PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

Got my r11 on classic Era. Nothing yet in tbc. Gamemaster telling me same shiet… “wait 24h blabla”. Yeah waiting for system to update that doesn’t even exist anymore.


Also still waiting for my rank to be updated

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So I’m getting more and more whispers from usual faces (those that stand by battlemasters get to know each other) asking if I didn’t get my rank either. I’ve directed a few of them here, the amount of people this has happened to is just getting silly now.

There’s a restart in the early hours of tomorrow, I’m HOPING that has the fix in it? But then why would they not at least tell us that… All I want is my damn rank like everyone else…


come on Blizzard give some update


Update us please blizzard! We all pushed really hard the last week to get our desired rewards as permanent titles for tbc, you promised this would work, it clearly didn’t!

Even a blue post aknowledging this with the info there is being worked in a fix allready would mean allot. Right now it is honestly starting to feel we are gonna be swept under the rug…


Update us please Blizzard!

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350 posts and nothing, no response. What must happen for the blizzard to finally answer the player’s questions?

I’ve delayed leveling just to PvP (a lot…) in hopes of getting a higher PvP rank for TBC… but seems like it was a waste of time and GM’s say they can’t help me… QQ

btw, OP from the tbc bug list doesn’t add our issue to the list.
He has added newer reported bugs and didnt answer my pm when i asked to write it on his list.

at least blizz sees our problem

it’s been good…ı am canceling both my accounts subs …no more crap , bugged game although its 16 years game


this is to add another reply. Hope Blizzard reacts soon.

Bumping, they need to fix this and give us our rank and tittles. Wasting hours and days last week for nothing is not funny


Please Blizzard, aknowledge this with a blue post…


Same problem here with this character.

The plan was to reach rank 11 with the TBC update & I’m still rank 10 …
I have screen of my honor / honor spy to prove this.

It’s “ok” if I can’t buy the mount but I want this “Commander” title on my character. That’s the only reason why I pushed ranking on it till the pre patch …

Do something Blizzard, please.

Anyone up for this idea?

We could make a event on the Classic Era servers, make a guild callt ‘‘Give us our Ranks back’’ or something in that ballpark, then group together in Stormwind for one big picture and post it on social medias ?

That is a very imaginative idea ya got there mate, gotta admit.

Players grouped up back in the day in Orgrimmar to tell they were against Paladins on Horde side, the original video got over a half million views.
Better quality link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ureBV7XHEZc

Its only imaginative if you dont try to do it.

Us gathering together to let Blizzard recognize this Rank problem and let them know they have to do something about it is a no brainer, we should do everything we can to put focus on to this to make sure Blizzard see this problem, people are angry and people are gonna quit the game if they dont fix peoples Ranks.

And fixing some peoples ranks cant be that hard because they literally have them on the Classic era server, its not like the information on those characters is lost.

Anyway the point is, we have to put focus on this, so the Ranks get fixed before TBC releases, if they dont i will personally cancel my sub forever

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we got an reply on our german wow forum

"Meldungen bedeuten nicht, dass die Spieler auch recht haben, da kein Spieler (und auch kein GM) sehen kann, wann genau die Charakterkopie gespeichert wurde und ob es damit für den Rank gereicht hat, oder ob der Rank erst erreicht wurde mit der Ehre, die nach dem „Snapshot“ erspielt wurde.

Das kann der Kundensupport nicht klären, oder lösen, daher bringen Tickets dazu leider auch nichts.

Die Entwickler werden das prüfen müssen und ging etwas schief müssen sie entscheiden wie es geändert wird.

Wir können im Moment nur sagen, dass es geprüft wird, dass es aber auch kein Fehler sein könnte und daran liegt, wann wie abgerechnet wurde."

Google Translate:
Messages do not mean that the players are right, since no player (and also no GM) can see when exactly the character copy was saved and whether it was enough for the rank, or whether the rank was reached with the honor earned after the “snapshot”.

Customer support cannot clarify or solve this, so tickets don’t help either.

The developers will have to check this and something went wrong they have to decide how it will be changed.

All we can say at the moment is that it is being examined, but that it could not be a mistake and it is because of when it was settled and how.

Checked my Classic Era clone - rank updated, but still no update on Tbc :frowning:
My friend also checked his clone and somthing strange here: rank didn’t updated in both tbc and classic era :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but for last week he made 82k honor and he was rank 2 (86%). There is no way to not rank up at this ranks with 82k honor. And honor for “last week” shown as “this week” but he stoped farming bgs at sunday 16.05 :man_facepalming:
How can it be “this week” if he just today activated a clone !!!??? Blizzard it’s so annoying! There is no point to continue play WoW and pay for sub with such a disgusting attitude of the company towards its customers!

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Still waiting on blue post. In case blizzard thinks we are wrong about this whole story i freely invite them to compare my Classic & TBC same char. Clearly a 2 rank difference.

The snapshop for TBC Chars was taken before the honor calculations where completed therefore we all lack titless on TBC client.

Whats saddening is the some people seem to have gotten their titels and others not.

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