Simple QOL AV Improvements

  1. Allow premade queues OR scramble the queues based on factions, not more than 10 people from the same faction in each game.
    Why? This prevents Alliance from having 30-man zerg-premades.
  2. Chain all the marshals to the respective factions leader, this prevents alliance from skipping all the bunkers w/o consequences. Also prevents Horde from doing the same by getting Prospector to flee into Vann.
  3. Add one of them famous invisible barriers around Dun Baldar to prevent horde from wall-jumping in from the south, instead of crossing the bridge as intended.

These changes would involve zero changes to the actual map whilst severely increasing the integrity of the battleground.
Edit: Added list item 3.


How about you give up your muh imba racials and reroll ally to aid population imbalance so neither side have the upper hand in open world/bgs? Yeah didn’t think so.


Only if you give up your Fearward, imba PvE racials and Paladins.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

The OP is actually suggesting some decent changes for both factions and you manage to post another of your QQ-posts, which are sooo tedious to wade trough. I really wish this forum had an ignore-function.


Give up and move to horde so population imbalance and server queues get worse?

Another 15 iq post.

He is not suggesting decent changes, he does not want to suffer the drawback of playing the popular faction. That drawback is the only thing thats stopping pvp servers go 99%-1% but since you suggested me to give up my paladins as a solution, I am pretty sure you are too damn stupid to understand.


What do racials have with this at all?

OPs suggestions are quite good but they wont happen anyway, Blizzard just does not care, this is another way to milk a bit more $$$ for them before next major expansion.

And here comes #nochanges train now.

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Better racials -> more populated faction -> queues -> not being able to premade in av

Seriously do you even think for a second before starting to spew this nonsense?


Honestly if you can pull vann/drek without the warmasters aggroing that should be considered a gamebreaking bug right?

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horde have the better pve racials (berserking and blood fury). in pvp hardiness>escapeartist~=wotf>stoneform, pretty equal. massive advantage for horde is pvers don’t have to choose between pve and pvp, like ally do with human and gnome war/dwarf rogue

Uh what now? With 10 ally players and 10 horde players what would fill the remaining 20 people in AV?

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I think he meant to say “server”, not “faction”.


It was changed in a Burning Crusade patch, to chain them together aggro-wise.

They should never break the faction immersion, ever. You’re just getting desperate and clutching at straws now, there are actually other ways to prevent premades.

First of all, they shouldn’t place Russian realms into their own segregated queue like in retail. They should just cut off all regions to themselves; which is one way to create a premade, solved (lots of haters are gonna hate, but as long as there’s not a HUGE faction imbalance like 15%-85% then this would make it easier for both factions in their own language pools to create their own train of nonstop premades). Not to mention what it’d do to teamwork in AB later on, which is gonna be a toxic fiesta since there’s a greater need to call things out in that BG than there is in AV so language barriers will become more frequent. They did get their own realms for good reason, Blizzard should honor that. (This is also a BIG reason why AB is going to be premade-centric, even more than what WSG is becoming right now.)

The other, more large-scale way to prevent premades in AV, is to put in a simple filter that disables the possibility to end up in the same BG in a non-random pattern. Basically when a large group of people end up in the same AV just a couple of times in a short period of time, that’s enough to assume it’s non-random due to the sheer scale of the matchmaking pool.
If it’s just a few people ending up in the same over and over again, it’d need to occur a few more times but essentially that can also be targeted via such a filter. Just a simple cooldown for the ones targeted by this filter for when you can get matched up together again is enough to make it meaningless to keep doing it.

They just need to base it on probability estimations. (This would also prevent the coordinated abuse of the ‘Report AFK’-function by the large premades.)

You may think premades only possible for one faction/language pool is annoying now, but imagine when we reach phase 6. The impact of the gear is going to make these premades even more of a “pub stomp” than ever seen before. Keep in mind that premades can choose the average gear level of their players and the setup of classes/specs themselves, while the random matchmaking doesn’t have such an option.

Premades being Alliance exclusive is a player created problem. A Horde player created problem, specifically. It’s not an exploit, and it’s not an unfair advantage.

You want to fix it? Have your friends and yourself go Alliance be part of the solution.


We all know it’s not an exploit.

Is it something that should be fixed? Definitely yes.
Will it be fixed? Definitely no as that would require at least some kind of additional man hours for Blizzard and we all know classic is just cash milking with almost zero investment.

Technically speaking, to be in a premade is an advantage over a non-premade. It’s also not possible for the other faction, which makes it by definition unfair.
Which just so happens to fall under Blizzard’s definition of Cheating i.e. exploit in their EULA, since it’s by design not an option to do so normally in the game itself.
It’s only possible for one faction due to “clever usage” of the matchmaking mechanisms. Which means it’s an exploitation of the mechanisms that was expressly disabled in the queuing options.

cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;

The problem is that despite it falling under the technical definition set by Blizzard themselves, their company policy has been for years to turn a blind eye to it.

It still falls under the EULA definition of cheating though.

Which is why a simple fix is to just enable queuing as a full raid for AV, in the game itself. Problem solved. Because that would, by definition, make it fair. Then it’d just be a choice not to do it, instead of being literally unable to.

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Russian Horde is also premade in most cases so this is not alliance only.

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That’s only possible because their matchmaking pool is so small that they don’t have a high chance of ending up in different AVs. It’s different for the gigantic EU pool though.

About every 20th AV BG I’m in is with premades in my team. Every 5th AV is against russians (30-40 from same realm) so I would say Alliance has more problems with premades than horde has :slight_smile:


Of course you only complain about your disadvantages.

Not even naming the really exploit that Horde can skip the bridge.

This thread once more shows whats wrong with “every horde player” that currently complains.

He is not in the slightest interested in Balance, no he only wants to get catered to and be on the side with advantages.


And they always do, really annoying. Recall trinket also doesn’t work as they always camp the teleport spot (another advantage for the horde). Alliance is doing a good push south and then woops, a small horde group is taking our base like 4 min after start. And the few alliance players in our base are just afk or doing quests or whatever which is less helpful than having no alliance players in the base.

Btw I’m also doing AV with my horde twink sometimes. This exploit is simply a free win for the horde.

We can talk about premade problems after this one got fixed.

I’d give you a response, but your child-rhetoric disqualifies you. Think before you write next time, thank you.

Aye, a typo on my end, server it is! :slight_smile:

Desperate is the wrong word, slightly annoyed is better and I am not going to do the developers work for them, if they want to work on cheeky algorithms that’s fine by me, but setting server-caps per AV game would prevent premades to a certain extend although I would have absolutely no issues with a more complex solution either.

Please inform me on how this would prevent you from pulling Drek’thar without his marshals…

I’m not complaining, I am presenting what should be considered bug fixes.

This is a good point though and should indeed be prioritized.

See now your just trying to delegitimize me because I didn’t bring up your concerns, as cute as it is, making this an “us” and “them” thing is simply not going to help either one of us so I would suggest dropping that mindset.

Just to clarify, I don’t care to much about winning or losing an AV, it’s the sub-10 minute blitz-stomps that are only possible due to abusing mechanics that are clearly not meant to be.