Spy addon could easily ruin world PvP for classic

I’d like to talk for a minute or two about an addon that has been bothering me for quite bit. The addon in question is called Spy Addon.
I believe this addon to be an unfair advantage and an addon that goes against the spirit of classic, similar to what the LFG addon does, since it automatically detects players from the opposing faction and spams their location. It instantly lets you post their coordinates.

And this comes from a nolife ganker. I love ganking people, camping them and making their life miserable.
However, where do we draw the line among the addons, between cheating and having a useful advantage? Yes, LFG was banned because it was against the spirit of classic and would ruin the experience of a lot of people, while Bartender is pretty much fully harmless, as an example.
I strongly believe the Spy addon is on the cheat side of the spectrum, it kills the thrill of world PvP but letting you have ominous knowledge about players’ positions.
How are you supposed to take people by surprise when an addon is literally telling you and spamming you an alliance/horde is nearby? What’s the point?

I really think it kills the thrill and the adrenaline of world PvP, the magic of not knowing what’s around the corner and having to be on alert, or the hype of chasing someone down waiting for the perfect moment to gank.
Now that addons are shared and downloaded way more easily in massive scale compared to the 15 years old vanilla game, this could actually affect world PvP in such a way that LFG would have affected PvE.


Completely agree. I’m against this addon as well.

Kinda ruins the experience knowing the enemy player might know where I am.
It’s one of those addons that you HAVE to have in order to be on par, it’s sh*t.
I feel like I’m at a huge disadvantage not having it, and having it ruins the fun of PVP.


This addon?



Well yeh i guess so something that activates and spams names levels coordinates instantly in every channel.

The addon mentioned does literally nothing of what you suggested.

It’s one thing that an addon reads the combat log from your nearby surroundings in order to keep track of enemy players nearby, but it’s not doing this:

in any way, shape or form.


Its litterally being spammed in chat like general chat, guild chats, Names of enemy players - level - Coordinates in guild chats, General chats from what ive seen starting with.
Spy Addon - ____________________
Just saying what ive seen and how ive come to understand it and how people are using it.


Can you provide me with an example of this? I’m unfamiliar with the addon and its description is the following: “The addon scans the combat log for actions performed by enemy players. If an enemy player is detected the addon will attempt to determine their class, race and level based on the ability that was used. The addon will then sound an alert and add the enemy player to its list.”

Would love to see a screenshot or two:)

If you’re unfamiliar with the addon, why did you say it did nothing of what the OP suggested.


I’m just reading what the creators of the addons wrote about it and took their word instead of someone on a forum. I’ve read enough on this forum after classic release to have my doubts about thread creators.


This is actually another quote from the addon.

How can Spy help you?

Not wanting to be ganked

Because Spy will alert you whenever an enemy player is detected, it will be extremely difficult for them to attack you by surprise. It will give you the time to determine whether you should prepare to fight or run away.

Wanting to be the one to do the ganking

If enemy players are not using the Spy addon themselves then it is likely that you will know about them before they know about you. This will let you prepare for attacking them by surprise.

Know when your enemies are nearby

Spy will sound an alarm when a Kill On Sight enemy player is detected. Usually you would add an enemy player to your Kill On Sight list when you are certain they will attack you. Spy will remember who your enemies are and will make sure you know when they are around.

Know when enemy players become stealthed

Spy will warn and sound a specific alert when it detects that an enemy player stealths. You should no longer be surprised by rogues or druids attacking you out of the blue.


Forgive me, but I fail to see a mention of any coordination posts and spamming of said information in every channel.

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If you download the addon and if u dont go into settings and change alerts to self you will be spamming to everyone else.
You can test it and see for yourself i cant include links if you download the addon you will see.

Where’s the link?

Ah, last second edit. But no, I’m playing without addons at the moment so I wont be getting that one either. I’d rather you just prove what you claimed was the case.


you know where to put the dot.


This addon has got to go. It is an addon that literally breaks the spirit of the game and it completely ruins PVP, not just open world but in BGs as well.

This is more a cheat addon than anything else to be honest.


Well then. That’s a whole lot more than it advertises, and I do agree with you. This is too much information to be posted by a single addon. I thought it was more like an addon that informed the player through sounds, but this is one step too far


This kills world pvp everyone will be 100% aware of the time, for instance i stealth before i reach stormwind all of a sudden they are made aware that i am basically at Goldshire they stop dueling because they know its a rogue that used stealth they all use stealth detection, IT COMPLETELY kills world pvp for classic,


Not just world PVP but imagine this in a battleground? Good grief lol… It would be a nightmare trying to sneak up on a flag or do any objectives in any BG…


But now its like, whats the point in playing a rogue for example when everyone is going to know your near by?