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Welcome to the Roof of the World! Too cold? Not for us!

Be a mountaineer - the peak of your career!

Protect the Horde’s lumber and mining operations in Northrend!

Escape the heat of Orgrimmar and travel to the refreshing north!

Clear sky, clear air - Northrend awaits YOU!

Ain’t no mountain high enough! Join the mountaineers today!

The Ninth Northrend Mountain Division is recruiting able-bodied soldiers, disenfranchised workers or prisoners sent into forced labor, to secure and protect Horde interests, primarily in Northrend. First established during the War against the Lich King as part of the Horde Expedition. the mountaineers had become known as The Ashen Ghosts due to their white and black colors and their habit of burning the corpses of fallen soldiers for fuel. With its forces drained by subsequent wars, the division seeks to bolster its ranks once more under the new Horde leadership.

While we consider any characters with a background that fits the theme, we do have a soft spot for races such as Frostwolf Orcs, Highmountain Taurens, Forsaken, Taunka, or even some Pandarens of Kun-Lai. If you can brave the cold, then maybe mountaineering is your path in life.

And to help you face the freezing temperatures you will need suitable clothes and armor. We don’t have a uniform per say, just a cozy tabard over your appropriate winter transmog (sorry Demon Hunters, dashing around in your bare chest just won’t do it here).

The division is based at Conquest Hold where we train and from where we direct our operations. Outside standard military exercises, activities such as hiking, climbing, foraging and hunting are also a big part of a mountaineer’s training.

If this interests you then dm Rainwatcher or Spearhorn.


Conquest Hold is looking for you help, so sign up today!


My small interaction with Spearhorn and Cyhiraeth today was a nice surprise. Cheers!


While on a regular night patrol around Conquest Hold, the Commander of the Ninth came across a Blackrock Orc fleeing from Zul’Drak. After questioning this troubled individual, reports have been written to high command and the Orc sent back to Orgrimmar.

Danger lurks at every corner in Northrend! Join the mountaineers and help the Horde today!

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Hardly joined up, and already thrust into adventure. I should ask for hazard pay. And a personal cook!
Vanguard Spearhorn got poisoned today by some crazy merchant elf in Orgrimmar, the poor old bull. And one of our newest recruits got banged up as well.
Can’t get out of that dusty place quick enough - off to Northrend!

In fact, you should all get out of crazy town and join the Mountaineers up north! (And demand hazard pay!)


Good to sew fellow… Snowmen! :snowman:


Boy oh boy, this place sure doesn’t get boring!

First, we got attacked by one of Sylvannas’ loyalists on a patrol mission, then an entire squad of them tried to claim Conquest Hold! Several of our members were injured in the fighting, but we eventually drove them back.
Did I mention the damn watchtower nearly came down on me when the loyalists bombarded it with their siege weapons?! And I’m still not receiving hazard pay!

The 19th Forsaken Expeditionary Battalion was also there, protecting the eastern part of our base (to my understanding).
At the very least, they found the mines, the loyalists had been scattering around the place.

And we’ll be setting out on a new adventure over the weekend!

The Ninth Northrend Mountain Division may still be small in numbers, but we sure do see some action!
If you’re looking for adventure in the frozen north, too, join up!


Truly a grizzly weekend has been had for the Ninth Mountain Division, but it was a fun one all the same. Things are moving along nicely.

Northrend is still as epic a place for roleplaying in as I remember.


While some only travel to Northrend for feasts and competition at the roof of the world, we live in these frozen lands, we breath in the cold air, we tame these savage lands. All in the name of the Horde!

We now find ourselves returning to Conquest Hold from one of these so popular tournaments held up north. But all the food, all the drinks, all the entertainment, might soon become a distant memory, for danger draws ever closer to our walls…

The mountaineers want YOU! The Horde wants YOU! The cold… it wants you too. Face it, brave it, conquer it!


I am hereby campaigning for funds, to get a door for the Commander’s office in Conquest Hold!
Alternatively I’d accept a raise for stair-guarding-hazards to mental health.

With everyone piling into the Hold for the Cold Front campaign, the few Ashen Ghosts stationed there sure got their hands full.

Never a dull day for the Mountaineers!


The Ashen Ghosts have put on a jolly good show so far in the Cold Front campaign! We’ve already driven the Commander into a fit of rage with infighting, hooray!



The week-long struggle between the Horde, the Alliance, the Banshee’s Loyalists and the Ebon Blade, has finaly come to a bitter end. The lush forests of Grizzly Hills remain scarred, the bridges broken, the lumber camps in almost ruin.

While the bulk of the Horde forces are pulling back, the Ninth remains at Conquest Hold, recovering and preparing for their next operations.

Join the mountaineers today and help us rebuilt and protect what’s been lost!


Hey, but we claimed back the ruins, right!?

These lot have been an absolute JOY to RP with. Many tables have been flipped, vocal chords strained and by the end of it all Commander Rainwatcher was found sitting on the floor of the war room looking like she was about to go insane. Hope to RP with you folks again soon!


I’ll bill you the repair costs at Bilgewater Harbor :money_with_wings:


Horde mountaineers? Broke. Dwarven? Woke…

Despite their obvious inferiority, these guys are very cool… could be a bit shorter and less green (I look at Pekun). All jokes aside JOIN THE ASHEN GHOSTS NOW.

They’re a beacon in the darkness that is the AD RP scene.



After a week of marching through the snow, finding shelter during an unforgiving blizzard and facing some frightening monster whispering about the coming of the end, the Ninth has finally managed to reach K3.

In exchange for the delivery of much needed weather reading devices in such a timely manner, some of the goblins stationed at K3 have agreed to lend their aid and give a hand towards the rebuilding of the blown up oil rig at Blue Sky Logging Grounds.

What challenges await the brave soldiers of the Horde in this Light forsakened land? Only one way to find out! Sign up today!


A Dreadful Deployment

Having received a summons from Horde command, Cyhiraeth lead the Mountaineers into battle in the Plaguelands. A dark cult had begun raising nefarious undead, threatening to safety of Quel’thalas and the Horde.

Having arrived arrived after a small spot of trouble, the Mountaineers fought valiantly alongside other Horde units, such as the Frozen Paw and Division Twenty Three! Endless sloughs of the undead fell in battle against the mountaineers.

Getting a break from the frigid cold of Northrend was nice, but spending the time fighting zombies in a filthy warzone was probably worse!



With the help of the goblins sent from K3, the oil rig at Blue Sky Logging Grounds has been repaired and is once again ready to provide fuel for the Horde forces in the region. Grunts remain posted there as the goblins pack up their machines and tool, returning north.

With many bridges rebuilt and the oil rig up and running again, the Ninth begins turning their attention south, to one of the few ports in the area, the Venture Bay. The tensions between them and the Venture Company has been growing for months mostly over docking rights.

All as a chilly, unseen shadow crawls over the lands at the roof of the world, sending many Taunka druids and shamans into shock and confusion.


Today Venture Bay was struck by tragedy, when an Alliance merchant ship, that was carrying supplies for Amberpine Lodge, sunk a few hours after docking, due to an explosion below deck.

Most of the crew was killed, as well as some Venture Company workers. The few humans, who survived the blast and following fire, are now blaming the Venture Company for negligence.