[PCU] [H-Guild] Red Venturers: The Call to Redventure! 🌄

This update is coming a little late, but let’s get to it, eh?

The Red Venturers were pleased to finally be rid of a longtime enemy.

The satyr Maravix; had, through many grueling years, created a strain of string-like fungus that caused a violent flu-like illness if consumed, which could eventually prove fatal.
In Spring the Red Venturers prevented her using this fungus to poison the waters just by Karnum’s Glade.
In Summer when they returned to Desolace to find and capture a notorious hyena clan matron… a vengeful and humiliated Maravix struck again.
In Autumn they returned to Desolace again; better prepared and ready to finally be rid of this annoyance once and for all.

Still, her mycelium was of interest to Venoma who made sure to keep some for her own alchemical research.

You might have, in Orgrimmar, seen the rather odd Highmountain known as Utoobu. A member of the Prepfoot tribe; he has been embarrassing himself with his continued insistence that Deathwing will come back for round two.
We can assure you that the Red Venturers are doing their best to break the brainwashing afflicting this poor wretched man; and when that is done they will break his wills, and when THAT is done they might break his legs.
Patience, Orgrimmar.


Pretty cool guild ran by cool people!


10/10 Guild. Friendly members, and lovely leadership. Would join again.


Please don’t break my legs.

Also we’re in the Guild finder thing! Rejoice!


The ‘office’ of the Red Venturers is as unassuming as the company that has laid claim to it. It sits around from the stairs leading in to the impressive Orgrimmar barracks, a little mesa impeded on by cacti and red dust that proves far less impressive than the domineering structure that throws it in endless shadow.
“Open-air” is one way to describe it, though perhaps “outside” is more apt.

Despite its slap-dash appearance, for it truly was decorated with cushions, crates and a noticeboard in all of a half hour (if that), there’s an eccentric charm to this strange garden.

Much like the Red Venturers themselves.

It is not in this spot that Watrus receives a letter, but it is from this spot it was written;

The Centurion of the Saurfang Legion is dead. Assassinated by one assumed trustworthy. I watched this happen.
The former Stone Guard of the Thirteenth made the shot. You might have been impressed; it was swift and unhesitant; he was dead before the echo of gunfire had left the valley.
No doubt this goblin ‘Toq’ was protecting many others. The Centurion was preparing to rattle off a list of traitors and loyalists. It wouldn’t have mattered had he managed to, he would not have given location, and if he had, they’d have been sought out by many others, with resources and connections to reach them before we could.

The Centurion believed in the Horde, and in its future. As do I, as do you.
I realise you are still consumed with anger and fear. You must cease to dwell on the events of the rebellion, and we must similarly also continue to believe in the Dark Lady. I do not believe she has yet abandoned us fully.

Think on this.

Zsiamette Desrosier.
For our greatest Warchief; then, now.

The letter is not responded to.


Watrus was still… well, one does not like to say ‘missing’, but it certainly seemed that ‘not around’ no longer suited the situation.
So when the Red Venturers received the call to head on to Hammerfall, to aid the Horde forces from threats from both the Dark Lady’s most loyal and the Alliance’s most vengeance-fueled, it fell to Vallerianne Sykethen (known as ‘Venoma’ to both friend and enemy) to act as command of this batch of strange mercenaries. She wasn’t worried. What could there be to even be worried about?
Certainly there could not be any within her own ranks with loyalties that would be elsewhere.

With two brilliant hubs opening up, Red Venturers will be out of Orgrimmar and doing more of our social hub-style RP in, primarily, Hammerfall. There will be clashes with the Loyalist group, and perhaps there are some underhanded members of the RV who never quite stopped believing in Sylvanas Windrunner themselves.
If you wanted a chance to explore the Horde-loyal/Sylvanas-loyal split, and didn’t feel you had much opportunity, why not do so with us in RV and with the PCU? 8.2.5 didn’t spell the end of that chapter, after all!


Just a reminder to all that this awesome guild exists and you should be joining it ahead of 8.3 and all the new shenanigans!


Best horde mercenaries


Can confirm that the Red Venturers are quality head-bashers you can rely on. Should totally join up if you’re looking for real adventures with a killer gaggle of characters.


god i love them

i love them so much

i love the red venturers


The Red Venturers will soon be joining members of the Hand of Conquest in the Twilight Highlands, then on to Northrend as they continue to seek out foul loyalists! How the tables turned, but we’ll not think about that too much.

But first, they need to finish the investigation of bizarre void rituals amongst the ogres of Arathi Highlands. Personally, I blame void elves.
There’s also the Phoenix Ball, on Friday! Meet some of our Blood Elf characters (we have lots of those. Horde RPers love their belves, and we’re no exception.)

With 8.3 looming even closer, it’s also probably time to set it in stone, that the Red Venturers will be accepting Vulpera! As a multi-race merc guild, it stands to reason.
So, if you like foxes, the void, pretending to not actually love Sylvanas even though you totally actually do, and passable comedy… well, the Red Venturers are waiting for you.


A welcome to our newest recruits during our stay at Arathi - Luther Uhlmer the practically skeletal stylish assassin, Xueyan The Wanderer (subtle code for “I get lost a lot please return to RV if found”), Ren-yai the goat riding, turnip-loving White Tiger disciple, and Pebbly the wheelin’ deelin’ goblin insurer.

Who wouldn’t want to hire these consummate professionals?

We’ll be moving out with our good friends Hand of Conquest as of today, making trails towards Twilight Highlands. If you’re on that lonesome road, stop and say hi!

Finally, yes we have no intentions to slow down our recruitment, and we will be accepting any and all desert foxes out there looking for a home for mobile misfits.


After a harrowing week in the Twilight Highlands, in the company of the Hand of Conquest; in which a growing presence of the Twilight Cult was challenged and put down… the Red Venturers found themselves in the middle of the ocean, on a boat, with not only the aforementioned Thirteenth, but the Painted Shields and the Highblood Myrmidons, too.

To Northrend. To face former friends and allies. Now enemies.
Even still, as the waves rock the ship, as stars shine overhead… some members of the Red Venturers question whether there is still hope for some of those that felt abandoned and overlooked by a Horde that turned on its last Warchief… or would tomorrow only be undeniable tragedy.


I knew these guys were cool OOC from interactions with them since they joined PCU.

But now having joined them on my vulpera IC aswell they’re cool again.

The full package deal? Insane, I know, but it’s true.


This sounds excellent, the OOC description could have been tailor-made for me. Is it alright to ‘happen across’ the Red Venturers IC sometime?


Feel free to approach anyone if they happen to be in Orgrimmar or when out in the world on an adventure :slight_smile:


We’ve legitimately recruited IC based on characters stumbling across them while out in the world, getting roped into some bonkers shenanigan, and then being offered a tabard and pin because they survived.
So, yes, happening across is more likely than meeting them in the city! But, of course, we do that too.


Thanks guys, looking forward to it.

We’re back in Orgrimmar licking some wounds after a pretty sound thrashing some of us received. Keeping up with those military types in HoC is exhausting!

We’ll also be saying “hi” to the Vulpera on Thursday, who seem to have overtaken Orgrimmar so maybe we’ll see you there? Or not. Who knows!


Get with the times, old merc