Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Yeah, but it wasn’t was it Ashlix.

Would you care to elaborate? I don’t see how 19k levelling gold sat in a backpack (only ever used for raid materials) effects anything when you have lotus mafia characters on 500k gold.

Hence why I put the question mark, you nor me know exactly how many multiboxers are out there, I am only talking from experience that half of my guild has at least 2 accounts on classic.

So, you are going to refund all my accounts I upgraded to shadowlands then to support your company? Since u dont allow the software anymore needed for me to run my dungeons/raids on my dead server I have no use for those accounts anymore.

U can contact me on this mail adress for bank details/accounts i have

Comparing one bad thing to an even worse thing just further demonstrates how little you understand.

Ok, to break it down for you:
In an economy where everything has a speculative worth and can risk either losing value or gaining value, the demand drives the value. So for each person willing to pay the price for whatever, the speculative worth of that value shakes a little. Mulitply that effect every time someone buys something, and then you get a very shaky economy.

But that isn’t all. Then there is the economic inflation, which is also determined by this supply and demand. The more you spend, the more the price inflates and the less every gold is worth as a result.

Get it yet?

You alone don’t really affect it much, but this moves in waves. So you need to multiply what you do, with what every other person is doing, and the more people doing what you do to hoard gold to yourself only to then spend it on stuff (and in your case that’s done with a p2w method), the less worth that gold becomes.

Funny, right?

So by shutting you and others like you down, the currency value will increase a little bit eventually.

You just said “Multiboxing is extremely uncommon when compared to the majority of players” so which is it?

Can we agree that multiboxers have had little effect on the economy?

Oh… by the way, I haven’t bought any more items for raiding than I would have without multiboxing so I don’t agree that I have effected anything apart from paying blizzard 5 x more £ and spending 5 x less time farming for raiding materials.

19k gold is going to rot away on a cancelled account, don’t see how that’s effected your precious economy.

Little doesn’t mean none.

You still don’t get it. Even after that explanation. It’s that every purchase you make affects the very volatile economy. So if you, and others like you, would’ve struggled more to earn gold and been more frugal, the economy wouldn’t inflate as much as it has done.

I ALREADY TOLD YOU, you alone don’t affect it much. It’s you PLUS everyone else like you. It’s like in an election and how “every vote matters”, get it? It’s because it affects the grand total, one ant at a time.

Wrong, I wouldn’t have been more frugal. I needed what I needed to raid, that doesn’t change.

I would have had to put more hours into playing the game for farming gold, multiboxing cut my hours down by x 5.

At this point we can agree to disagree as its pointless continuing this conversation.

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Easy to say when you’ve never done it. I doubt you would’ve lasted. In fact, you’re saying you’re quitting now just because they made it harder for you. So there’s not a lot of weight behind that claim of yours.

oh, ffs. We can never enjoy anything!
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oh, ffs. We can never enjoy anything!

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This is my last post, seen as your making assumptions now.

I didn’t have 5 x 60 team until about 6 months into classic so your claim is completely unfounded.

I started with a level 60 resto shaman which I put MANY hours into farming raiding materials the traditional way. I then invested my time into levelling the war/mag/mag/mag which made enough gold to raid without farming anymore.

I would say that’s some weight behind that claim of mine.

I wish you all the best for the future.

See, that’s exactly what I said.

You’ve never had to stick to it. By your own admission, you sought out a different way to do it, which made it much easier. And now you’re quitting when they’re making it harder again.

Ergo, you’re just saying it.


This is the time when your actions speak much louder than your words. If you want to prove me wrong, you’re gonna have to stick to it and farm the normal way. For longer than just 6 months. Do it for a whole year, like normal players have had to do it in Classic.

And of course, keep buying the same raid consumables you would’ve done as a multiboxer, while doing it. I doubt you’ll last, if you even bother trying. Because if you end up cutting down on your expenditures and/or don’t farm as much, you’ll just end up proving me right either way. You’re the one who said multiboxing doesn’t affect you in that way. So prove it.

I have never said I am quitting because farming raiding materials is now hard, I have 19k gold ffs, I don’t have to farm anything until the end of Naxx.

I am quitting because multiboxing was a challenge in an easy game, read my original thread.

Tbh what is this conversation, do you just want the last word?

If so, crack on with another reply and you can have it, I have made my point, you have made yours and we don’t meet in the middle, end of.

P.s. I don’t know you, I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else for that matter (as don’t you).

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It’s for a very simple reason. You’re trying to make yourself out to be a victim (you aren’t), and you’re trying to claim you would’ve farmed your gold and spent as much as you’ve spent as a multiboxer, even if you had never started multiboxing (you clearly wouldn’t).

So that’s botting. ie Using an external program to automate inputs.

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Hi Dottie, its a common misconception that you have made, been accused 100 times while boxing that I am a botter.

I do think that’s half the problem with a lot of the WoW community, they don’t actually understand what multiboxing is.

Using scripts to pass simple keystrokes through wow instances is not botting (but with this new policy is now banned).

Botting is using software to automate the characters completely, with no human intervention.

No, I am right, it’s like using a G15 keyboard to automate gameplay. Your scripts send multiple commands to one WoW, that’s against the rules.

There are two types of multiboxing, having the game open in more than one instance and alt-tabbing to each and using software to do it.

Having 2 wow windows open is not multiboxing. thats just running 2 clients

You’re really not right though mate.

That’s exactly what they have just changed to make it against the rules, hence you reading this thread.


My script was setup so pressing “1” sent that key to all 5 WoW instances:

Warrior - Sunder Armour
Shaman - Assist Warrior / Flame Shock
Mage 1 - Assist Warrior / Frostbolt
Mage 2 - Assist Warrior / Frostbolt
Mage 3 - Assist Warrior / Frostbolt

This was legal before, now its not.


To be honest this decision totally screws over a percentage of us that legitimately multi-box and enjoy the challenge etc that it brings.

The problem isn’t the Multiboxing guys and gals, the problem isn’t even the botters, who are using the broadcasting software to obliterate an entire pigsty or quillboars.

The real problem here is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU THAT BUYS GOLD, you cause this to happen, you cause the botters and farmers to be online 24 hours a day mining and herbing and skinning and interfering with your gameplay.

If it wasn’t for you, there would be no need for them to do it, they wouldn’t be getting in your way they wouldn’t be hindering your progress on quests or missions, and they wouldn’t be messing with the economy and flooding the AH with lower than average prices.

But YOU benefit from it, why, 'cause you to damn lazy to go and farm yourself, so you buy your gold and buy the stuff of AH then come whine here that things aren’t fair and it messes up your gameplay.

If ya’ll stop buying gold these issues would probably be nonexistent


Couldn’t have said it better myself, the problem is people that haven’t tried multiboxing, don’t really get it, they are commenting on things they don’t really understand and the bigger picture/issues aren’t being addressed.

Blizzard have turned their back on a legitimate segment of their ever declining player base. What’s WoW estimated player base these days, 1 million? (I think BFA was 1-2 million last time I checked). How long has an aging MMO got left?

For now though the game will go on, the bots/gold sellers will go on because players will continue to buy gold for RL money, your economy is going to be just as crap as it ever was because multiboxing is only a small part of that issue, and lets face it botters aren’t multiboxing, they are running single accounts signed up in fake names running in single instance VMs, using specialist/powerful cheat software (that’s my guess, as an IT Technician), they certainly arent sat there with 5 instances of WoW open passing keystrokes to each screen like a legit multiboxer.

The way I see it you just binned off a number of legitimate players playing the game in a slightly unorthodox way. Some might keep one account running, some will cancel them all (me) and some will return to private servers. Blizzard loses out on all accounts.

Classic brought me back to WoW but raiding turned out to be no challenge (world buff/minmax), my challenge/enjoyment was multiboxing.