PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

Are they serious?
Do they think i farmed 380k honor from tuesday morning (when pvp calculation ended) till maintenance?

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yo when was it not updated on classic and when did it change cause mine still hasn’t changed on classic and its almost Saturday

Wow such a joke. Ofcourse people are right about it literally seeing the update on classic era and no week has past to gain one more rank or so XD blizzar d is a joke by now. Thansk for sharing.


watch them just let it pass 1 or 2 weeks so they can say " we dont know if people are lying " and forget about it :slight_smile:

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I agree, they will try to calm us down by making people think the System was actually right.

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Its not right, because people like myself have Rank 10 on Era Realms and on TBC Rank 9 for example! So Blizzard, try to tell me thats correct!

Its so painfully obvious that they have messed up, there is no way they can explain it away, we are still within the same honor update week, there has not been a new one. BUT people have two different Ranks because their systems were slow or they started merging the servers to pre-patch before the honor update was complete, no matter what something has gone wrong in the process

#Fix our Ranks Blizzard

There is still no any proper information about a problem from Blizz. I suggest to mass spam bug reports. We need them to see the problem and fix it!

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How you to do bug reports? can’t find a possibility to do in TBC? :frowning:
In the Help Section in the menu - you only finds a comment that I should use the bug report option (which not available ?) and a link to this forum …

Click ESC on your keyboard and go to Support.
Click “Submit feedback or bug report”
Enter the details of the bug.
Click Submit

Found it!

Long story short – there was a bug. We had the correct rank in data, but it was being incorrectly calculated in Burning Crusade Classic.

We’ll have a hotfix for it early next week.


Awesome, thank you very much for the update Kaivax!

How will that impact the people that should have gotten the ability to buy PvP gear / weapons for gold pre prepatch? There was someone that got their honor calculated and rank added Tuesday before reset, and they got that ability, while others that did not get that, never got that chance.


Bro, we don’t know each other, but I love you. Tears of joy are running down my cheeks <3

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Thank you and team for the update

Excuse me, kind sir, but what about Classic Era players? Its been 4 days since prepatch day and my rank still not updated. You going to fix this aswell?

well that doesn’t work here :smiley: that is why I was asking.
but since blue cleared everything up - it is no longer needed :smiley:

yeah what about classic era i still havnt gained 1% honor this week its now saturday infact it claims i got 700 honorable kills yesterday and 70000 honor but i didnt pvp yesterday thats mondays pvp totals any update?

I’m cautiously optimistic, been burned before. Still some people having issues even on their Classic ERA chars, which is strange. Fingers crossed guys… But I suspect we’re not getting our rewards for gold.

Dude… If you haven’t noticed… blizzard never thought about having a heathly classic era server. You won’t recieve much help while TBC has problems.
They just don’t care. They just care for money. And they don’t even care for long lasting investment, they take your money and f u over right next week again, if they find another scam.

I lost all my last teardrop of hope in this company. You have more luck spending money on a shady dealer on the street and get a good deal than giving any amount of money to blizzard.
They are going straight down, most people don’t care, because they are not affected. And the game get worse and worse in the process until the very last person still spending money for the game gets mad.
And then they start to listen to feedback, to come to OUR rescue! The white knights in shining armor that will do a single change that makes enough people happy again, that they spend their money on pay2win services.

I know that a lot playing classic to the very last second, take the garbage blizzard throws at us in TBC and try to make it work… that they will never ever touch wraith of the lich king, because TBC is with the announcement itself already a big pile of dissapointment to the people that loved the game for what it was.