Quit joining AV

Simple fix, get the needed rep and then just stop, let the Horde have days of queue before being able to join one, maybe BlizzVsiion will do something at that point.


Horde is winning 90 % of the AVs i.e. is getting like 3 x more reputation than Alliance… so I am actually afraid it will be Alliance players struggling to finish their rep…

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Guys, if you are not happy because you loose AV, do you know it’s 100% your faction problem ? It’s only because your factions is playing in premade to avoid playing with you.


It’s not about slowing their rep, it’s about sending the message that the BG is fcked up so much that we rather not play it all.

So we either end with insanely long AV queue for Horde (which means they will stop joining aswell) and we’ll be all doing WSG and AB, or BlizzVision does something to fix the huge imabalnce and AV becomes playable again. It’s a win/win situation.


Oh… of course I will stop playing AV once I get my reputation… but not in order to send Blizzard any message… I will do it simply because the AV is not fun so I won´t waste my time playing it.

Honestly I don´t really think Blizzard will address anything just because Horde has queues. Why would they? It does not really matter to them…

And they already made it very clear that faction imbalance does not bother them at all…

Oh wow the 20 millionth attempt at boycotting something to affect the horde.
Believe me, even with 3 hours queue’s, they will either still queue or just join WSG.

Can you please, for the love of the Earthmother, keep your BS zoomer protests out of my game?
Seriously you entitled brats have only 1 solution.

Stop trying to shut down everything YOU don’t like.
Just stop playing and leave us alone.


It’s more about shutting down this iteration of AV for good. The Horde won’t do it because they are fine with winning 90% of the BGs and stalwartly defend the bugs in it that favors them even more.

Defending the status quo of glitches and Addons that make AV premades possible puts you in the wrong side by default.


What bugs favor us?
Do you mean the backdoor glitch that hardly gets used because everyone is too busy defending or doing objectives?
Because that’s literally all you have on us.
I’d say the alliance side is combining exploit on top of exploit to win instead of just defending for once.

I can see it happening though, hordes will eventually move to wsg because these premade rush groups just get tedious after a while when we get bigger queue’s.
And that will be that.
AV will continue to exist in its current state, alliance will eventually get queue’s and realise they shot themselves in the foot.
Then more QQ posts.
And again no changes.

And i’m not defending anything.
I just think it’s pointless to change anything.
People have been whining since launch.
And with every little effort Blizzard has done so far, we get even more whining.
So i drew my conclusions.
No matter what they change, people won’t be happy and continue to say x killed classic.
So I don’t care for these stupid boycotts anymore.
I will play the game in its current state and hope the dropoff wil bring population to more normal sizes.


A bug that allowes ppl to easly access a side of the base that is not designed to be accessed that shouldn’t be a thing, period.

And yes, you are defending it because you say “LoL Alliance can just defend it”.


You mean the other foot. They already shot one when they switched to Horde en masse. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clever thinking, personally i’m not even playing at all anymore. Here’s hoping the dust will settle eventually.

No, they won’t.

What you are currently experiencing is what J. Allen Brack meant when he said: “You think you do…”.

But we all went "Warts and all… " and here you are.

Classic is a little extra, a nostalgic trip back in time… not a relevant expansion. Stop taking it so seriously.

I was talking about defending their base in general.
Which doesn’t happen.

You’re complaining about some dumb jump glitch when you don’t even put in the effort to send people up north in the first place.

The amount of exploits on the alliance side are laughable.
And you bunch are still crying and trying to take down AV.
Just join the rest in those dumb discord groups already, so you can spam premades 16 hours a day.

Since AV launched alliance is determined to rush Drek.
Topics arise about horde favoritism.
Whining about racials.
Whining about a glitch.
Whining about distance to balinda.


A bug that no one used or even widely knew about until it became the new excuse for your own incompetence and you couldn’t shut up about it.
A bug that’s easily negated by defending your base instead of zerging and then giving up.
Here, this a map of AV, what do you notice about it?
That’s right, not two, not three, but four chokepoints on your half of the map that you could easily hold, with one of them completely negating this backdoor that’s apparently the source of all the Horde wins.

But you won’t, you keep rushing Drek, give up when we ward off your zerg and then cry on the forums that it’s just not fair.
Now here you here you are completely giving up and calling for a boycott because you don’t want to get good like a complete loser.


Not in my experience, we a lot of the times try to defend but then it’s a free way for the horde to capture the other GY and objectives leaving us unable to attack because of the multiple access ways we have to defend from.

Plus horde can reach it just after Balinda, you just need 3-4 ppl to sneak behind and while we are trying to defend Balinda or be on par against Galv then we see our main base GY becoming half red.

So why aren’t you defending the GY?
If all you need is 3-4 people to cap it then why aren’t you sending 3-4 people to defend it?

Have you even seen horde’s side?
We send over 2/3rd of our players to defend and have about 7-12 people north capping your base.
It’s slower but it’s doable.

So no, i will not accept your lame excuse that you can’t win if you defend.

My experience at the moment is that the Alliance premade groups are just rushing to Drek and using the bug/glitch etc… to pull Drek early. Two mages can easily stop the back door exploit that you Alliance players always complain about. I don’t see it being used 95% of the time as the Horde are actually playing the game rather than just zerging the last boss.

So, before you come on here and complain about the Horde always using the back door glitch. Maybe you should stop your own Alliance players doing the same with Drek. Or maybe stop the making pre-mades.

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We do that too, map doesn’t allow for same success rate. You guys have 3 chocke points from FW gy and FW RH.

Also @Missywink:

I am for the removal of all the glitches, this kind of AV is depressing and has nothign to do with pvP or BGs in general.

You have the bridge !!! The easiest point in the game to defend, especially with snowballs doing insane knockbacks and killing the horde knocked off.

Horde favored, alliance favored, i think the backdoor makes AV a very even match.

However, you have no idea how strong the backdoor is because horde can’t premade it. Once you see a horde premade put it to good use you’ll see how strong it actually is. A guy can singlehandly cap stormpike aid station while allies can’t cap frostwolf solo because you have a commander defeding it, while allies have no commander defending aid station meaning you can just go there solo as a preist or whatever, kill all the guards easily and cap it. As ally to cap frostwolf behind enemy lines you need at least two guys.