Please do away with allied race unlocks

(Sylvare) #536

Then I say do what is required to get them
I just leveled a druid from 1-116 in 2 weeks with a full time job and studies on the side
Its not hard, it doesn’t require you to sit down for hours on end

What I defo wouldnt do is demand this MMO game is changed Just because I consider one of the last things you have to work for that isnt hardcore content inconvenient

I can see the next step to this is demanding the heritage armor is also available for boosted chars, not saying that you want be the one, but if they give in it will be the next point to complain about

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Blizzard supporter?? Is that the new name for fanboy?

I have an opinion, you also have one, but all your bluster has shown you don’t have a mind of your own.

Who’s the bigger blizzard supporter? Someone who plays the game to enjoy, or you, who seems to enjoy these fora and complaining more.

Haven’t attacked you in any way shape or form, just stating that making assumptions as you did, makes you look uninformed.

Alas I now have to watch some paint dry, at least it’s more entertaining and dare I say accurate than I’ve experienced here.

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Leveling from scratch for heritage armor is perfectly fine and reasonable. I don’t mind it, even though leveling makes me wanna unsub.

But that is actually progressing my charcter, the one I want to play. Getting that character using a throwaway character is neither fun nor reasonable in my opinion.

There is no effort or skill needed to get to exalted. It’s just a waste of time. At least give the BfA zones mobs 5 rep per mob kill and lemme actually grind the rep to exalted at my own pace. WQs are a worthless waste of time with horrible rewards that aren’t even relevant for a character I will never play after getting the AR I want.


but we do think that current model benefits us and we given you countless arguments why current model is supperior and we dont care about people who want stuff for free without investment.

allied races are reward not your given right.

all you people want is to turn wow into moba.

want a lot of alts ? put time and effort into them .

or go play moba if you want moba


No you don’t. You’re an especially loud one but you’re one of the weakest debaters. You’re not addressing any of my points just spouting the same nonsense over and over again. You’ve given no reason why this model is superior besides accusing everyone else of being lazy and wanting rewards for free. As you can see I have my Zandas unlocked. Clearly I’m not debating for my own gain here.

Please do quote where I wanted to turn WoW into a moba. Please do quote where I said this issue affects the people who want tons of alts the most. Please do prove you aren’t just being condescending and feeling superior to others but actually arguing for the good of the game, not because you think the model is fine because you unlocked them. You have yet to bring up anything that would disprove any of my arguments, you’re merely reiterating staw-mans which I have pointed out already. Since you don’t seem to grasp the concept, a straw-man argument is not attacking your opponent’s actual point, but rather creating an easy to attack point out of the opponents, by representing it dishonestly. Like saying I want to create a MOBA out of my favourite MMO I have played for over 12 years. You’re being impulsive and personal in your posts and have yet to bring up any reason why the current system is good beside you having unlocked them already with little effort.

You clearly never wanted to main them, it’s not going to be an issue for you. Put yourself in the shoes of others before putting them down as lazy good for nothing people and try and see their perspectives.

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What up whiners :joy::rofl:

Keep up the drama :popcorn::popcorn:

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@Seríssa, Flix, Uruk, Tahen, Zalren and others: I do understand that WQs are not to everyone’s liking. Unfortunately, that is not something I can fix. I am also well aware that many people are not interested in many alts as I am (and some others are). It is also most unlikely that there would be major changes. One thing that Blizzard might eventually do is to edit the BfA WQs in a way similar to what they did to Legion ones. It will not make them any more fun for those who simply detest them, but possibly at least some future unlockers will have a slightly easier task ahead of them. I do have to note that I am just guessing here, not in position to make any promises. Despite the green text, I am from your view point, just another player, nothing more…

@Zalren: I am sorry that I kept you waiting for this reply. Unfortunately, as I noted earlier, I am not well today. :frowning: sighs in physical pain I ran the other method and ended up as follows:

US minimum 944 148 active accounts.
EU minimum 923 533 active accounts.

I do have to note that what I already feared last year, has now happened. Some WCR data points are so weak that it is ridiculous. Existing limited data suggests that at some point during early morning, US horde factions have an average population of 2,1 characters and EU ones… less than 1,3… Which obviously can not be correct. Unfortunately, we have reached a point, where there is nothing I personally can do to fix the situation. I can only note that as far as I am able to tell, US and EU regions each still have far more than 900 000 remaining active subscriptions.

I am going to see, whether I could somehow squeeze something more out of what is available, but at this point, I am forced to admit such a stroke of luck is not likely. One area that I do intend to investigate is whether I can find some additional correlation between my older posts and WCR activity update charts… Which appear to be giving out slightly positive signs, but I need to double check that I have not made mistakes (as months have different lengths, they require slightly different calculations).

@All: Good afternoon to all! lumbers off to rest for a bit, holding on to his stomach, looking more than slightly pale (more than usually)

The quiet before the storm?

Unlocking an allied race is very easy. What you need to do is to log on each day, do the emissaries within 15 minutes, then log out. No noticeable grinding. After about two months (this is how much time I needed - I did ONLY emissaries, and rarely the other world quests) you will reach exalted and unlock the races. That’s it.

Yes, you can greatly speed the process if you do ALL world quests in the zones and use the mission table. But still there’s a limit of world dailies. You can’t do it within a single day. You still need to wait for tomorrow to come and do the same world quests, even if they aren’t part of emissary.

You can easily get burnt out if you do so. Apparently the game now focuses on subscribers. Stay subscribed for about two months, do the quests every day, and you’re done. This apparently is a decision made by Blizzard to discourage a pattern noticed during the last few year: new expansion (patch) gets released, people return, play for about two weeks and when they’re over, they unsub and wait for the next expansion.

So yes, Blizzard does want us to stay subscribed. It’s obvious.


its worth to note that most of systems that have been implemented in BfA work this way.

lets take as examle gearing up - the system is set up so that as long as you stay subbed you on average gain stable itlv increases.

WF , World bosses , emmisaries are all set in a way that you cannot max them out in 2-3 weeks. but over the course of 3-4 months you will get gear which will put you between normal and hc raid mode itlv.

this is a very nice system that rewards people who play regularly and punishes people who leave. (since even if 8.2 will bring gear catch up due to system is set you first need certain itlv to get certain itlv - meaning people who will be 390+ will see 395 or 400 itlv rewards - and people who are 380 will have to first collect 385 then 390 ones before they get best ones)

i like it a lot because its a nice stable progress of toons.

exacly like allied races.

as long as you play the game reguraly you will reap all benefits from this system .


Well, of course yes. But using cheap tactics like timegating to ‘heavily encourage’ daily logins is not a good way to go about it. If I don’t know… the game was fun people would login and play anyway and not have to have shiny shiny dangled at them to make them login?

(Uruk) #546

Then at least let us unlock opposite faction’s ARs with our current faction’s characters like in Legion.

I know it’s too late with these current ARs but god, at least make the future ones unlockable this way. I didn’t have to level an alliance character to grind Argus WQs and reps to unlock the LF and VE.


Of course, I understand you have no power over these methods, I was merely interested in your opinion if the locks are right or you feel them a tad or very harsh. We are here merely to discuss after all.

Also I hope you get better soon mate, my best wishes to you!

(Mojomane) #548

From the guy with 0 mythic kills and a 415 belt with socket.

There is a difference between unlocking a new race for a new character and progressing your character by gearing him up.
The one is account progression while the other is character progression.
IMO character progression is a key element of any RPG while account progression should be as minimal as possible and i rather prefer their take on account progression with the CoA rep over their take on allied races.

And the other races were “NEW RACES”. Just because there is a prefix, doesn’t make them any more special.

Grinding for my character progression != grinding to unlock a race that was advertised as a keyfeature of the expansion != grinding to unlock a race that requires timegated content from past expansions.

I would prefer if they improved gear/character progression instead of implementing progression.

Indeed, i loved e.g. TBCs repgrind. Just hop into some normal/HC dungeons, gain some rep till you get what you wanted.
Granted, the reputation rewards were also character specific, but also contributed to my character progression.

After just 2 month you can start playing the character that you actually want to play.

Getting to over 400 ilvl on my alts in 1 ID reset and a neck at lvl 40 proofs otherwise.


You really don’t think it’s ridiculous to have to level a char you don’t give two mooks about to 120, grind WQ for weeks then after all that actually level the character you want?

As others have pointed out there is a difference between a reasonable grind and pure tedium.

Get rid of the stupid timegating and i’m fine with the grind personally.

No ones demanding anything, just providing criticism on where they think the game has issues. I’m sorry that others have differing opinions to yours and that some others think of others besides themselves. This decision to lockout new and returning players from the much flaunted and advertised feature will only harm the game.

(Sylvare) #550

What do you mean? Youre interested in that allied race right? If youre however not willing to put in the work for the prerequisites of the allied race then all I can say is youre not interested in them enough to want to unlock them and that is completely fine and as it should be

So basically, no, I dont, hell I even did to unlock the lightforged and void elves in endgame Legion, the char was deleted the moment I unlocked both races
0 regrets

the outcome is the same so there is no real difference when you boil it down to intentions

(Baldeagle) #551

Ah, but it does. The very word means that they are allies and as with all allies you have to earn their trust. Hence the rep grind.

(Mojomane) #552

No, the horde needs to earn their trust, not my character that is in no shape or form connected to the new character that i want to create.

The story continues, if i farmed that reputation or not, and therefore just assumes that the horde earned their trust.

You could also assume that the new character that i created lives in the timeline, after the horde earned their trust while my main still lives in the timeline before we earned their trust.

The only argument you bring ist “Thats what they told us”.

We also had to “earn our trust” with the other “new” races, it was just implied that it happened in the story.

(Flix) #553

If anything, the “Allied Races” should be working to earn the trust of the Horde or Alliance. They’re the outsiders looking to join a faction and wanting our help. They should be proving themselves to us, but of course Blizzard wouldn’t make any money out of that because NPCs don’t pay a sub.

(Zakkaru) #554

Dark iron is much easier to unlock. I’d roll dh go to KT level through invasions when they pop up and unlock the locations on Zandalad and do entire warcampaign without touching Kul’tiras experience. My newly leveled priestess was already exalted with honorbound before finishing all the quests in Zandalar.


Have you ever watched Star Trek series ? Because there for factions to get into the contact with the ones with which they didn’t had it before in the first place - the factions are sending their special emissaries on a diplomatic missions to get into the contact with the others, and in the process they need to earn their trust. After that process is done only than they can form an alliance.

Its the same here, we are the emissaries of the alliance/horde which need to get into the contact with the outside factions and earn their trust for them to even consider getting allied with our factions.