasons, maybe the Toyota saves more fuel but sacrifices velocity and acceleration. It’s a situational thing, and one thing will always be better than the other in specific situations. Just so happens that the 25% orc stun resist racial was OP and it was nerfed later in TBC to 15% because Toyota Corolla drivers felt left behind in the dust.

rogue TEAR’s ?? SOOOO JUICY can we have more ??

Same trinket is for frost damage. And by the way all rogs and warriors can buy free action pots on AH and the fact that this potion isnt bound to alchemy is broken more than anything else because it completely deletes the biggest weakness of those classes - that they are easily slowed or rooted.

I will directly say what needs to be said and leave it at that, OP. You don’t seem to understand what people are telling you here.

  • Yes, orc racial is imbalanced and way too strong in a certain scenario where the orc player is fighting an enemy with dependence on stuns.
  • Yes, it is OP and it is not fair.
  • It is not the only OP or imbalanced thing in the game. This is classic, it is extremely imbalanced in many ways. I rolled a mage instead of warlock on the alliance side even though I wanted to roll a warlock. The only reason is the other insane racial called WotF.
  • These two racials are extremely OP for certain PvP scenarios. So is your sword/mace specialization though for PvE. As a human rogue, you do 10% more dps than any other race rogue in the game due to your own broken and imbalanced racial.
  • So, it is a trade-off. Your race is better in PvE and you do more damage by default in raids. Their race is better in PvP and they will wipe the ground with your derpy face if you try to stunlock them instead of finding new strategies.

Being better in pve in a game where all raids are cleared by pugs is hardly a trade-off. Cant compare pve to pvp where you fight other people.

Molten Core & Onyxia aren’t all raids Classic has to offer, just wait til Naxx is out then u can all laugh at how easy the PvE content in this game is, of course since you’re all pro WoW players and can do Headless Horseman fite in your sleep

PvE isn’t only about clearing raids, but how fast you clear it too. I know so many players who try to minmax everything and go for speed clears of 20-30 minutes and keep it above everything else in classic. I know so many players who try to be on the first page of warcraftlogs dps parses and spent a couple hundred golds every other day.

You may not find it important but a lot of people do. And you knew before classic launched that there is an imbalance of racials. You have chosen to roll a human and take that risk.

Hm, I tried to say that you cant compare racials in pvp and pve because its like a completely different game lol.

And idk why are you talking about my human choice, I knew what I was doing. The point of my post was that you are comparing 2 different parts of the game. Maybe he doesnt play pve at all.

This is Classic, we want to keep things as they were. If you want a warped version of the game there’s always retail.

rogue stunlock/cooldowns are insanely gamebreaking. if horde has one race that balances the scale its not a problem.

Playing rogue on Alliance PvP is broken. First you have 25% passive stun resist on Orcs, then you have absolutely ludicrous reflected damage through Shadowguard and Lightning Shield…like 300 reflected damage.

There is literally not a class/combo that a Horde rogue wouldn’t try against, but as an Alliance rogue you’d need to be nuts to even consider attacking any Orc, any Shaman or a Troll Priest (this one is especially broken).

If you’re playing Alliance just do it right and roll a mage…maybe a lock.

Right, how does this fix the “problem” for Alliance players?

Alternative idea: no changes.

because we all know that now (and have been knowing since vanilla) and why wouldn’t they change the game to the better?

Nerf this, buff that…

What can’t you people understand in #NoChanges ?

If you don’t like Classic as it is, go play another game.

Blizzard already tryed to “fix” WoW, so go play the “fixed” version called Retail WoW, then!

People like you made it into what it is, so how come it’s dead?

This one time, at band camp, I resisted 1 charge, 1 intercept and 1 cheap shot while being mounted. I could taste the frustration.

Blizz made it so because it makes sense! Orcs are race that is more hard to stun cuz of their strenght, rage and endurance. Stop crying and think up better strategy against orcs ,than just stun lock them and feel good because you didnt let them control their character for even one second.
Why everyone cannot just play the game (and dont like some parts of it), but needa to cry on forum and tell Blizzard to change something because he doesnt like it. Do you really think they will change something because few guys are complaining on forum? No, if you dont like it, dont play it or get over it!
Imagine…Quake 3 Arena and few guys are complaining about the game it is too fast for them and they should make it slower…like wtf?