So you nerfed AV

So with todays info, premading AV will be impossible. Currently the horde are rejoicing, whilst alliance warriors are crying.

First, here’s some predictions on how this will play out:

  • AV will have terrible Q times for Horde, yet Ally pugs will be better.
  • AV will only be played by people who do not have a WSG Premade or people who wish to farm AV reputation, and even then it will be worse honor than a WSG 4man.
  • WSG Premades will be the new Meta. Forums will be flooded by people spamming “Please, make a premade vs premade Que. I don’t want to pug into alliance premades anymore!”
  • Seeing as Blizz bent the knee to whining on forums with AV, they will implement a Premade vs Premade priority system.
  • Net result is fewer people will be ranking from alliance. Pool sizes will be lower as a result.

Here is what Blizzard should have done, that woul not have been as far away from the original game as this:

  • Announce the introduction of Arathi Basin along with Blackwing Lair.
  • Announce the introduction of BattleGround Bonus Weekends, which would have created a rotation of each respective BG on the weekend that they are active + probably leave Arathi Basin as the go-to BG when there is no weekend.

This change from Blizzard is pandering to the masses, reflect poor understanding of the meta and will only shift the problem to something else rather than fixing the underlying issues…

Best of luck!


I agree with the first half, but Horde does tend to win in PuG vs PuG, what makes you think this is going to change?

This would have changed nothing, AV would’ve still been the meta for premades

I see no issue in this, the only people who lose from an addition like that are people who run premades into PUGs for the teamwork advantage.
Plus I rather like the idea of fighting another premade with our own premade, would be a lot of fun.
Everyone else gets to play PUG vs PUG as intended.


Ohh, OP is a member of “progress” - Guys that have to premade AV :joy: :joy:
The meta should’ve been WSG from the beginning… since you’d actually need to PvP to win that as opposed to AV lmao.

I’d actually prefer to have a bit of a queue as alliance, since you can actually take a break as horde.


Because everyone rank 7 and above was in AV Premades previously, depriving ally pugs of decent players in AV.

We did the math, 5 minute AB wins is more hph than AV currently is. If horde stopped turtling and conceding 6-7minute wins always then perhaps AV is better. But if you take a baseline ~20k hph which is what most people estimate in the best ally premade then AB 5minute wins should be 27.5-30k honor per hour.

Well where do you limit it? At 10 man prems? At 4 or less? Also, don’t forget that people premade because it’s the best honor per hour for them. If you force them to face premades then the honor for premading might become worse than going solo, or 4 man etc - which makes the experience inherently less social.

I don’t understand OP, are you saying Alliance can’t win on even terms?

I know they can. Maybe your team can’t.


Oh I agree, and with the “old” AV with mines and better bowmen it would have been.

No? I’m saying this change, out of the 5-6 potential fixes for the current issues, seems to be the worst one to my eyes.

WSG will never be the meta in Classic. The honor you get from killing player 10x time is not worth if you compare with AV. Even when loosing AV, you get more honor than WSG. Not to mention premade vs premade that have 1 hours duration if two team stall the game.

Ah so really, you just can’t wait for AB?:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, it will tho - you can already do 20k hph in WSG - you can’t even get above 10k in pug AVs, maybe like 12.5k with diminishing changes.

Personally I don’t really care that much, but I think it would have been better to have world pvp in from the launch fo p1 + release all BGs + weekends with p2 release - yes.

What u mean terrible IQ for horde?

yes, naturally my friend! What?

Well I just dont think the change was that bad. Though I made the choice to not bother ranking so I dont even matter

Look on the first things u say all horde bad Iq Why ur so evil to us? What have we do

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Not you, Kork. I love you very many <3

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Ok but then u must know swamper got many iq too hes like steven hawken


Otherwise I would not debate him, kork. I do not debate low iq people :wink:


Damn man. I am actually not dumb, believe me! I just may not know much about this subject…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ideally 10v10 for WSG and 15v15 for AB.
For AV the ideal number would be 40v40 of course, but failing that 20v20 could work out.

Why would anyone premade 10man if they are forced to play other premades? (Assuming most premades are rankers)