Thank You For Your Reports

So, let me update the community here on the situation:

  1. I have been informed that the player who issued these real life threats is not European but comes from the former Soviet Union, a country with a different culture where Mafias and Corruption and Organized Crime are widespread and common.

  2. Said player is known as “MR-I-OWN-EASTERN PLAGUELANDS”.

  3. Said player has been known to own at least 15 bot and multiboxer accounts, probably over 20.

  4. Said player is what we called on Private Servers a “professional Russian player”.

  5. Said player has assigned his bots to cover every Mining Node and Herbalism node that spawn in the Eastern Plaguelands and harvest them, 24/7.

  6. Said player has issued the same threats to many other pleayers who have reported him for the same reason, but nothing has happened.

There is a certain very popular thread at Reddit regarding this issue going on in reddit right now where someone has posted screenshots of multiple threats of violence and homicide versus his family and himself. According to this person, no action has been taken by Blizzard on the offender, and offender continues to play as we speak.

I would like to underline that what’s happening is normal on private servers where we played with Russians. Some Russian players, the so-called professionals, exhibited this same behavior and monopolized resources with multiple accounts and bots to sell them for real money.

Blizzard should never have allowed Russians to play on EU servers.

Ofc, legitimate Russian players have their own servers and are not to blame for any of this.


Thanks God I have not received a rl threat, but the behaviour and language is clearly intimidating: words like “hello animal”, “trash”, “dog” etc. He is acting like he is owning the zone and you have no right to be around.

I logged in the early morning, I was at EPL FP and he saw my char and told me “hello animal” with one of his bot and he added “my 15 chars is now open”; translation: my 15th bot is ready, there is no way you are going to farm here.

I was forced to leave EPL with my alt because he started ganking me with one his bot (he was behind the screen controlling one of them), flaming and using obscene language.

No one is going EPL when he is around: he has the entire control of the zone.

I decided to move to Silithus. I would like to log in and farm some herbs in peace without getting harassed with obscene language by a bots owner. I just hope they will ban him. Crossfinger! May God help us in this crusade against bots.


US servers as well

Guys tell us your story related to the bots, to keep that topic on high.

These stratholme bots are absolutely ridiculous. From time to time they “break”, just standing around in their respecitve party groups in IF. When you inspect them you can see how ridiculous the gear is that they are wearing and its also obvious that every bit of it drops in Stratholme.

If you sit outside Strat side entrance you can even farm the bots from the enemy faction quite easily for honour when they pop out to reset as well, yielding a few k honour per hour if done right.

Its so apparent that this is taking place, they are not even trying to hide it. Probably because they know that blizzard won’t grow a spine anytime soon anyway.

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I do not think bots are farming like 30 dungeons per night/full day. Even if more than 30, This only limits the problem of farm bots to 6 hours per day a bit not solving. 6 hours in case if they are farming one unique dungeon for 12 mins, I am pretty sure it isn’t, I think they can farm 20-50 mins minimum per one dungeon so it is 10-25 hours per day of farm lol. They now allowed to farm 6-25 Maximum ^-^ hours per day instead of as it was 8-24? Maybe the ban is better as described in rules? This only make limits for real players : \

P.S. Correct my calculations if im wrong. Or if i get it wrong totally)

has been like this for a long long time now, one of the reasons why righteous orbs are so cheap

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yeah, i find out of it only yesterday, checked it at auction after this topic from us servers

You’re a liar. I didn’t hurt anybody. Everyone knows my charms, and that I’m only standing in the EPL.
I also want to say that I am ONLY in the EPL and am only responsible for the EPL. My character nicknames.
Bisrog Ussrkhal Ritter Ussrattack Ussrkow Melanie Howau Dontcrynoob Markizov Balltazar Mariapower Deonisiya
Give me at least one screenshot of the threats from these characters. And I’m gonna record an apology video on my lap.
There are other people in other locations. I’m not responsible for them. The BIZZARD will check who threatened this man. I DIDN’T DO IT. I’VE NEVER HURT ANYONE BEFORE.

I have already sent a request to BLLizard to find out. Who is the person who threatened you. But it was not me.

PRUF is that I’m telling the truth. It’s People Lying. - . Characters on which threats were not even created on the server Judjment
Weird that it wasn’t mentioned in the original post though.

Where’s the email in that quote? Hm? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Blizzard, you are a complete disgrace of a company vomiting on your playerbase. Just hire some people and get rid of the bots who are destroying the integrite of your game. The only major gaming company who doesn’t do anything about bots is Blizzard…and it’s just disgusting…

PRUF is that I’m telling the truth. It’s People Lying. - https: //youtu. be/ SfcQtOzD5Lc . Characters on which threats were not even created on the server Judjment

[Danaoss] - is Liar!

please continue to report them

Wauw… I feel sorry for the community team tbh. People have been reporting this in droves & nothing changes for WEEKS.

It’s not feasible to expect a reported botter or cheater to be gone the same day or even days after that. But weeks, MONTHS pass & the same names keep popping up in the /who searches.

This is a joke… Please use some of the cash Blizz is getting from subs / players in WoW classic to improve the cheat detection & hire back some manpower to start actually handeling all the reports.

Even lifting a little bit of the veil and SHOWING what’s being done (without revealing to much info off course so it can’t be abused) would go a long way to calm people / gain some trust.

Now we are left in the dark if any productive action is being taken against the situation. This post is just adding fuel to a bonfire of disappointment & failing trust.

Don’t tell us to keep doing what we’ve been doing for months & not seeing any improvement, SHOW us what Blizzard is doing to fix this.

Why are there still bots and cheaters in the game tho if it’s clearly against the EULA and you’re “accelerating” your efforts? Did you go from banning 1 account per month to 2?

Oh, don’t worry. It’s soon time for their annual banwave. You’ll have to wait 6 months after that to see the following banwave though. It’s how they’ve been running retail for years now.
They do enough to make it seem like things are being done. But not actually dealing with the problem. It’s just more obvious that the problem doesn’t go anywhere in Classic than in retail.

Funny joke

You consider yourself to be a good player, yet you are multiboxing scum controlling a whole area. You are far from a good player, you are everything thats wrong with the modern game.

I’ve had enough of this and so has many of my friends. not continuing my sub untill they fix the botting issue.

Around 20-30 botting players found on Golemagg EU every night after 23:00 to 23:30 Server time running into stratholme backdoor entrance from light’s hope chapel flight point. Have seen these bots on multiple nights and in no way possible I have been able to report all of them. These bot character’s are in no guilds do not respond, fight back, change their very specific pathing or do anything that would make me think there is anyone legitimately playing those characters. Hope this helps find finding botted accounts.

I don’t know if my screenshots of strange guildless groups in Stratholme in morning hours helped to swing the banhammer, but as of 17.06.2020 most of those players i’ve seen are gone from Stratholme.
You can check it out here => Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe
Stratholme, which was literally overrun with 40+ guildless mages/druids/priests are almost empty now.
I’m not saying that everybody who wants at least some bots gone from their server should do what i did…But maybe it did help.
Also on a side note - how is population situation looking up right now, after the ban wave ?