Please fix premades

Queue times are 20-25 minutes mostly, sometimes up to 40 min. I’ve now met 4 premades in a row who end the game within 8 minutes, 2 of those minutes are waiting in the tunnel so the game is actually 6 minutes.

Premade could easly be fixed (somewhat) by not showing the number of the BG before people enter, hiding this is a extremly easy fix (hotfix even?) to combat this unfair gameplay.


How about giving horde the option to premade?
That isnt too much to ask unless some retail character comes with “Horde has to suffer for all phases cuz of the atrocities commited in phase 2”


#no changes!

They are LESS higher chance they get to same BG SIMPLE AS THAT nothing broken there.

IF there were more of them lower chance for that happend perhaps reroll .

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The big play here for you hordies, when you are facing a premade is to change your strategy.

Currently the AV premade meta for ally is:
Rush Galv - Wipe horde if they try to turtle there -> go to IB GY and holde horde at bay while killing Lieutenants and Commanders there --> rush to drek while kiting commanders into drek -> aoe cleave commanders on drek
Net result: 3.4k honor in 8 minutes - 15minutes, depending on how tryhard hordes are.

Horde turtle result: 1800 honor at most?

What horde should be doing:
Horde can get 2800 honor from lieutenants and commanders alone.
Take all ally towers (we lose 800 honor if you do this) - if you stall game to the point where you destroy them you GAIN 800 honor.
Defend all of YOUR towers, we don’t care much for them, but each one that you control when the game ends nets you another 200 honor.
We only take them as insurance when YOU make slow games.

IF you manage to do all of this in the span of these 8 minutes you will get:
2800 from commanders/lts
800 from towers
800 from bunkers

4 400 honor from a 8 minute game.
Whilst you shaft ally, giving them only like 2.4k honor…

Ofc your queues are bad, but if you are actually ranking then I assume you want to maximize your honor as well.

Now ofc if this becomes meta for horde then the ally meta will naturally shift to make it more effiicent, but right now atleast there’s room to develop instead of whine on the forums :wink:

Doubt horde would premade if they are then put in equally long queues?

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Horde turtle, they zug zug. Every bg chat in every AV game is
“MAGES AND HUNTER GO DEF GALV, REST KILL LIEUTENANTS INTO BALINDA, TRUST ME EAZY WIN THEY AFK OUT IF TURTLE” and then you have the 4 people typing “zug zug” in /s chat before the gates open. Later on you will have 3-4 horde from firemaw and idiots from razorgore spamming in chat to RECALL OR LOSE and then we have 30 horde recallling to defend, you will then see the tryhard rankers in chat saying “Another turtle game? horde what the frick are you doing” followed by “orc-gehennas left the instance grp”.

I dont think many hordes are actually ranking, feels like they just tune into whatever bg pops up first and they just stroll around trying to have fun. The horde on forums saying we are discussing tactics or some sh|t are completely lying, we have no idea what we all doing, we just sometimes win and then ocassionally flame the people who backdoored but still managed to pull thousands of stable masters and npcs that yield no honor, or that guy playing with the french client that always kills the prospector despite every chat being spammed with “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TOUCH PROSPECTOR”.

“Doubt horde would premade if they are then put in equally long queues?”

It would work the same way alliance are premading, just that it is a lot more convenient. Having to go back to battlemaster every time to requeue is pain and that with no guarantee you and your friend will actually end up in the same bg after 2-4 hours of queing and requeing. Besides, with a premade button allies dont have to go the inconvenient way of using discords to form grp, they can just have all their guild join in one go, no dropping queues would be required.


Haha :smiley: This one made me chuckle :smiley:

I think this is probably very accurate and summarizes it well :slight_smile:

The big brain play is spawn camping horde at the ibgy if its a big turtle to trap them in a respawn loop (10 respawn /30 sec) until your team is grouped up. Then rush drek before the horde team is even entirely resed



Reroll Alliance or g o T o RE T a IL as your friends have told us in p2.


Ally can’t do premades, they can just queue until they are in same bg because they are outnumbered. If you want to do the same thing you can roll ally, you don’t get to have perks of both sides.

In other words, queues happened on majority faction. Not a problem therefore it won’t be fixed.

  1. More players rolls horde
  2. Alliance gets frustrated
  3. Phase 2 begins
  4. Even more Alliance gets frustrated and rerolls horde or quits
  5. Horde owns Alliance in battlegrounds
  6. Alliance gets frustrated and becomes more orginazed
  7. Horde whines because they don’t win 80% anymore

Unfortunately it wont happend, unfair is classic through and through, nothing has ever been fair. It wasn’t back then, and it hasn’t been in any of the phases so far.
This is just one of the perks you get by rolling on a faction noone wanna play for. Blizzard knows that there is literally no reason what so ever to roll alliance if this goes through, and I doubt they wanna kill off alliance entirely. 40 minute queues will eventually be a blessing. Beside, check the NA forums, you will see that the problem is mainly on EU, and they wont change the game just for us. (Sure there are premades in NA, but the Americans arent complaining as much about it.)

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There are pros and cons to being the populated faction, having longer queues for BGs are part of the (arguably short) list of cons.
Neither faction can queue as premade, its just easier for allaince to coordinate because you can requeue in an instant.


Such a blatant sophism, think long and hard as to what the word actually means. It means it was made previous to the BG itself. Pre Made. Get it?

The purpose of a random matchmaking system is to randomly match people up. To not enable a Join as Raid function into it, is intentional.

Just because you can’t literally queue as a raid, doesn’t mean you can’t join as a premade. Because the raid is made beforehand, i.e. it was PRE MADE prior to the BG.

So it’s without a doubt a premade when you organize a team before queuing, for the purpose of doing AV together. Which only alliance and Russian pools can do.


Lmao thank your for this quality post.
Horde in a nutshell.

Feels so sorry for the legit horde rankers getting hindered by the retardation of the faction.

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HOw about people stop queueing for AV and just start Premading in WSG. AV isnt even that fun anyway.

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This kind of strategy, actually requires intelligente and knowledge. Being a chimp doesn’t help there. The only superior community, like always, is the Russian.

Just faced their team with our premade, literally not a single recall nor defense, they rushed almost as quick as us and at the end they gathered almost as much honor as us. Not to mention that they were also close to “win” the game for what it might concern.

prob cause everyone wants to get to minimum rank 10 anyway, and the only way youre going to compete for honor with the bots/afks the no lifers is by sitting in AV.

Just because you can’t literally queue as a raid, doesn’t mean you can’t join as a premade. Because the raid is made beforehand, i.e. it was PRE MADE prior to the BG.

Except that’s not realy what happens. I dont know about russian pools but for alliance its hardly “premade” in the way you make it out to be. Alliance cant queue as a premade group of people.
You can NOT preassemble a group of people you know and do AV together any more than horde can.
What you can do is queue up with another 100+ sudorandom people you’ve met in a (public) discord with the sole intent of trying to keep games from not being horrible turtles. Horde can do that aswell, its just less reliable because if you end up getting split you cant realy drop queue and go again.
Its not something exclusivy alliance can do, its simply something that becomes infinitly easier when your queues are <1 sec instead of 30mins but its in no way an unfair advantage or even avoidable.

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That’s exactly what you can and what many alliance are already doing.

Don’t know which rock you’ve been living under.