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Hello! (I really hope any blizzard staff could pay attention to this too)

for the past weeks i’ve been trying to farm rep to get exalted with stormpike. during this i have noticed that alliance lose a lot. So for the past two days I made some notes about how many % win/lose. The result were out of 35 AV games, alliance lost 30 - equal to 87% alliance loss.

From alliance point of view people are talking about zerging but when it doesent work they just go AFK. And this ruins the game a lot for the other players who wants to play the game. it kind of splits up a bit, some ppl want to do AV for honor and some wants to to it for rep and stuff. and this make sense on the alliance way to play.

most of the time out of those 35 BGs i personally experienced allianced wanted to zerg. This tactic worked 1/10 times according to my 35 games. The alliance attitude appears to be loss or win doesent really matter as long as it is fast. I think this ruins the game experience for those who wants to play the BG and also are in it to win.

Also, people on this forum are mentioning “back door” which allows horde to skip 2-3 elite mobs before entering the southern dun baldar bunker. i have no idea why they are able to “wall jump / bug” into a bunker when alliance are not?

To sumarize my point of view. I dont get why it has to be two different play styles that either go for honor or rep, and why are this wall jumpig bug actually working?

Hi ,alliance can also skip and bypass jump ,even easier than horde. You cant blame blizzard about no brain equipped alliance players.

PS: Staff doesn’t care about classic and wont respond to this**

This is a problem stemming from the inclusion of xrealm matchmaking.
While you can always find quitters, and some servers/factions would have more than others, it wouldn’t be allowed to persist the way it is now if it weren’t for xrealm matchmaking.

This is because there’s no accountability, no reputability and no familiarity between players this way. You are by design made to eventually forget the people you get matchmade with, both with and against. Some will forget faster than others, and some names will be forgotten faster than others as well.

We also tolerate much less when there’s no social awareness being enforced subconsciously, so it becomes a breeding ground for toxic outbursts as well. (Again, some people are more susceptible to get frustrated than others.)

All this makes you feel worse and worse as you keep exposing yourself to that kind of behavior, unless you manage to develop tolerance for it in your own head. But that’s only done by not caring anymore. If you stop caring, you don’t get affected by others.
But that’s called a state of apathy and is not something you should strive to achieve. It’s not something Blizzard should expose you to either.

If the queues would be limited to per realm, it’d also lessen the impact of premades in AV. Because it’s a large shared activity, and you’re more likely to develop a sense of camaraderie with others from the same realm if you encounter them often so it’d naturally and subconsciously breed teamwork.
Because with the naturally developed social awareness, you’d be mindful of your actions to avoid social repercussions on the server. It’d also reduce the prevalence of AFK players leeching.

Either that or they should just enable a blacklist of players in the xrealm queue that you’d never get matched up with. (Only on the same team, it’s not sustainable to allow players to blacklist opponents.)
It’d weed out the players participating in “bad faith” as it’s called. Because it’d naturally isolate them, even in an anonymous “playground” like xrealm matchmaking. (The impact on queue times would make it take longer for a lot of people though. But it’s basically like shifting the pieces of a puzzle around, and it being a puzzle that can take many shapes, so no piece becomes adjacent to a piece that was blacklisted by them. Keep in mind that the matchmaking system is robust enough to still keep the queues relatively fast despite such a metric for many people.)

The nature of this mechanism is also self-regulated, because if you place too many people on the blacklist then it’ll only serve to isolate yourself from the rest, so you’d get a natural incentive to reduce the people in your blacklist and try to sort out the ones that were the “worst” instead of just using it flippantly on everyone for every little thing.
It’d also create a huge consequence that’d push people into either transferring realm or rerolling (or quitting, but those kind of people are welcome to quit), because they themselves got blacklisted by too many people so others would create their own segregated space in the queue while the blacklisted person(s) would have to wait longer to find other people that also got blacklisted by a majority of players the same as they were.

In simpler terms: Actions needs VISIBLE consequences. Not the weak automated system that players just ends up ignoring.


The backdoor argument has no value
Horde Zerg doesn’t work since you need to fight every NPC on the base (either there is one guy who pull it or there is Ally player who makes them be pulled)
Alliance skip all of that and goes to GY/Drek room instantly

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While what you say undoubtedly adds to the issue, the real problem stems from two things:

The ranking system requiring max honor per hour to be competitive.

And the alliance/horde split meaning alliance have instant queues, meaning a quick loss is more honor than a slow win for the alliance and a slow win is more honor than a quick loss for horde.

The backdoor does make a difference. It allows horde to take the GY while completely bypassing most of the alliance defence. It also allows horde two separate ways into the base should alliance defend, meaning alliance have two (or three) choke points they have to look out for.


Meanwhile alliance can run past the elites on the lower level, and run straight up to the towers and the gy without having pulled anything that’d kill them should they even try it.
That’s probably what Doloris meant by it.

Read the entire post.

I did read your post. The main body of it stated that the issue was down to Xrealms leading to apathy and low accountability. I merely stated that this was only part of the issue.

/edit In fact given it more thought. This behaviour is more a symptom of the problem rather than the issue itself. This is happening because of the points I made.

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Bro, alliance pro hunters choose dwarfs,not pve racial elves…

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Alliance abuse addons and que’s to form premades for a BG where you’re only allowed to que alone, and Horde abuses a non-intended backdoor and bug-pull.

Seems fair to me tbh.

Due to instant queues AV always start 35 vs 40 as there are always at least 5 AFKers. And then after Galv and Lieutenants are dead, it becomes 25-30 vs 40. No matter how Alliance tries, it is impossible to win such BG.

I hate Alliance attitude. When we were outnumbered in wPVP, I was looking forward to BGs to see how we are doing once the numbers are even. But I underestimated how pathetic many people are. Horde - I honestly envy your team spirit and passion. I played Horde the whole my life and thus I know “For the Horde” aren´t just words. “For the Alliance” however is a joke…


No, it’s happening because of the lack of social awareness. So to counteract that behavior, they need to implement proper consequences.

Just dealing with the motivations to play is only superficial.

No it’s happening because of the points I made. There is no way to enforce what you are suggesting without opening up a bunch of new ways to Grief people, and like you say, it would also cause issues of it’s own (even longer queues for horde etc)

Against a forward party going backdoor (usually one or two players, while the rest is still mid field) you can easily defend using ranged while we enter, or even if you stay near the Aid Station. If you attack the person trying to cap the Aid Station while standing in range of your archers, or in your cluster of NPC’s we have no chance to steal it ahead of the zerg, period.

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