Thank You For Your Reports

Over the last few months, we’ve been accelerating our efforts to deal with certain kinds of cheating that players often call “bots” – the use of automation to play the game in exploitative ways. As you know, bots are often operated by people who exploit the game in order to make money selling in-game resources and leveling services to other players. Botting is explicitly against the Blizzard End User License Agreement, and we take strong actions against those who cheat in World of Warcraft.

We’ve recently seen some WoW Classic players ask “How can we help Blizzard get rid of bots?” and the answer remains the same: please continue to report them. And thank you for doing so.

Right-click reporting a player for cheating is the best way you can participate in our speedily removing bot accounts. Your right-click reports go straight to our team of agents who investigate these issues, and who can then determine if further action is warranted.

Thank you to everyone who has right-click reported potential bots so far; we really appreciate you taking the time to help us make the game nicer and fairer. Please continue to send us your reports as much as possible, and we’ll continue to enforce the rules as swiftly as we can.


Look into whatever is going on with the fly-hacking things too.
It’s getting really blatant and at this point the botters are so fearless that they do it extremely openly.
Just look at this
It shouldn’t be possible to fly like this…


Sorry, but this has to be a joke right? lol

Botting is absolutely rampant and haven’t been removed. I know bots who still play and have been for months.


Not thank you for your reports on me


Obvious damage control.


I have been right click reporting Stratholme bots on a daily basis for literally months and they are still online 24/7. My tickets keep getting closed telling me to right click report.

Is this actually a joke? :joy:

Edit: As I write this there are 15 bots in Stratholme by the way, all of whom I have reported multiple times.


When AFKers in BG’s, Bots in the openworld and Bots in BG’s openly bot / show themselve afking with a knowingly “report system” for months… you know there is something wrong with your so said “report system”.

We players report bots and cheaters yet we have them ingame for months now.
Well thanks for a blue I guess.


this has to be a joke. yet there are still the same bots in strat since months


You gonna do something about retail too?

The bots farming fast respawning mobs are increasing every week, also alot of skinning bots. As well as low lvl dungeon farming bots still around.

Things really getting out of hand…

Better rename the game to “World of Botcraft” at this point…


So now Im doing as you told. Theres so many people at stratholme service entrance running exactly the same path obviously botting that I dont even have time to report them all before they enter. Is there a macro that would make this task easier lol?

Imagine there would be a bot proggramed to report other bots.


You are joking right? There are bots who we (my guild) have reported for weeks and were still running around felwood or stratholm etc. WEEKS LATER. People have been flyhacking since phase 1 and your anti-cheat can’t even pick it up? How is that possible.

Stop relying on us, the consumer, to report cheaters for you and instead put that time in designing a better anticheat. Some of these hacks get flagged instantly on privateservers yet work on retail?


Also it would legit take one GM to go inspect those guildless people in stratholme who were online all day to go check if they are botting. Stop being lazy and manually check it and in the meantime put some money in a decent anti-cheat.


We have been tirelessly reporting these bots for months without any visible effect. Every single day they remain in game they ruin our economies more.

How do you expect this statement to reassure us in any way whatsoever? Actions speak louder than words.


Also btw im suprised that actually a NA community manager posted on EU forums, and not the bot copied the post.

What a honor…


not gonna lie. I feel like they made this post to stop people making new bot posts and remain it in the bluepost now :sweat_smile:


The problem(as many already have said) is that nothing is being done about it or being done too late. I reported an obvious bot, and he was still farming for months after the report, in that time. He could have made an insane amount of gold.

And now we’ve got to the point where people are flyhacking and noclipping under terrain. It’s completely unacceptable how there seems to be no anti-cheat and no actions taken against this plague.

We’ve “” where a zg booster is flying through the air.” In this clip there are several bots spawning at the same time and you can see some flying.

And these are just the ones that have been caught. Imagine how many that are still doing this undetected.


Just as swiftly as they fixed Black Lotus I guess

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Pick up your hands, if you didnt see that coming (i mean the bots infesting classic)…

Remember when classic was still in beta, many people called stupid because i told the very same, that boosters and bots infest the game after a few months…

Wonder if they still laughing at me now…


Obvious damage control after pulling down Youtube videos highlighting the very real problem. These bots are infesting our servers and preventing layering/server locks being removed which is directly impacting paying customer’s gameplay.

I don’t know which scenario is worse; Blizzard knowingly letting these bots run rampant to pump up their sub numbers or them just not having the manpower/time/knowledge to ban them all. Really pathetic.


Just stay silent if you are not gonna do anything. I understand that blizzard considers classic as dead game without future, so they try to keep expenses as low as possible while keeping the game somewhat playable. With that attitude it doesn’t really matter why the game dies . If it dies because people get bored of the cheaters, it’s fine for them.

What is not fine is that you make up some stupid lies to your customers about how “right click reporting is helping a lot” and “our speedily removing bot accounts”, when all those bots keep running around for 9 months. Disgusting American culture.