Permaban for no reason : Solved, thanks you all


Original post : I got Permaban for no reason

Response from Blizzard, 3 days after appeal :

"Blizzard recently closed a World of Warcraft account on this Blizzard account as part of our ongoing efforts to combat abusive behavior.

After a thorough examination of the elements retained, we finally determined that it was a mistake. We are reactivating this account and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies for this incident.

Our mission remains to preserve the integrity of the game environment on Blizzard and we are sorry to have negatively impacted your experience. We continually improve our procedures and learn from our mistakes while continuing our efforts to combat abusive behavior.

We can not wait to see you back and thank you for your patience and understanding."

Thanks you Blizzard, Game Master, and all forumers who helped me as a random guy with zero influence. At least, i got unbanned and Blizzard apologized for this false positive ban.

If you are banned for nothing, don’t be desesperate, if you are innocent, you will be unbanned. Sometime automatic system can trigger your account and permaban you, make an appeal, push the ticket, and 3/4 days after you will get a human-analysis.


Good news!! :smiley:


The question is, are they compensating you for the false ban?


This is terrible system permabanning by mistake. I could understand the temporary ban, but permanent one?


What sort of compensation would they even be able to give ?


I’m really glad my skepticism was proven wrong, and I’m really glad you got your account unbanned.

That’s great news, congrats <3


Automatic permaban

I thought only GM’s were allowed to issue permabans manually?


Their game time back?

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Now go and show middle finger to all those posts that accused you of layer abuse and gloated over your ban! :rofl:


Yeah I guess they should give him the few days of gametime


Translation - We didn’t actually do anything, there was no human input involved, you got auto banned lolz



Something that has only previously been known to be issued by game masters.

Auto-suspensions happen with enough flags, but there has always had to be a human involved in permanently banning an account. I don’t know what blizzard is doing there, but it’s obviously not working.


I just don’t see how any person could possibly review a report and decide on a permanent suspension and then suddenly be like oh lol you shouldn’t have had any suspension. It just doesn’t seem even slightly logical.

Temporary banning someone because you didn’t really review it properly, ok. But not permanently.


Welcome back my guy


The 2-3 days he lost at least? I mean, he paid for 30 days, that’s the bare minimum they should do if they didn’t already.


Glad to hear it,also compensation of the lost time would be in order.


Already said yeah that’s true to another person. lol.


Permaban is a critically bad experience and stress - it should be compensated equally.

PS Glad you’re able to play now!


a month of free game time?

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