Please merge Classic Era Servers into their respective kind

Are people really this impatient that they’re screaming for changes when less than one day has passed? If you at all care about Classic Era you wouldn’t even be making this thread. If you want high pop, “hype”, chaos, and everything else like that, you can play BC Classic right now. Classic Era pop will get better as time goes on and people come back, etc. It won’t be as big as it was. But it doesn’t have to be.


Whilst I’m sure blizzard want to avoid a huge knee-jerk reaction and merge all the servers right away (I’ve been on realms with < 10 people online per faction now using /who) - they need to actually do something about it. They need to be seen to start making some changes and fast because there’s nothing more off-putting than a dead MMO.

At the very least can we get a post about what realms have been connected? On the US forums there is a Blue post that describes which realms have been connected together. This would be really good to see for a start.


It’s a healthy mix of being impatient and worried.
As stated above, this is indeed only the prepatch. As time progresses people will get more and more invested into TBC and by that time it might be too late for Classic Era servers to recover. It would be in my best interest, and a lot of others, to keep and maintain a healthy crowd instead of playing the waiting game / the long con.
In the end, people want to play their Characters and not stand around in a Ghost Town nor hope that they will get queued into the same game with the last few friends they have left playing this version of WoW.

I’m trying to stay objective about this, even though it is not an easy task to not bring your own opinions into this matter.

It is however nice to see that there is a handful of people that care about this topic.
Please keep the good comments coming, I’m sure it will give the Dev’s an easier time to figure out how to approach this problem.


Yes, yes and yes!


@Coc: I guess you did not see this, because for some reason it is not pinned…


Thanks a lot for posting this.
I did see it, but also did kind of forgot about it.
It’s a good idea to add this to the thread - engaging blizzard to hold by their promises.
I therefore added it to the original post.


would be nice to see this happen rather sooner than later.
as mentioned in the thread, it would be hard to recover from a stagnating point.

i can live with this for a few days, but after a few weeks all hope might be lost for classic era servers


All love Mr Coc <3



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True words my man. Blizzard please listen.


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So you want all PvP servers merged into one? Because all PvE servers (minus the RP realm) are already merged. I could be wrong but I think the reason not all PvP servers are merged is because of ping (I notice I get slightly higher ping on some servers than others). Either way this sounds like a silly overreaction considering it’s been less than a day and 99 % of the playerbase are (naturally) jumping onto the new expansion to test it out. I can also say that tonight a ZG was ran on the PvE Classic Era realm. Which… is impressive actually considering the low numbers of players currently.

please merge zandalar tribe rp-pvp with a pvp cluster or allow free transfers off, it’s in a death spiral at the moment


The thing is, cross realm killed wow once and it will do so again if they do this without making sure its absolutely necessary. Why was classic pvp so bad compared to original wow? Because it was xrealm and people left games, insulted others and went afk. This is what this feature brings to the game, its not healthy for the community.

I would say that 99% of the playerbase are currently moving their chars to TBC, leveling bloodelfs. So of course there are less people online now.
In a few months however, the clones will be activated, reroll projects have started and the servers will be back to a decent population.

I can only warn about xrealm, you are asking for the worst thing Blizz ever did. As soon you have people from other realms in your groups and raids, meet them in the outside world, the community will be dead. These people will know that their action has no consequences anymore, the sheer amount of players will always justify to greef and be rude, as there will always be another group, considering that 20 realms or more will be connected.

HW is not connected yet and I still saw enough players online to form many groups and at one point even a raid. This will only get better over time, but you need to wait. TBC is new, so people play this for a few weeks, its just like when retail has a new expansion, classic realms were empty then too, but became crowded again later.

The wow community is spread to several games now, but the community is still there, depending on whats new, they will make their move and classic era is not new, but old. Its a free game, people play free things dont worry.

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For anyone interested, were gathering people to start fresh on the EU RP PvE server. Sitting already at 20 people to start with a new beginning for classic on Hydraxian Waterlords!

Anyone is welcome to join us. Were gathering people now and start when TBC releases.

Heres a discord link for the thing


Connected realms is merged realms into one single realm, it is not cross realm.


Technically yes,

but I think the result is still the same. Different views about the game will clash, for instance on my current realm, we have no Mafia. Do you think the Mafia on a realm we would be connected with, will just stop their buisness?

We also dont have any bots, not once did I get a bot msg in chat or mail, do you think this will stay like that if we are connected to a realm with bots?

I heard so many horror stories from friends on other realms, I prefer to not make them mine. :slight_smile:

Yeah im with u coc, im planning on taking some of my chars to classic era, but if its pretty much dead it feels like a total waste so i really hope they fix this problem


Very good thread Coc.


Really varying views and expectations.

I was prepared for a few weeks of really low pop on the server while the tbc hype settles. Not a big deal at all for me. Weeks are nothing in the greater perspective as I see it.

But perhaps I’m also colored by being marinated in the HW server mentality :blush:

We’ve got som guilds (re-)forming and ppl active on alliance side and raid signups are up etc. (Don’t know about horde side but there’s as stated a bunch going rolling there as well) I’m expecting things to be slow for weeks in terms of having the usual “people everywhere” - feeling back.

I’ve no problems with a slow growing pop, hopefully without all the stuff I read about on other servers(gdkp, bots, boosters, goldsellers etc etc). But I understand there are different views on timeframes and what to expect.