When: 3rd of February - 10th of February 2023
Where: Tiragarde Sound


Three years have passed since the defeat of the Jailer and a peaceful period was ushered in for most. Both factions have been able to rebuild after decades of conflict. Yet old hatreds do not die down that easily, with small-scale disputes and skirmishes very much still a possibility.

For some, that is not enough.

Under the pretense of ‘reclaiming’ lost resources, a new conflict awaits on the horizon. One that is meant to put these old hatreds back in the spotlight in an attempt to reignite the war between the Alliance and the Horde.

The battlefield? Tiragarde Sound.


Hello! It has been a while.

I would like to introduce to you all an RP-PvP campaign I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. Consider this as a sort of experiment where I’d like to combine storytelling with some RP-PvP conflicts that hopefully can capture some of that (chaotic) magic from years ago.

The system would be somewhat similar to something I ran a few years back which you can find over here and here. One of the larger changes will be that on certain days there will be a special story event to help sway the battle in your favour - or not, depending on what you’re dealing with! These are RP-PvP in nature, they just have a unique premise. Yes, this will include a finale on the last day.

There will also be a simple resource mechanic in this campaign, more information you can find further below.

I sincerely hope to see you there and that we can have a fun time together! If there are any questions feel free to ask them in this thread or contact me directly via Discord - my details are down below.


Coming soon.


The Pirates of Freehold

The pirates remain neutral in the conflict yet when an opportunity arises… they suddenly turn very interested. Freehold is a neutral zone throughout the campaign and they do not tolerate any fighting unless it is approved by them.

On day four the pirates of Freehold invite both the Horde and Alliance for a feast! There they will get the opportunity to try and convince the pirates to join one of the factions.


Tiragarde holds a few key locations for resources that serve to boost both the Alliance and Horde forces. Though as the invader these resources will be much more valuable to the Horde. The sites are the following:

Northern Tiragarde

  • Algerson Lumber Yard (wood)
  • Anglepoint Wharf (fish/food)

Southern Tiragarde

  • Abandoned Junkheap (technology)
  • Winterdeep Mining Camp (iron/azerite)
  • Ashvane Foundry (weaponry)

One acquires resources if one wins a battle for that territory. If the alliance wins they get one (1) resource.

If the Horde wins, they take two (2) resources and ‘raze’ it, making it impossible to loot a resource again from that area.


Battles will be decided beforehand based on a roll-off between the leader of the Alliance and the Horde forces engaging each other. This is a standard d100 roll but can be affected slightly by the resources. The results are kept private.

Each side can add only one resource to the roll, which is then consumed. This gives them a +10 to the roll. This is capped because if one side happens to win most of them, they could steamroll the other side which isn’t fun for anyone.

Signing Up

In order to participate in this RP-PvP campaign, I would like to ask all interested parties to please fill in the form and post it in this thread. Do note that sign-ups may close (temporarily) for one faction if there’s a risk of a big imbalance. Thank you!

Estimated numbers:


Tharzog - foxesz#4412



Guild: Path of Glory
Estimated numbers: 2-4
Contact: Tharzog


Guild: Nightfall Brigade
Contact: Bishóp, Wilcöx, Hundvalp
Estimated numbers: 5-10


Sounds really interesting! Been looking for a RP-PvP for awhile now.

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I am also very much interested in this though a bit soon to give an estimate of numbers. I will say that the Ashen Division are happy to help the Horde alongside it!

Guild: The Ashen Division
Estimated numbers: TBD (Roughly 10-15 if possible)
Contact: Telazane (myself) , Mäcro , Voodoostab

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Once you have a clearer idea, feel free to let me know! It’s still a few months away, after all!

BUT YES! Spread the word, time for some mayhem!

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Oh, snap! Rp-pvp! Been a while since a campaign popped up

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Guild: The Ashborne
Contact: Ryves / Kyrothael / Halfsilver, Astanesh
Estimated numbers: 4-8

Excited to see some renewed interest in RP-PvP.

Numbers are difficult to anticipate this early - we might be able to bring a few more.


Lovely to see another RP PvP campaign popping up, just like the old days!


Of course!

For the time being, I will close future Horde guild sign-ups until we have some Alliance participants.

So, if you’re on the blue side… we’d love to have you!


Guild: The Greyhawk Paratroopers
Contact: Serìna
Estimated Numbers: 5-10


You have been added, welcome aboard!

Hello there, if you guys take on individuals in this campaign, i would like to sign up with my Quel’dorei Knight on the Alliance side.

Guild: Individual
Name Telarion Crownspire
Estimated numbers: 1

Contact: Crownspire

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Individuals are welcome, though I’ll mostly keep track of the guild sign-ups here!

Ohohoh! Now this is interesting, I do miss the ol’ BFA RP-PVP days.

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Well, this sounds exciting. If there’s room for dracthyr, mine would love to witness the Alliance in action and help them become true war machines against any kind of threats.

Don’t we all…

I see no reason to deny dracthyr who align themselves with either faction!


Guild: Eleventh airborne patrol
Contact: Knight-captain Troy Ragnor(warritroy)
Knight-lieutenant Bella Reed (reginlief)
Estimated numbers: 5-10

I also wish to forward myself as a potential Alliance leader. I’ve co-hosted server campaigns before and love military tactical rp


Thanks for the sign-up and I’ll consider this as I finish up the planning. Could you edit the contacts so it’s the in-game character names? Easier if people need to reach out, that’s why!

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Name: Atreius Stormforge.
OOC NAME: Atreius
Alliance individual for now. Hopefully, this will soon become a guild form with a decent range of angry Wildhammers to wage vengeance upon the Horde.


They actually are the incharacter names. Or do you mean our ooc character names