[PCU][Black Market RP] Far Delvers (Disbanded)

Members of the Delvers family may appear as nothing but simple traders and taverners, honourable businessmen even, they operate a Neutral Tavern in Tol Barad but it is clear there is something else to them, fearful whispers say they lurk in the shadows with unclear motives, what are they after? Who do they serve? And where are they getting those fabulous costumes… all of this unfounded rumours, foolish whispers, “they may be thieves, assassins!” all are wrong, we are so much more.
Come, we will show you.

Good day.

The Far Delver’s concept is very simple, on the outside it looks like we only run a Tavern, but in secret it was created to be the most versatile branch of the Black Market Auction House, one capable of acquiring, transporting, distributing and securing goods for the Market, treasure hunting tombs, temples and any kind of locations that others would not dare to delve into, expanding trade business with other organizations and the elimination of harmful individuals or groups to the Black Market, with the most silent, discreet, effective and quickest methods possible, with some possible conflicts in this tasks.

OOC our main inspiration comes from Madam Goya’s BM Auction House, the Jade Lotus from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Hearthstone Expansion and the old piracy groups of South East Asia, as opposed to the more western version of this kind of groups, we aim for that shady “Pandaren” aesthetic, we don’t really have a “uniform” but it’s very important to represent this idea at least when you are in “service.”

Our events, apart from the Neutral Tavern on Saturdays and a new shop we will open soon aims to include your usual DMed events, RP-PVP, Emote battles and possibly business negotiations with other guilds.

As a Delver, you are expected to have a doubtless loyalty, secrecy and protect your fellow delvers, but you can also operate as a Free Agent as long as you don’t threaten the business, our Humble Tavern can always use an extra hand.

As for recruitment, we believe every race has a chance, and right now are eager to recruit more people from the Alliance side of things, Goblins might have it more difficult as they are famous for not being very trusty, nor subtle.

You can contact:
Shaopaw, Jungji, or Rezanai (For the Horde)
Shaopáw, Shozhan or Brànwen (For the Alliance)
If none are online at the moment send us a mail, and we will contact you back.

And of course, we also run this small weekly event on Tol Barad and you should go regardless.

We wish you all, Good Bussiness.


Join our shady bunch of merchants. We are not criminals, merely suppliers of the finest goods.

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This looks like a great place to drink! Hurr and his friends will definitely pay a visit after finishing their current epic pub crawl :beer:
Stay safe and stay sobe— err, stay hydrated!


Was a good trade tonight and a nice little mix between our two guilds!
Of course, our guys didn’t like them (only IC) but then again they’re stinking lessers.

Looking forward to the next trade lads!

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Yeah, we are keeping ya’ll alive…for now >:)

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I’m back! With a link for our event with you guys. It’s another bump too \o/ good trader guys!!
https:// imgur. com/gallery/C8TRQEm (obviously without spaces)


The Far Delvers are still up and running! we are currenlty interested in opening our Guild to Alliance members, so do please let us know if you are interested.


This week, we will be a part of the Coopers for Booty Bay Market event on Saturday, we will be waiting for you with some exotic goods!

Had a lot of fun seeing these folk trade their wares in Pandaria the other day, really great Black Market vibes!


Even with a bad vibe for PCU, this does sound like one of the better places to hang around with shady characters. I hope all will go well.


Glad you think so but do you have to say PCU bad vibe Just because some trolling Pandaren poster told you to?


No, this is because of personal experience with a few guilds, forum trolls are nothing to think bad about a collection of guilds. Next to that I really don’t think every PCU guild would be or is bad. after all, every guild is different in the end even if they are part of the PCU.

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That’s fair, but still dont see how the “bad vibes from PCU” was actually necessary, Maybe Word it different?


Maybe I could have worded it different yes.


Why even write the part about the PCU? It seems completely irrelevant and just makes your approval appear disingenious to me.

I always have a good time with these people though, a bunch of fun characters selling a lot of fun items! Even bought something just yesterday from them so I can definitely recommend them.


Either way! If you folks see us around, come and RP at us wildly and stuff.


Was great meeting you guys and competing against you at the tournament today! You’re a lovely bunch and we had fun, though I still insist we got robbed in the race! Haha.


It was more meant as a point seeing the public face meany people only see if the PCU as a whole, the way I wrote even if caught on the wrong way was more meant in a way of that: “Even if PCU as a whole is seen by the public face as a bad thing, it doesn’t have to be bad and it can rather be good in many cases besides what people take at face value and fact’s they have heard from others.”

This is rather the thing I wanted to say but my wording isn’t the greatest overall. I don’t praise the PCU for the things I have seen and taken part in myself in the past that weren’t pleasant so to say, but I won’t push them aside personally even if not everything has gone well in my eyes. People should try and see it that way in my opinion but I won’t force nor tell them to do so as that is not a way to help the PCU.

The PCU has a stigma about it, no doubt, skepticism or just downright dislike/hatred, that’s up to each person to determined, personally, I dislike them because every single event is just a cluttered mess when it comes to something actually happening (Usually fights breaking out) and I get it, I truly do “Something for everyone to do” is their main goal, but somewhere along the line you have to realize “There’s only so many or so much text” some people can handle and that’s the real downside to the idea of Perroy Cinematic Universe, each time a fight breaks out, or some villain is introduced its like trying to cram every single explosion scene from every single Michael Bay directed movie, and while explosions are cool, they have a time and place, otherwise, its just really crappy fireworks.

And that’s personally why I don’t like the PCU, small to mid-tier encounters, A-OK, but the disaster that always happens when 6-7 PCU guilds duke it out… Might as well be a 40-40 battleground with Randoms.

There are plenty of threads were this has been discussed, this is a thread about a guild , keep these arguments away from it.