Season of Mastery Free Transfers -- Updated 3 November

Update 3 November

Early tomorrow morning CET, we will be performing a scheduled maintenance to realms in this region. During that time, we’re going to attempt to fix the issue preventing SoM transfers.

If all goes well, we expect to enable transfers soon thereafter.

As we previously announced, we began work on opening transfers from Season of Mastery realms today, after addressing a technical issue. Unfortunately, following today’s weekly maintenance, we encountered a new issue in this region that is preventing us from opening all of the transfer routes that we intend.

We do not yet have a timeframe for completing the fix for this new issue. We’re working on it and we’ll provide further updates as soon as we have them.

Thank you for your patience.


Oh :frowning:

At least we know now that we don’t have to keep refreshing, thanks for the info. Please give us the occasional update - as you can tell from todays forum activity, lots of people have been aching for just a little bit of info.

Edit: I’m sure people would like it if you could give us a rough explanation on what the problem is. It’s not gonna change anything, but I guess we would feel less “left out”.


Thank you for the briefing, do keep us updated every like 6-12 hours or so, of the progress will you?

It’d be mighty fine on all of us, who is sitting at our PC and keeps refreshing our login, to see if we can transfer the character we want or not.

Also, please hurry, cause, this is taking so long, etc call in some more employees, ya?




Thank you for the feedback, its honestly means a lot for us. I know it must be equally as frustrating for you as it is for us. Keep the updates rolling out :slight_smile:


thanks for response. I am dying to move my priest and pala too… more populated so I actually play instead of afk on ded realm?


These transfers should have been made available before wrath classic was released :frowning:
Thank you for the update though, i can stop checking my SoM server every hour.
ps. I would really love a section in for people who are subscribed to see these updates


Well we did mention in countless posts we’d like to see them with a date around Wrath release because there would no doubts be problems/delays knowing the track record. Shame we’re here with a I told you so moment, yet again though, the players on the back end of the joke and still yet without the transfer option. What makes it even worse is US has it already and we’re likely going to be waiting until next week when the reset happens - but who knows, maybe another problem will happen this time :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the update, but it is too late. You need to learn to communicate - please.

We got NO information the 18th when transfers was opened the first time.
We got information on the 21th, but it was taken down quickly.
We got information on the 1st of November, but it was removed after six minutes.

At no point did we get a “Sorry guys, we have a problem” or any explanation, timeframe or even an acknowledgement that you were addressing the problem. It was simply just silence all over.


could i get gifted game time for the time lost waiting for transfers? who would i contact about this?
i haven’t completed any quests or done anything except move bank stuff and names around on this time i purchased. it was supposed to be purely for the transfer.


It’s called poor customer service.


edit: nvm it appears transfers to locked PvP servers are possible for SOM.

Clients, servers and a whole game is identical with NA, there is no chance that some huge mystical bug just showed up.

I just don’t believe your explanations at all.

I bought new subscription just because I want my warrior away from SoM, and immediately I just disappointed.

No timeframe for anything because you don’t care about anything.


You guys really messed up this time, looking at the comment section, and then again, i can’t blame them. - I am also kinda not buying the whole “A new thing appeared, and again, and now it don’t work”, you guys are a professional company, you should know about the basics of what can and will likely come up, upon opening up for these tranfers.

Never in my 17-18 years of WoW, have i ever experienced, such poor customer service.

Not to mention all those, who’ve spent a month’s sub time, to be able to transfer, only to be given the middle finger by you guys.

You guys outta get the finger out, and REAL quick, before people lose their minds on you boys.


I agree with you 100%


Ah the wow forums are just how I remember them in classic, except now I know none of you are 12.
Take as long as you have to, blizz.

is the same service for the same software that runs in NA and it’s working.

You don’t have knowledge management and exchange in your little indie company?

This is totally unprofessional and the result of management greedy decisions. Fire all competent people to cut salary expenses and you get this: a poorly mantained system from a giant of the industry.


Why are you praising them exactly?


Also I have to say that when your company is adding or removing features away from game there is no any difficulties.

Or when you open character level boosts, or adding some stupid item+mount bundles there is no any difficulties.

You just care about money.

This proofs it.

Because this “free character transfer service” won’t bring you more money at all.

Of course a little bit, when some players come back. ( including me )


Soooooo disappointed to hear this. If this service is running well in NA, what’s the issue with it running as smoothly for EU??? I worked very hard at leveling up in SoM (my first time in Classic!) and I’ll be darned if I lose that character because the issues aren’t YET fixed.