Thank You For Your Reports

Oh, don’t worry. It’s soon time for their annual banwave. You’ll have to wait 6 months after that to see the following banwave though. It’s how they’ve been running retail for years now.
They do enough to make it seem like things are being done. But not actually dealing with the problem. It’s just more obvious that the problem doesn’t go anywhere in Classic than in retail.

Funny joke

You consider yourself to be a good player, yet you are multiboxing scum controlling a whole area. You are far from a good player, you are everything thats wrong with the modern game.

I’ve had enough of this and so has many of my friends. not continuing my sub untill they fix the botting issue.

Around 20-30 botting players found on Golemagg EU every night after 23:00 to 23:30 Server time running into stratholme backdoor entrance from light’s hope chapel flight point. Have seen these bots on multiple nights and in no way possible I have been able to report all of them. These bot character’s are in no guilds do not respond, fight back, change their very specific pathing or do anything that would make me think there is anyone legitimately playing those characters. Hope this helps find finding botted accounts.

I don’t know if my screenshots of strange guildless groups in Stratholme in morning hours helped to swing the banhammer, but as of 17.06.2020 most of those players i’ve seen are gone from Stratholme.
You can check it out here => Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe
Stratholme, which was literally overrun with 40+ guildless mages/druids/priests are almost empty now.
I’m not saying that everybody who wants at least some bots gone from their server should do what i did…But maybe it did help.
Also on a side note - how is population situation looking up right now, after the ban wave ?

So just out of curiosity I did a /who Stratholme mage today, result is:

49 Mages in Strat 13:00 CET
3 of them have a guild

Doesn’t feel any differen than before, sorry

You lot at Blizzard must be mad to think that thanking people for reports is ANYTHING more than damage control for your public relations.
People have been complaining for months and months, many of us add bots to our friends lists so we can see them online, ALL the time.
You do NOTHING, and then publish this rubbish to show youre on top of it.
Just. Ban. Bots.
And dont lay off hundreds of employees prior to launching the most successful WoW product in the last decade.
You kinda need em.

Omg you threatened him from character 1st lvl and deleted him. And now u just turn on idiot and say “ah look there isn’t on server character with this nickname”
administration please just check where is ALL BLACK LOTUSES wich he farmed for all this months
I can bet on my apartments all this lotuses were transfered on others servers with high population and sold for real money

Where’s the proof, dude? You believe the screens with the nicknames smeared?
This guy’s already admitted that no one’s ever robbed him in real life.

“I did not say I have received a irl threat from you” - (You were betting on the apartment that I robbed him with the characters of 1 lvl.)
I’m waiting for your apology and your apartment, dude.

look zero words about black lotuses. You on judgment months farming lotuses, and where are u spending gold from them ? ah yes u just selling them for real money.Administration pls chek this RMT person with all his characters. and ban him. TY

And I bet my apartment for that all ur lotuses were transfered on high pop servers and u sold them and gold from them for real money.

Boy, where’s my apartment? Hallowe? What are you getting off the subject?
Did you just claim that I was robbing a man, where’s your apology?
Normal troll 10 lvl without proofs

are u kidding me ???!? I BET MyY APART BECOUSE U ARE SELLING BLACK LOTUSES! I KNOW ITS hard for russian to understand english but u have google translate

Ok bots on classic, but what about all those bots on retail ? I mean as far back as 2016 there were bots running days and night from ore to ore, couple of days back I saw like 30 druids just fighting along in surammar spamming macros, all without guild and on the same, and almost identical gear. I just googled out of curiosity “wow bots” and I found dozen of offers for botting services. Botanica, Iron Docks, Nazjatar to just say couple are overrun by DK’s, Dudu’s and DH’s that spam them and inflate the economy. Than we have to pay like 300k+ for cool mounts, so we have to RMT to even get one (wow token is in fact an RMT).

Just checked out Strat situation again… Seems that bot-sweep missed some. There are 10 bots inside and 9 more returning from UC… Funniest thing - i’ve seen them in UC. Now they don’t mount up all at once - didn’t see when mages did, but druid and priest did so simultaneously (run in random places of upper circle in Trade quarter in UC as did before).
Seriously blizzard ? Check for bots again! Servers are locked and we still got robots inflating the economy.
Oh and yes - i’ll continue to screenshot Stratholme situation at random during the day. Just so the true progress/regress of action taken could be seen. Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe

Ashbringer was the same.15 bots were in Strat in the morning. The same roster, the same thing again) 5 of them were 58 lvl. But other nicknames, it’s probably a reserve bots.

What if you pay devs to automate the bot banning or GM to ban them by hand?


Blizzard, stop dodging reality and making blue posts saying players should report bots.
We all know it doesn’t work!
You’re either trying to fool your active subscribers with some lousy “social engineering” or you’re just fooling yourselves.

In china you just banned more than 150k accounts.
Since forever you had the BAN Hammer almost every year, you never needed reports to do the right thing and ban the scum out.
Now you simply lock instances and encourage subscribers to report bots?
You think we’re this naive?

Bots are against the Terms of Service, stop being greedy, because the game is getting worst and worst because of bots and wrongly driven decisions(changes that make no sence, “forcing” daily stuff down on us, the list is long.
Didn’t you learn anything from the past?
Don’t you have a stockmarket history…

Are you favouring bots(moneymoneymoney) over real players?
It will cost you in the long run.
It’s just sad, where you’re taking this game cuz of greed.
Take this seriously because you’re ruining it, and when its ruined you wont be able to necro it like you did with classic.

Currently you have
“Battle for Azerite” and “Nerfed Classic Robotics”.

Doesn’t look good.

Since 2006

netease banned them, blizz dont manage the game in china