SoM honor system is unchanged

decay remains 20%, and rank points awarded is the same. nothing is changed, but there is supposd to be …


yea its legit the same as always

This goes against all of what SoM stands for. The rank will currently take one fourth of the entire duration of the servers.


Fix your game blizzard

This was honestly the only reason I resub’d and it really sucks that this is not even in the game. Wtf Blizzard?!


Go retail if you want easy things you destroy leveling and now want to destroy ranking, only the most skilled and dedicated players must get it.

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for me personally its the only change i really hate and wish they didnt do, but it is what it is , and they said they were going to do it, so…

false advertising is false advertising. you like it or not blizz advertised som rank 14 to be achievable in 6 weeks. Major selling point for lots of players investing their time for ranking in a seasonal realm.

fix it quick or do something to compensate for the false advertising and the inability of providing a complete game.


Great if they reverted this.

they did not. just another false implementation and 2-3 weeks delayed fix. The usual blizzard stuff.
Imagine paying a 30 day sub and one of the main features remains broken for about 20 days. Top quality services


We will see on Wednesday.
They have 2 options: Decay and Gain to 40% OR Decay to -10% (was 20%) and Gain stays at 20%.
In both ways you get R14 in 6 weeks if you are in the top bracket.
The last option with -10% decay is waaay better. With that implementation you can get higher ranks without going full hardcore. It will still be a looong grind like 4-6 month depending on your bracket. But it is really “casual friendly” and gets more ppl doing pvp/Bgs because they know that they wont be hardstuck at a given rank and can at least achieve the R10 set.

You will notice the -10% decay later and see it is way better.
Honor Change IS NOT BROKEN.

10% less decay should be noticeable on todays NA reset. it is not though. right?

no, its not in game yet. nothing is changed. the honor system is exact same


exactly. i checked na honor updates. system is the same as ERA


We’re investigating this. Not sure yet whether there’s a bug or something to hotfix, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get to the bottom of it.


Apparently its 20% still. A person with standing 1 for the last 2 weeks posted in the US forums and if it was 10% decay he should have had rank 6 98% but he’s currently at rank 6 50ish%, which ties in with 20% decay. At lower ranks the difference isn’t that great it’s only really when you’re in the higher ranks that you will really see the benefits of 10% decay if that’s the route they take.

It’s pretty obvious that it’s never been implemented correctly now people with standing 1 have posted their results for the last few weeks.

I don’t think the easymode ranking system should have been in from the get go anyway. They should have at least waited until BWL was out before making any changes to the ranking rates. The first 6 months of pve content just seems kinda pointless if you can get rank 14 in 6 weeks.

By all means keep ranking in from the get go, but keep it at the same rate as it was originally for the people that are willing to put the effort in. They would probably be getting rank 14 around the time BWL was released & then maybe halfway through BWL patch they could implement the revamped easier ranking system. At least with this design you don’t make like half of SOM pve content pointless & trivial because you got multiple classes just stacking r14 gear & weapons before MC patch is even over.

Can we get a confirmation wether or not deleted characters contribute to the pool-size or not? I contacted a GM and I got some retail andy who never heard of poolboosting before. @Kaivaxxxxx

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There is clearly a mistake, at first week with a pool of 7300 + - and my 319th place was given to me 3.78 rank. I would like to know if there will be some kind of compensation or additional accrual after the error is eliminated? People spent their time on pvp and expected completely different results (those that Blizzard promised in the season of mastery)

Ok now i dont understand anything anymore.
I really dont know what and how they calculate the rank atm.
I was R4(2%) and now i am R6(72%).
I play on EU-Dreadnaught. I am lvl47 and got a ST415 with about 84k Honor.
Even with the improved system with -10% decay this makes no sense.